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MWTT Chapter 24: Not So Obvious Childishness.

The little girl didn’t come every day and mostly didn’t bother Luo Jing. Many times, she would just pass by the wooden house and then wander around in the forest by herself.

She even played with the beasts that were kept there. The ferocious white-browed tiger with drooping eyes became her mount. Luo Jing occasionally saw the little girl riding on the tiger’s back, traversing the mountain forest.

Later, she took a liking to a ferocious wild boar and rode on its back for a long time.

Finally, in order to show off her newly-found mount, she purposely rode the wild boar to Luo Jing’s wooden house and asked him while pointing to Luo Jing on the tree, “How is it? Isn’t this mount powerful?”

Luo Jing looked down and saw that the wild boar was 10 feet(3.33m) long, with a fierce look and its fangs exposed. It was no longer an ordinary beast. It was estimated that it had learned to absorb spiritual energy and might become a demon in a dozen years or so.

It did look more powerful than the tiger. But looking at the little girl on the pig’s back who was full of pride, Luo Jing couldn’t help but say, “Old people say that riding a pig will make you pee in bed.”

Towards this little girl who was fed up with the world, he was no longer as distant as he was at first.

After days of being together, although they were not particularly close, they could still make some small jokes.

When the little girl heard Luo Jing’s response, her smile on her face froze immediately. “Really?” She looked at Luo Jing suspiciously and asked, “Who told you that?”

Luo Jing spread his hands sincerely and said, “The old people all say so.”

This sentence, Luo Jing did not lie. In his hometown, there really was a saying that riding a pig would make you pee in bed.

The little girl on the back of the wild boar hesitated for a moment, and finally gave Luo Jing a fierce stare and said, “I don’t believe it!”

After that, she slapped the pig’s back and drove the wild boar away. But after that, she never rode the wild boar again.

Although she seemed mature and world-weary, unlike other children her age who were immature, this little girl named Luo Yan Yin still had some characteristics that were typical of her age.

To put it simply, it means that she is still childlike despite not being as childish as she initially appears to be.

Luo Jing completely believed that she was indeed just an eleven-year-old girl, and not an old witch hiding under a child’s skin.

After hearing Luo Jing’s story about riding a pig and peeing on the bed, the little girl became interested in these rural anecdotes.

She didn’t bother with the wild beasts in the mountains, but instead asked Luo Jing if he had any other interesting stories.

After thinking for a moment, Luo Jing picked up some bedtime stories he had heard from old people when he was a child and told them to Luo Yan Yin in a perfunctory manner.

To be honest, many of the bedtime stories Luo Jing heard as a child were indescribable, and he didn’t think Luo Yan Yin would like them.

During his childhood, the bedtime stories Luo Jing heard the most were told by his grandfather, and his parents hardly ever told him any bedtime stories.

Those bedtime stories that his grandfather told to coax children to sleep in the countryside, seen from the perspective of an adult, were really absurd.

For example, the most memorable story for Luo Jing was the one about the old witch.

The parents of a certain family went out, leaving only the older sister and younger brother at home. At this time, an “old witch” disguised as an old lady came, first asking for water to drink, and then pretending to be a grandmother to stay overnight.

The older sister was smart and refused to sleep with the old witch, but the younger brother was naive and thought it was his grandmother, so he happily slept with the old witch.

At night, the older sister hid under the bed, and the old witch couldn’t find her. Then the older sister, who was hiding under the bed, heard many terrifying conversations between her younger brother and the old witch.

“Grandma, why are your teeth so long?”

“Grandma, why do your eyes shine?”

And so on…

Afterwards, the older sister saw blood splatter, she slowly heard her brother being chewed up, piece by piece.

A really scary story, who would sleep after hearing such a story.

The bedtime stories from rural areas that are not just unusual, but extremely bizarre. These stories are either horrifyingly bloody or revolve around crude humor or evil brothers and sisters-in-law trying to steal their honest brother’s property and receiving retribution in the end.

Luo Jing picked two of these folk stories to try and placate Luo Yan Yin and make her lose interest.

After all, Luo Jing didn’t think that someone like Luo Yan Yin, a practitioner in the realm of Awakening Spirit and a direct disciple of the demonic sect who kills demons and refines souls as easily as drinking water, could be interested in such unfashionable rural tales. However, Luo Jing was surprised to find that Luo Yan Yin actually enjoyed them.

It was more unusual than old people telling horror stories to put children to sleep.

However, Luo Yan Yin showed little interest in the revised versions of well-known fairy tales such as Cinderella or The Ugly Duckling that Luo Jing later told her.

So Luo Jing had to adapt a few familiar stories from the rural legends and tell them to Luo Yan Yin.

However, after every story, Luo Yan Yin would look at Luo Jing with a disdainful expression, questioning the stories.

“The person who wrote this story clearly doesn’t understand cultivation.”

“A tree demon who has cultivated for thousands of years cannot be defeated by a Daoist who hasn’t even reached the realm of Spirit Awakening…”

“Can a small judge from the underworld really switch a dead person’s head with a living person’s? Even reaching the realm of Spirit Awakening would find it difficult to achieve such power!”

“Why is it always scholars? The person who wrote this story is probably a poor scholar, right?”

Luo Yan Yin was very disdainful of the various tall tale stories told by Luo Jing.

But she would urge Luo Jing to continue telling the story.

Sometimes after listening to the story, she would even get angry.

“This Zhu Erdan is really an animal! If I met him, I would slap him to death with one palm!”

“Why can’t Nie Xiaoqian be with Ning Caichen? What kind of separate paths for humans and ghosts.. You’re a disciple of the Demon Cult, how can you say such stupid things that only Immortals would say?”

“If it’s not you who wrote it, then why do I feel like these are your creations…I’ve never heard of these stories before!”

The little girl would occasionally show her moody side after hearing the stories.

But she didn’t take it out on Luo Jing.

Instead, she would sit there cursing and raging alone.

Luo Jing stood next to her, looking helpless: “The story is just the way it is, if you insist on listening…I don’t have the ability to change the ending to a happy one.”

Luo Jing spoke the truth.

The little girl left angrily.

“I’m not listening anymore! These are all bullshit stories, I’m not listening anymore in the future!”

Luo Yan Yin, who was walking in the air with anger, quickly disappeared from Luo Jing’s sight.

Her expression of itching to hit someone as if she had made up her mind not to come again.

But not even three days later, she appeared outside Luo Jing’s wooden house and shouted at him inside.

“Luo Jing! Come out and tell me a story!”

So, with a new source of entertainment found, Luo Yan Yin came to Luo Jing’s place more often than before.

She would come almost every other day, and sometimes if the story was particularly good, she would even come every day.

Luo Jing tried hard to remember and had almost told all the stories he knew. The remaining stories had different backgrounds and worldviews that couldn’t be made up on the spot.

In the demonic world, people were untrustworthy, and Luo Jing didn’t want to reveal too much. If he told stories with different worldviews from the current world, who knows what people might think or how it could attract trouble to him?

Therefore, despite Luo Yan Yin’s frustrations, Luo Jing persisted in his position.

“I really don’t have any more stories. I’ve told you everything I know.”

The little girl stared at him and demanded,

“I don’t care! You have to make up a story for me! Start from the beginning!”

But Luo Jing couldn’t come up with a story.

In the end, with no new stories to listen to, Luo Yan Yin compromised and asked Luo Jing to retell the stories he had already told once before.

And she still listened with great interest…