Me and my Wife transmigrated together!? Me and my Wife transmigrated together!?
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MWTT Chapter 18: Unrelated to Love

There was no happy laughter, no exaggerated smile. The curve of the woman’s lips was shallow, and there was hardly any laughter.

Compared to her friendly smile every time they met and looked at each other, at this moment, she didn’t smile very obviously or warmly.

But for some reason, the shallow smile on her face at this moment was more likable to Luo Jing than any of her previous friendly smiles.

Luo Jing vaguely felt that the sense of distance between them had been reduced a lot.

He laughed in surprise, “Was I really that kind of person?”

Luo Jing hadn’t really noticed before.

He just instinctively felt that it was not good when the little girl came to him, so he decided to avoid her.

He didn’t think much about it.

In the sea of clouds, the white-robed fairy nodded lightly and smiled confidently.

“Yes, that’s your personality. I’m sure of it.”

“After all, you have done similar things many times before.”

This answer made Luo Jing slightly stunned.

“I have done similar things many times before?” He thought about it in surprise, but couldn’t remember.

Have I done something like this before? How come I have no impression at all?

The white-robed fairy in the sea of clouds saw Luo Jing’s confused look, but the curve of her mouth became even bigger.

She seemed to recall something interesting and shook her head with a smile.

“It’s not that many times, just… well, you do have that kind of personality.”

As she spoke, Shen Qingxuan looked into the distance with a smile in her eyes.

“Families like ours, parents, relatives, and even friends, all have a natural fondness for so-called power and influence.”

“Growing up under the influence of this from an early age, and joining the only ruling party after growing up, is actually quite common.”

“But your temperament is different from theirs.”

“Perhaps you don’t really hate that little girl named Luo Yan Yin, but you just dislike her because of her behavior.”

Shen Qingxuan’s evaluation made Luo Jing stunned, and he smiled.

“You’re right, it seems to be the case.”

“I do dislike that little girl’s arrogance a bit more.”

Luo Jing’s hometown is a land where officialdom thinking is deeply rooted.

Most of his elders and friends are people in government, with respectable job titles and unit work.

In the minds of those older people, an ordinary clerk in the government is even more respectable than a business management team that earns hundreds of thousands of yuan a year.

After all, only being a government official is a legitimate job. Anything else is just being an unemployed leech.

As an unemployed person in the eyes of the older generation, Luo Jing was able to marry a woman like Shen Qingxuan who worked in the government not only because they had similar opinions, but also because of the influence of their respective families.

Luo Jing’s father, mother, older brother, uncles, etc. all held positions, big or small, in the local government.

Combined with their satisfaction with each other, their marriage was finally settled.
Now, the two of them in the Cloud Sea reminisced about their past lives, shaking their heads and laughing.

Although they had only crossed over to this world for a few days, everything from their previous lives felt like a distant memory.

Until the end of their dream meeting, when the woman in the Green Bamboo Garden opened her eyes, her lips still curved in a smile.

The meeting tonight reminded her of many happy memories from the past, which diluted her worries and troubles from the day and made her less distressed.

Back in reality, she fell asleep, waiting to rest and try to break through tomorrow. In her sleep, she vaguely saw some past events.

Originally, she had only gone on a blind date arranged by her family to appease them.

But this time, the person who came was different from the previous blind date candidates.

He didn’t work in a certain bureau or state-owned enterprise, but was an unemployed person in the eyes of the older generation.

Even among the unemployed, he was the lowest of the low – not only was he not on any company’s payroll, he didn’t even have a regular job.

He was just an artist.

His daily pleasures were playing games and watching movies at home, and occasionally going out for a walk.

His income came from providing paintings to different companies or individuals.

Although he graduated from a good university, he abandoned his parents’ advice and did not take any exams or do the kind of work that his family background should have led him to.

As a result, he had a very difficult relationship with his parents until it improved in the last two years.

During their time together, he didn’t boast about any other potential partners he had met, nor did he show off his wealth and strong self-esteem, which would be expected of someone his age.

He just sat there, a little uneasy and even nervous.

With her active guidance, they talked about some things in life, including his past conflicts with his parents.

But awkward silences still occurred from time to time.

After all, she wasn’t a talkative person, and in many people’s eyes, she was even a little indifferent.

He, on the other hand, was even less talkative.

Their first meeting ended up being quite awkward.

As they were about to part ways, he blurted out something he shouldn’t have said.

“Actually, I wasn’t like this on my previous blind dates…”

He actually brought up his past blind dates in front of his new potential partner.

This strange behavior made her slightly widen her eyes.

He seemed to realize that it was inappropriate, and awkwardly apologized before leaving.

But as she watched his hurried departure, she couldn’t help but feel a strange desire to smile.

Because her previous blind dates were not like this.

When facing a potential partner, she was generally not very talkative…

Later, when the two of them got engaged, her aunt, who doted on her the most, asked her in all seriousness, “Are you really planning to marry this unemployed lee…. wanderer? Even though his family is considered a good match and his brother is somewhat famous, you’re marrying him, not his brother!

Your dad said it was your decision… tell me honestly, did he force you into it?”

In her aunt’s eyes, she really shouldn’t be marrying Luo Jing. Her aunt even suspected that her father had pressured her into the marriage.

But she didn’t really dislike her soon-to-be husband.

Sometimes, she even envied him for being able to live the life he wanted.

And compared to the other blind date candidates who boasted and exuded the scent of power at a young age, she would rather marry the person in front of her.

At least, this “unemployed wanderer” who was awkward and talked nonsense during their first meeting gave her a more comfortable feeling.

She didn’t think it was love, as they had only known each other and spent time together for a short period of time, and their relationship couldn’t be classified as such.

But she understands that if she missed this person, it may be difficult to meet a similar and compatible partner again in the future.

After all, in their hometown, there are very few people like her husband who are considered “non-mainstream”…