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MWTT Chapter 19: Her Inner Demon

In the early morning, the sleeping woman slowly opened her eyes.

She felt that her mood was no longer as restless and anxious as yesterday.

A night of rest had relieved her spirit quite a bit.

The strange restlessness that had come over her before was now inexplicably gone.

She got dressed, washed up, and left the house. Standing in the courtyard, basking in the morning sun and smelling the fresh air of the mountains, she felt clear-headed and refreshed.

All the negative emotions, such as restlessness and unease, had disappeared.

She tried to wield her spiritual sword and performed a set of sword techniques in the courtyard. Her movements were light and graceful, like a fairy flying.

But she vaguely had a deeper understanding of the sword techniques. The several acupoints that had troubled her before suddenly became clear to her.

The woman, who had put away her sword, let out a soft sigh and confirmed something once and for all.

She was truly being tormented by her inner demon.

The sudden and strange restlessness and negative emotions that had disturbed her yesterday even interfered with her practice.

Wasn’t this the sign of being tormented by her inner demon?

However, her cultivation level was not high enough to allow her inner demon to take on a physical form to disturb her mind.

It was just that she had more complicated thoughts in her mind.

If she reaches the Awakening Spirit Realm or even the realm of ultimate emptiness(the Universe/ Nascent Soul Realm) in her cultivation, it won’t be so easy to deal with her inner demons anymore.

The white-clad fairy standing in the courtyard had a slightly serious expression.

The path of cultivation is extremely difficult. A moment of carelessness can lead to the disturbance of inner demons, which can cause one to fall into a demonic state or be consumed by demonic flames.

In this regard, the cultivators in the demonic path have a bit of an advantage. After all, the methods of cultivation for demonic cultivators have always been fierce. They are not walking the path of immortality, and some extreme ones among them can even use their inner demons for their own purposes.

However, although demonic cultivators are not afraid of inner demons, their danger often comes from their surroundings and the external world.

Immortal cultivators, on the other hand, need to confront their own inner demons, but the environment they are in is often safer and more peaceful than that of the demonic cultivators.

It can be considered a sort of trade-off in terms of advantages and disadvantages…

The same morning light shone on the sea of clouds of the Dawn Moon Peak.

Under the sea of clouds, waterfalls hung in mid-air and the scenery was picturesque. If not for the vague demonic aura, it would really seem like a paradise for immortals.

When Luo Jing woke up in the morning, he did not leave his room.

After checking the Eight Ghosts Chaotic Mind Formation and confirming that it was intact, he took out his bag of Fasting pills.

Then he bathed and changed clothes, and lit the incense in the censer.

When the hazy fragrance filled the room, Luo Jing sat on the cloud bed, closed his eyes, and entered a meditative state.

Breaking through to a higher realm is always extremely difficult.

Breaking through the Qi refining realm and Foundation Establishment Realm, although not as dangerous as breaking through higher realms, it still requires several days of time and adequate preparation.

Luo Jing, who is not yet able to fast for days and months on his own, took a Fasting pill to ensure that he would not be hungry for three days.

And the calming sandalwood in the incense burner can burn continuously for two days and nights. The smoke that curls around can help Luo Jing stabilize his mind.

Now he sits on the cloud bed, spending an hour regulating the qi in his body and calming his mind.

Finally, Luo Jing on the cloud bed took a slight breath and began to break through.

Only the spiritual energy in Luo Jing’s body flowed slowly from his dantian and surged through the meridians and limbs.

The speed of these surging spiritual energies was slow at first, not much different from the speed of Luo Jing’s daily cultivation.

However, as the first revolution of the cycle was completed, Luo Jing slowly increased the speed of moving the spiritual energy.

The spiritual energy flowing through the meridians began to get faster and faster, until eventually, a faint shadow of demonic aura had already diffused from Luo Jing’s body.

The dim demonic aura was vaguely in tune with his figure.

Luo Jing, who was sitting cross-legged on the cloud bed, tightly closed his eyes and furrowed his brows.
The speed of moving spiritual energy was like a speeding train that gradually increased in speed but also wanted to escape his control.

but he could not let go of its control.

Because letting go of control meant the breakthrough would fail.

He gritted his teeth, concentrated all his mind, and focused all his attention on the circulation of the spiritual energy within his body.

He worked hard to increase the speed of this circulation.

As the flow of spiritual energy within Luo Jing’s body became faster and faster, a huge suction force seemed to form within his body, constantly absorbing the free spiritual energy in the air.

