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MWTT Chapter 25: Strange Friend

“I think, your senior sister Luo Yan Yin… may be lacking familial love,” said Shen Qingxuan, facing her husband in the midst of the clouds.
Having ended their synchronized state, Shen Qingxuan opened her eyes and continued, “Even if she likes to listen to stories she’s already heard before, as you said, she’s just not as obvious in her childishness.”
“But deep down, she’s still just an eleven-year-old little girl, no matter how mature she may seem.”
“Moreover, she’s so young yet wandering around in the world of cultivation, and her personality is so eccentric and reclusive… I wonder how she even managed to enter the world of cultivation in the first place.”
“Perhaps her childhood lacked love.”
“For her, experiences like having someone tell her stories are probably very rare.”
Shen Qingxuan evaluated Luo Yan Yin in this way.
Sitting across from her, Luo Jing sighed and said, “She’s really just bored…”
At first, Luo Jing was worried that the little girl might cause him trouble, or that she might want to use him for something.
But after spending several days with her, he realized that she was really just a playful and childish little brat.
Perhaps her upbringing in the cultivation world made her appear mature in many aspects, but deep down she was still a playful and rebellious little brat.
All of Luo Jing’s previous concerns, such as the possibility of the little girl using him as a tool, were just unfounded fears.
This childish little brat didn’t have any malicious intentions.
But that didn’t mean she didn’t understand the wickedness of human nature.
Luo Jing could tell that this little senior sister was very clear about the power struggles and competition for status among the disciples in the cultivation world, and she viewed it with disgust and disdain.
Even towards the demonic sect, Soul Refining Sect, she didn’t have much respect and felt out of place in this deceitful and treacherous cultivation world.
She didn’t have any malicious intentions, she just looked down on things like conspiracies.
During this month-long period, Luo Yan Yin came almost every day. At first, she kept her distance and didn’t bother Luo Jing too much.
Later, as they became more familiar with each other, and Luo Jing showed that he could tell interesting stories, she often came to listen to him.
Sometimes she came early in the morning, sat next to Luo Jing and watched him refine the fire stones, urging him to tell stories.
Sometimes she came at noon.
But no matter what, once she arrived, she usually stayed until dusk.
Under the disturbance of this junior sister, Luo Jing had no time to paint.
He felt like a daycare teacher, dealing with a pretentious childish ghost.
But he didn’t dislike this childish ghost after discovering that she had no malicious intentions.
Luo Jing let down his guard and occasionally made jokes to tease her.
Thanks to the arrival of this junior sister, the days in the mountains became more interesting.
Luo Jing overestimated his ability to tolerate loneliness.
In his past life, he lived alone at home, had the internet, and games to play.
He could stay in his room for ten days or half a month without going out or seeing anyone.
After all, the internet has its own entertainment.
But now, living alone in the deep mountains, without any social interaction, without any friends, and unable to play games, every day was monotonous and boring repetitive work.
Even though he could chat with Qingxuan at night, the days were gradually becoming boring.
The arrival of the little girl diluted the dullness in the mountains.
Therefore, Luo Jing welcomed the arrival of Luo Yan Yin.
She was nothing more than an immature little brat. Although she was a bit mischievous, she knew her limits and had never vented her anger on Luo Jing.
Just this alone was enough to make Luo Jing patient with her.
Given their difference in status, even if this junior sister randomly scolded Luo Jing or even treated him like a dog, he could not resist.
But she had never vented her anger on Luo Jing, even though sometimes he angered her with his stories.
At most, she would curse and say a few harsh words, but she had never laid a hand on him.
Luo Jing vaguely felt that this unsociable little brat might have regarded him as a friend…
Although this friend came in a very strange way.
But since Luo Yan Yin treated him sincerely, Luo Jing lowered his guard and played along with the little girl’s mischief.
After all, there was no harm in getting along well with this direct disciple.
Luo Jing wasn’t really a solitary person; he just avoided being targeted by assassins.
Now that he had made a friend, even if it was only a surface-level friendship, he didn’t resist it.
Even his wife, Shen Qingxuan, didn’t have any ill feelings towards Luo Yan Yin.
As for the reason why Luo Yan Yin looked at him differently, Luo Jing didn’t intend to delve into it.
After all, he was only an inner disciple and must always remember his status. He should not delve into things he shouldn’t.
The white-robed fairy in the sea of clouds said: “This junior sister is so rebellious, maybe you can seek her help when you leave the Soul Refining Sect in the future.”
Leaving the Soul Refining Sect is the ultimate goal set by Luo Jing and his wife.
However, this goal is somewhat difficult to achieve.
First, Luo Jing must have a cultivation level above the Awakening Spirit Realm in order to safely enter and leave the Vast Ancient Mountains.
Secondly, he has to find a way to steal his own life lamp so that he will not be hunted down by the Demon Sect relying on the life lamp.
Neither of these two conditions is simple.
Fortunately, with the help of Shen Qingxuan, the two can synchronize their cultivation in their dreams.
Since the breakthrough failure of the Foundation Establishment Realm, Shen Qingxuan has not encountered any heart demons again.
During this month, the two of them have been practicing hard every day, and Shen Qingxuan has also been assisted by spiritual medicine and spirit, so their cultivation speed is very fast, and they have already entered the right track.
Under the infiltration of substantial spiritual power, their physical bodies are undergoing transformation every day.
When every inch of their flesh and blood is refined by spiritual power, they can be considered to have entered the middle stage of the Foundation Establishment Realm.
Although Luo Jing’s practice is average and the spiritual energy in the mountains is scarce, his progress is extremely slow.
But Shen Qingxuan’s progress is extremely fast. With the help of various spiritual medicines and fruits, her daily progress is equivalent to Luo Jing’s progress in a month.
At the current speed, the two of them can enter the middle stage of the Foundation Establishment Realm before the end of the year.
Luo Jing also completely understands why these direct disciples have almost all reached the Awakening Spirit Realm in their cultivation, in addition to their high qualifications, the massive supply of pill medicines and spiritual fruits is also a reason.
Ordinary people may be stuck in the Foundation Establishment Realm for their whole lives, but for personal disciples, it only takes one or two years of effort. After all, what truly determines the future of these personal disciples is the realm of Spirit Awakening.
Only in the realm of Spirit Awakening do you need to compete based on talent and understanding. In the Foundation Establishment Realm, you can easily break through with the help of elixirs and spiritual medicines.
However, Luo Jing’s goal is not high. He is not pursuing invincibility, he only needs to reach the realm of Spirit Awakening and be able to move freely in the vast mountains like Luo Yan Yin.
After all, he will eventually leave this land of cultivation. The cultivation of Demon Arts is too profound and does not benefit him.
In the Central Plains, Demon cultivators are not very welcome.