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MWTT Chapter 20: The Fire Fox

The grand morning bell rang on the Dawn Moon Peak. Under the morning light, internal disciples walked out of their houses and appeared on the mountain paths and palaces.

However, the small wooden house where Luo Jing lived was tightly closed, and there was no sound.

Several nearby “neighbors” had no interest in Luo Jing, a newly added disciple, and they had no intention of actively making friends with him.

The small wooden house protected by the Eight Ghosts’ Chaotic Mind Formation seemed to have been forgotten.

It wasn’t until the afternoon that a surging spiritual energy suddenly emerged from the quiet wooden house, forming a subtle wave of air currents that swirled and surrounded the house.

But this place was remote, and the fleeting surge of spiritual energy did not attract anyone’s attention.
Only Luo Jing in the wooden house opened his eyes, filled with excitement.

He had successfully broken through to the Foundation Establishment Realm!

At this moment, the spiritual energy in his body had all turned into liquid, much stronger than when he was in the Qi Refinement Realm.

It could no longer be called spiritual energy, but rather spiritual power.

This liquid spiritual power flowed silently in Luo Jing’s body, silently nourishing and changing his meridians and physical body.

Entering the Foundation Establishment Realm would grant him two hundred years of life.

Furthermore, his physical body had begun to show its divine ability and was no longer as weak as a mortal body.

In the Foundation Establishment Realm, he could survive without food, and his body was incredibly resilient.

When his body was completely transformed and his spiritual power was full, he would be able to touch the edge of the Awakening Spirit Realm.

Of course, for Luo Jing at this time, the biggest benefit of breaking through to the Foundation Establishment Realm was that he could go and receive missions from the White Tiger Hall.

After getting up and washing, changing into a clean Demon Cloud Robe, Luo Jing put away the spirit stones and removed the Eight Ghost Chaotic Mind Formation in front and behind the wooden house and collected the eight banners.

Carrying his baggage, he headed straight for the White Tiger Hall without any delay.
He urgently wanted to receive a mission from the White Tiger Hall and avoid any possible internal disputes within the sect.

After all, he was alone in the mountains without any friends, and there was nothing to celebrate even if he had broken through.

Lou Jing, with a sign hanging around his neck that read “misc.”, stepped into the gates of the White Tiger Hall.

The White Tiger Hall occupies an area even larger than the Refining Hall, but its gates are wide open for the inner disciples to come and go. In the main hall, many inner disciples were lingering, looking for suitable tasks to undertake. Among them were friends chatting with each other.

Lone travelers like Luo Jing are rare at any time.

In the bustling main hall of the White Tiger Hall, Luo Jing, who walked in alone, did not attract any attention.

Several bamboo and wooden boards hung in the White Tiger Hall, with different tasks written on them in text, mostly miscellaneous tasks for the inner sect.

After walking around for a while in the crowd, Luo Jing finally found a suitable task to undertake.

“To go to the vast ancient mountains, feed the fire fox cub, and the minimum time limit is three months, with a reward of 100 spirit stones.”

100 spirit stones…

Looking at the generous reward, Luo Jing reached out and took the bamboo board suspended in the air, then went straight to the disciples of the White Tiger Hall.

“I want to undertake this task,” Luo Jing said.

The middle-aged disciple of the White Tiger Hall looked surprised at Luo Jing, scrutinized him carefully, and said,

“To undertake a task that goes beyond the mountain, one needs to have a cultivation level of the Foundation Establishment Realm… What about your weapon?”

Upon reaching the Foundation Establishment Realm, one can refine their own weapon that can be used for flying.

The weapon is the symbol of the Foundation Establishment Realm.

However, Luo Jing had just entered the Foundation Establishment Realm and naturally did not have a weapon to refine.

Luo Jing said, “Indeed, I want to take on this task to save up spirit stones to buy a magical tool.”
As he spoke, he opened his right hand, and within his palm, a gathering of spiritual energy formed into an exquisite blue lotus flower.

To transform spiritual energy into substance was an undeniable sign of reaching the Foundation Establishment Realm.

The White Tiger Hall disciple immediately understood and nodded, “I see. You can take on this task, but there is something you need to know. The minimum time limit for this task is three months. Do you understand what that means?”

Smiling, Luo Jing replied, “If I go to the mountain, three months is the minimum time limit. After three months, I can apply to return.”

“Moreover, I have to wait until the sect finds someone to replace me before I can leave. If no one is found, then I have to continue staying in the mountain, right?”

Luo Jing had already asked Liu Yunshan about the various details of the task.

The White Tiger Hall disciple nodded and said, “That’s right. Follow me then.”

There were many inner disciples like Luo Jing who had just entered the Foundation Establishment Realm but didn’t have enough spirit stones to buy magical tools.

In orthodox immortal sects like Soaring Clouds Immortal Sect, Foundation Establishment Realm disciples could go down the mountain and search for suitable spiritual objects to create magical tools.

Alternatively, as a direct disciple of an elder like Shen Qingxuan, they could freely choose their own magical tools from the sect’s collection.

The inner disciples of the Soul Refining Sect cannot easily leave the Vast Ancient Mountains, and no one provides them with magic tools.

Therefore, when Luo Jing received the commission, the White Tiger Hall disciple did not ask too much.

He just gave Luo Jing a book, a spiritual treasure bag, and a guiding jade talisman and let him go on his mission.

The book recorded many precautions for feeding the Fire Fox.

The spiritual treasure bag contained some tools and utensils needed for feeding.

The guiding jade talisman was a sect magic tool that would guide Luo Jing and enable him to safely reach his destination.

When Luo Jing left, the White Tiger Hall disciple warned him, “If the spiritual treasure bag is lost or damaged, you need to compensate 30 spirit stones. If the guiding jade talisman is damaged, you don’t need to compensate, as you might not be able to come back.”

The area where the Fire Fox cub was located was 1,500 miles away from the foot of the Dawn Moon Peak, located in the mountains.

Along the way, there were beasts and monsters everywhere.

Without the protection of the guiding jade talisman, a mere cultivator in the Foundation Establishment Realm would not survive the journey back.

Naturally, Luo Jing knew how dangerous it was.

After thanking the disciple who warned him, he threw his luggage into the spiritual treasure bag and went down the mountain.

He activated the guiding jade talisman with his spiritual power, and his body immediately floated up.

The guiding jade talisman was a special magic tool made by the Refining Hall, which could release a special aura that would prevent the beasts and monsters in the mountains from attacking and drive them away from the person holding the talisman.

And it is also a special kind of artifact that allows a Foundation Establishment Realm cultivator to fly without the need for cultivation.

Floating in the air, Luo Jing felt a gentle breeze blowing against his face, making him feel as light as a feather.

He lightly kicked off the ground and flew straight out from the cliff, leaving behind a faint purple tail of light as he entered the mountains below.

Unfortunately, the guiding jade talisman automatically led Luo Jing to his destination and was not under his control.

Otherwise, he might have considered using it to escape from the Vast Ancient Mountains…

As he flew under the setting sun, Luo Jing let out a long sigh.

He looked back at the Dawn Moon Peak, which was becoming increasingly distant among the mountains.
The shadow in his heart gradually dissipated as the giant mountain receded into the distance.

Now alone, flying over the primitive jungle of the wilderness, smelling the evening wind and looking at the vast earth, he felt a sense of liberation and a release from his shackles.