The gathering spirit array that had already been activated on the cloud bed was silently running, constantly extracting the spiritual energy embedded in the spiritual stones in the array and injecting them into Luo Jing’s body.

Amidst the surging mass of spiritual energy, it almost formed a substantial entity.

Outside Luo Jing’s body, where demonic energy surged, a faint bluish-green mist of spiritual energy formed.

The bluish-green mist of spiritual energy drawn out by the gathering spirit array revolved around Luo Jing, driven by an invisible suction force, as if it were a storm.

Luo Jing’s body sucked in the bluish-green mist of spiritual energy like a whale swallowing the sea.
The spiritual energy surging within his meridians grew increasingly abundant and faster.

The massive influx of spiritual energy caused all his meridians to tremble and expand continuously.
Sitting on the cloud bed, Luo Jing’s bare upper body revealed lines of bulging meridians under his skin, as if they were about to burst.

His expression became more ferocious because of the pain.

The pain of his meridians almost bursting made it difficult for him to endure.

He immediately bit through the Foundation Establishment Pill in his mouth with his teeth.

The broken Foundation Establishment Pill turned into fragrant liquid on the tongue and flowed into Luo Jing’s throat. Then, with Luo Jing’s chest and abdomen as the center, the medicinal power of Foundation Establishment Pill continued to spread to the limbs.

The bulging veins on Luo Jing’s body surface were alleviated to some extent.

Under the support of Foundation Establishment Pill’s medicinal power, these veins that had been stretched to their limit did not really burst.

One by one, the veins were continuously wrapped and supported by the medicinal power.
Meanwhile, the spiritual power surging in the veins became faster and more abundant. In the end, it was almost as crowded as if it were about to solidify.

Luo Jing noticed this and was delighted.

Enduring the severe pain between the veins, he once again increased the speed of transporting spiritual energy.

Originally, it took half an hour to complete one revolution, but now he only needed fifteen minutes!

Moreover, this speed was still increasing!

The sun outside the house was gradually setting in the west.

From noon until sunset.

The blood-red sunset dyed the sky with a red glow. However, there was still no movement in the wooden house.

Only the faint spiritual energy of heaven and earth quietly gathered towards the wooden house through silent induction.

However, the induction of spiritual energy was too subtle, and even the passing inner disciples did not notice it.

Under the moonlight, Dawn Moon Peak fell into silence, and only the bustling outer sect market between the mountains below was lively.

The places where fireworks were set off one by one emitted extremely cheerful laughter.

After a busy day, the outer disciples began their playful laughter and jokes.

In the Medicine Refining Hall, Wang Rui, who was lying on the bed in great pain, carefully took the medicine from the jar.

Occasionally, when she looked up and saw the Dawn Moon Peak suspended under the moonlight, she quickly averted her gaze and dared not look at it for too long.

It seemed that if she looked at it for too long, she might bring about a great disaster.
Inside the Soaring Clouds Immortal Sect, in the Emerald Bamboo Garden.

In the second half of the night, a painful groan suddenly came from the quiet bamboo house under the moonlight.

The white-clad fairy who was in closed-door cultivation, sat on the cloud bed with a tired expression, and some traces of blood spilled from the corner of her mouth.

The dissipation of spiritual energy in the room meant that she had failed to break through.

She sat weakly on the cloud bed, looking at the dissipated spiritual energy around her and shook her head helplessly.

“What a pity…”

There was a hint of regret in the fairy’s tone.

She had persisted for the whole day and could feel the spiritual energy in her body almost solidifying into liquid.

However, at this critical moment, a beam of moonlight fell on her.

In just a moment of distraction…just a moment of distraction, she suddenly thought of something.

That is, at this time, they had already met in their dreams…

This thought came out of nowhere, and in the moment it appeared, she immediately suppressed it and continued to stabilize the spiritual energy in her body.

But was it really just a momentary distraction? Her surging spiritual energy appeared to be slightly chaotic.

The surging spiritual energy had already reached its limit.

With the appearance of a slight disturbance, it became more and more chaotic.
In the end, she completely lost control.

The internal energy surging within her body finally exploded and separated from her body.

Now she sat weakly on the cloud bed, and the white-robed fairy shook her head helplessly.

“The path of cultivation truly cannot tolerate any distracting thoughts…”

She had just had a slight distraction, and it caused her to fail.

If she encounters demonic interference during critical moments of cultivation in the future, wouldn’t it be a death warrant…

At this moment, Shen Qingxuan, who was slumped on the cloud bed, suddenly felt a trace of fear towards the potential appearance of demonic interference.

Demonic interference was truly too terrifying!