My Inseparable House Guests My Inseparable House Guests
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M.I.H.G Chapter 1: Hello, I am Edogawa Conan!


When Frank determined that his cat could talk, the first thing came’s to his mind was that, if he sells this fat yellow cat, it would make him a lot of money so he would be able to spend a whole day at the best club in Haiping.

“No one will believe that a cat can talk!” The yellow cat licked its paws and said, “I can guarantee that they will lock you in the mental hospital of Haiping before I’m sold.”

Haiping mental Hospital is the only psychiatric hospital in Haiping City. It has a glorious tradition that only patients can get in for 20 years. That is to say, this hospital hasn’t cured a psychiatric patient for 20 years.

“All right, all right.” the cat owner suddenly raised his hand helplessly and surrendered.

”Is there anything that you want me to do for you? Is there a dog next-door hurting you or a fish in the downstairs aquarium you want me to catch it for you to eat?”

“You are very generous as an owner.” Said the yellow cat, shaking his tail “Rest assured. I’m not so vulgar. But before that, I want to say one thing. In one year and four months when you got me, you have always called me fat Yellow. It’s a very bad name, can you call me Dixie?”

It was aesthetically pleasing and wonderful to have a talking cat and add to that he was so warm.

“Of course not. It’s just a duplicate name.” The yellow cat saw Frank’s conjecture again. He flicked his tail and said, “It’s time to talk about business.”

“Are you short on money?”

“Yes, I’m short on money.” Frank said honestly to Dixie. “You still don’t know.  My monthly living expenses are 2,000 Yuan, originally, this two-bedroom apartment was shared with another person, and my share was 700 Yuan per month, but my roommate suddenly went away. So now, I pay the rent alone 1,400 Yuan. The rest of the money was spent on feeding us, even your meal has become a problem, so don’t think about adding ham to lunch every day.”

“I can solve this problem for you.” He squinted at Frank and said, “Sign a job contract with me. You only need to receive one guest per week who come to this apartment for five days, and you will get 2,000 Yuan in return.”

“Seriously?” Frank looked at Dixie and felt a sense of absurdity in his heart.

The cat that he raised wanted to introduce him to a job?!

“Of course it’s true, 2,000 Yuan per week, and the money goes to your bank account immediately after the reception. There’s an extra bonus if your hospitality is good.”

Two thousand Yaun per week, at least 8,000 a month, this salary would raise him from his poverty to the middle-class life.

But is there an additional reason for this good salary, such as the identity of the guests who need to be served, would it be special?

“The reception is, of course, a requirement!” said Dixie. “During these five days. No matter where the received guests go, the distance between you two must not pass the 300 feet.”

“What will happen if we get separated by more than 300 feet?” looking at the cat, Frank said.

“Do you know that there is a phenomenon called self-explosion?”

“Forget it, I can’t do this job, you can find someone else.” Frank directly and decisively refused. Although he often likes to explode thing when he was playing games, but this doesn’t mean that he really wants to die in an explosion in the real world. After all, he could only live once.

“Think about your rent.”

“When I work part-time, I will search for a roommate to split the rent with, and then I will eat in the canteen every day to get through it.”

“Think about me, do you have the heart to leave me without ham sausages in my lunch?”

“When I had money, we both ate ham, but now I have no money, so there is no ham.” Frank’s attitude is determined.

“Think about your Yin Yang Master, FGO, And Base Three. Can you play these games without money?”

It was absolutely that Frank was not ready to sell his soul in order to keep playing these games.

“Think about the girlfriend you just made, think about the empty pockets you will have when you are in a date with her.” The cat used all his secret weapons.

“I, I…” Frank went silent.

His girlfriend was a childhood friend. It took both of them, ten years to establish their feelings for each other. So it’s embarrassing to spend his girlfriend’s money when they go out on a date.

Frank felt his man’s dignity was burning in the chest.

The big cat smiled and looked at Frank, then slowly said, “So, let’s do it?”

“Alright!” Frank immediately agreed.

“The contract has established.” Dixie rushed up with a vigorous stride then waved his paw and printed his palm directly on Frank’s forehead.

“Is this established?”

“Yes.” The yellow cat shook his tail with excitement, like a demon that just received a victim’s soul.

“What do I have to do next?” Frank asked.

“It’s fine to wait for the guests to come to the door. When someone knocks, remember, you must open the door and invite the person to stay for five days. When the person leaves, the two thousand Yuan will go into your account. ”

“I’m a little regretful now.” Frank was still very serious about this supernatural unfolding. “It is impossible to revoke a contract after it has been established.”

The cat went to the front of the TV in the room, and then said, “I can’t keep talking with my current strength, see you in five days.”

Dixie closed his eyes, and by the time he opened it again, his pupil had lost its demon’s luster. And he had changed back to the common fat yellow cat, who was lazy and occasionally scratched the sofa.

“Dixie!” Frank swayed the cat in his hands. The cat raised his head and looked at Frank. He didn’t seem to understand why his master changed his name.

Frank experimented for a long time and discovered that this cat was really just a big ordinary cat. Is it just my own fantasy? Walked in front of the living room mirror and watched it. He found that there was a mark of a cat’s paw on the forehead. It seemed that the thing wasn’t an illusion. He washed his face with cold water, then went to another room and arranged the bed so that guests can stay during their period.

Well, he swept the floor repeatedly. If by any chance it’s a girl, then he could make a good impression. Frank had hardly cleared up his kennel when the doorbell rang.

“Ding dong.”

It seems like the guest just arrived. Frank walked to the door, looked into the peephole first and found a student at the door.

It turned out to be a child, he said, how could he pay two thousand yuan?

He pulled open the door as he thought about it. At last, he could see the whole body of the little child standing in front of the door. Soft black hair, black-rimmed glasses, round face, the hair on the back of his head was tilting. Now, he looked familiar.

“Hello, I am Edogan Conan.” The little boy bowed to Frank and said, “I’m going to stay with you at your home for the next five days if this doesn’t bother you.”


PS: Hello! I hope that you like my translation. All the characters in this novel are from China, they all have Chinese names (the guests are not included), some of them will appear repeatedly, so I had changed some of these characters names to an easy-to-pronounce name (like the MC, he was called Fang Zhejiang, I had changed his name to Frank). So please tell me in the comments if you want me to keep them like this or change them back.