Me and my Wife transmigrated together!? Me and my Wife transmigrated together!?
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MWTT Chapter 26: Soaring Clouds Immortal Sect

In the morning, sunlight was shining on the green bamboo garden.

Shen Qingxuan opened the door and walked out.

The five great realms –

Qi Refining,

Foundation Realm,

Spirit Awakening,



– had many supernatural abilities.

For example, in the Foundation Realm, one could go without eating and become less reliant on sleep.

Last night, she only slept for two hours and woke up feeling refreshed and clear-minded.

Luo Jing had already settled down at the Soul Refining Sect. He hid in the mountains and stayed away from all disputes. He wouldn’t encounter any danger in the short term.

Since stepping into the Foundation Establishment Realm, she had no more heart demons bothering her. Her cultivation had been smooth in the past month.

After the couple crossed over to this world, they finally settled down on their own.

Although the day they would reunite still seemed far away, they could finally briefly put aside their worries about the future and do other things.

For example, cultivation…

The path of cultivation is quite complex.

In addition to daily practice to refine one’s Qi, one must also study the methods. Without secret techniques and spells, even if one has spiritual power, it cannot be fully exerted.

Shen Qingxuan is not very interested in the arts of refining tools and alchemy. What she is more interested in are the magical spells in the library.

Which modern person is not interested in those legendary immortal arts?

And then there’s flying…

Flying is probably the ability that everyone dreams of.

Unfortunately, she has not yet refined her tools and cannot fly.

But today is the day when her master returns to the mountain.

A few days ago, her master sent a message through a blue bird, saying that she would return to the mountain today and asked Shen Qingxuan to prepare in advance. She would take Shen Qingxuan to the Sword Trial Peak.

Therefore, Shen Qingxuan did not practice today.

After she finished washing up, she cleaned up the fallen leaves and weeds in the small bamboo garden before closing the courtyard door and heading towards her master’s residence.

Unlike the Soul Refining Sect, the Soaring Clouds Immortal Sect does not have many disciples.

The Soul Refining Sect has a total of nine veins, with more than 60,000 inner disciples, of which more than 14,000 are on the Dawn Moon Peak alone, and there are countless outer disciples.

But the total number of disciples in the Soaring Clouds Immortal Sect is less than ten thousand, and there is no distinction between inner and outer disciples.

There are only direct disciples and ordinary disciples in the sect.

Ordinary disciples practice together according to the sect’s arranged schedule and listen to the teachings together.

When they have achieved a certain level of cultivation in the future, they will have the opportunity to receive the imperial decree of the Divine Dynasty and go to various parts of the Divine Continent to serve as immortals.

In Shen Qingxuan’s view, this pattern is very familiar and is simply a fairy tale version of a university.

Under the support of the court, immortal sect selects outstanding seedlings from various places and teaches them.

When these disciples have achieved success in their cultivation, most of them will leave.

However, direct disciples do not need to listen and practice with ordinary disciples. They can have their own residences and will not leave after joining the Immortal sect because their masters are elders within the sect.

According to Shen Qingxuan’s understanding, ordinary disciples come to Soaring Clouds Immortal Sect to study. Most of them will leave the sect in the future, either to go home or to serve as immortals.

Only direct disciples fit her understanding of the world of fairy tales and martial arts, as they follow the traditional master-disciple model.

Shen Qingxuan and her master’s residence are located in the hinterland of Soaring Clouds Immortal Sect, surrounded by forests and far from the noisy mountain gate.

Although she has been transmigrated to this world for a month, she knows very little about the sect. The place she has visited the most is the book depository.

She has not set foot in other places in the sect.

She hardly knows anyone in this unfamiliar sect.

After all, the previous Shen Qingxuan was busy practicing and acquiring knowledge of cultivation in this world, and lived alone in the mountains, without time for socializing.

Moreover, it seems that there is no need for socializing…

Although she is a person who can easily adapt to new environments, the presence of her husband Luo Jing constantly reminds her that she is a wandering soul from another world and not a person from this world.

Under this inexplicable psychological barrier, she feels somewhat detached from the world around her.

She has always observed the world from the perspective of a bystander.

Moreover, she harbors the hope of returning to Earth, where she has parents and relatives.

Every night before she sleeps, she has a premonition that perhaps she will wake up tomorrow and find herself back on Earth.

Unfortunately, this premonition has never come true.

As time passes, she feels a vague sense of anxiety in her heart. She feels like she might not be able to go back…

With a troubled mind, Shen Qingxuan walked into her master’s residence.

She took a deep breath, shook her head, and threw all the complicated worries out of her mind.

For a long time, Shen Qingxuan’s greatest confidence has been her ability to adapt to new environments.

She has always been able to quickly shake off complicated personal emotions, suppress negative thoughts that shouldn’t be there in her heart, and wholeheartedly do what she should do in her identity.

Her parents wanted her to study the humanities, although she did not like the dry subject, she still studied it seriously.

Her parents wanted her to take the civil service exam, although she had little interest in working for the government, and even felt a vague aversion to those official social engagements, she was still able to quickly establish good relationships with everyone in the unit after getting in.

When she was set up on a blind date with her husband Luo Jing, although she felt that there was no emotional connection between them, she was still able to quickly do what a wife should do.

Now that she has come to this world, she is also able to quickly suppress her thoughts of her hometown and wholeheartedly immerse herself in her new identity.

She is Shen Qingxuan, a direct disciple of the elder of the Soaring Clouds Immortal Sect.

The woman standing in the courtyard respectfully bows towards the thatched cottage in front of her and says, “Disciple Shen Qingxuan pays respects to Master.”

Her respectful tone and actions are both extremely standard, without any trace of modernity, which is very consistent with her current identity as a disciple.

Inside the thatched cottage, the voice of her master is heard.

“Ah? You’re already here? Wait a minute, I’m not ready yet!”

Her master’s voice seems a little flustered, as if still asleep.

Shen Qingxuan stands in the courtyard, silent.

Her master, in her memory, seems to have only reached the Foundation Establishment Realm in cultivation, so she still needs to sleep.

But this is strange.

Can someone in the Foundation Establishment Realm also be an elder of the Soaring Clouds Immortal Sect ?

But Shen Qingxuan naturally won’t ask too much. Her master’s identity as an elder is beyond doubt, as is her direct disciple token.

It is precisely because of this token that she can come and go freely in the library, reading through many dusty scrolls.

Inside the cottage, there is a rush of footsteps and the sound of getting dressed.

Then, a petite figure stumbled out of the door.

“Qingxuan, you’re here so early,” the small figure of her master stands by the door and glares at her, saying, “You’re so young and already getting up so early, aren’t you afraid of becoming a yellow-faced old woman?”

“A woman needs sufficient sleep to have good skin.”

“Even if you’re naturally beautiful, you can’t risk it with your own recklessness.”