My Inseparable House Guests My Inseparable House Guests
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M.I.H.G Chapter 2: Come and Help Me!


It was said that where ever Conan goes there would be a crime nearby. It’s as if misfortune pursued him, it’s like he calls the God of Death. Now he’s in Haiping city, this city was calm and there were no crimes in a long time, will this change since he arrived?

To be honest, Frank wanted to close the door on the spot and let Conan return from wherever he came, but he didn’t dare.

Dixie said that once the guest leaves the range of 300 feet, he would explode on the spot. It’s better not to play his life. The field of the explosion may be small and if it’s not, There were so many people in this building, and maybe other people would die because of him.

“Welcome!” Frank said this sentence with a twitching face almost without sincerity, and then he welcomed Conan in. “My name is Frank.” he made his self-introduction, and said, “Should I call you Conan or Shinichi?”

“Call me Conan, now I am used to that.” After Conan entered the house, he looked at the surroundings.

Frank said, “I’ve already tidied up your room, it’s over there, now, I’ll show you around.”

Conan followed Frank into the bedroom and asked, “Frank, you seem that you know me very well.”

“I know you slightly.” Frank brought Conan into the bedroom and suddenly stood still, blocking the doorway and he wouldn’t take a step forward.

Everything is ruined!

The former tenant, the one who shared the apartment with Frank, was an otaku and also a big fan of Conan.

The walls of the bedroom were covered with posters, including Conan’s posters! How would he explain that to him? A cold sweat was down on Frank’s forehead.

“What’s the matter with you?” Conan said as he looked forward and saw the walls full of posters.

“Well, I don’t care about these girls’ posters.” Conan pointed out at those posters said.

Frank glanced at the walls and found out that there indeed was others posters beside Conan’s posters, they were posters of anime girls.

Can it be said that Conan couldn’t see his posters?

Frank no longer was blocking the door, letting Conan walk in, and sure enough, Conan’s gaze passed directly by his posters and didn’t stop at all.

Frank decided to try again.

He deliberately went to Conan’s poster, picked up the tape attached to it, and then showed it to Conan and said.

“Would it bother you if I tear off this poster?”

“Isn’t it just a blank sheet of paper?” Conan said and looked towards Frank with a confused expression.

Sure enough, he couldn’t see anything related to himself.

Frank first pointed to Conan some various things in the bedroom. Then showed him to the bathroom and gave him some disposable toiletries.

“Tell me, when did you learn Chinese?”

Exactly, Conan has been speaking proficient Mandarin since he first introduced himself in the door, otherwise Frank would not understand any of Conan’s word.

“I don’t know, when I came here, I found out that I can speak Mandarin.”

“Alright!” Frank said to Conan, “Wait a moment!”

Frank walked into his bedroom, took his laptop, found the last episode of Conan, and took it to Conan’s room. Conan was looking outside through the window. “There is nothing better than this neon there. I never thought that China was so prosperous.”

“Yeah!” Frank said with a little pride. “Compared with other big cities, my city is really beautiful!”

“It’s amazing! I really want to take a tour.” Conan said.

Frank’s hands trembled and the laptop almost fell down.

They haven’t had a murder case in Haiping City for several years, so Conan needs to stay in the house otherwise maybe he will bring a disaster to this city.

Frank put the laptop on the table and opened the episode. But Conan just looked at the laptop with curiosity and said “very beautiful computer!” Then, he said nothing else. It seems that Conan couldn’t see his posters and videos of himself, even he couldn’t hear his voice.

So, Frank safely closed the computer, then signaled to Conan to sit down, and he sat opposite him.

“There are a few questions, I would like to ask.” Frank looked at Conan and said.

“Yes, Frank, ask please!”

“The first question, why did you come to me for five days?”

“I don’t know.” Conan shook his head and said, “I can’t remember exactly, as if it was all God’s plan.”

“The second question, do you know that the distance between me and you cannot exceed three hundred feet?”

“I Know.” Conan nodded and replied, “we will die abnormally if we get over 300 feet.”

This time, Frank was reassured. It seems that the distance constraint seems to be shared by both sides, so he doesn’t have to worry about the day when a mad guest came and deliberately wants to kill him.

“That leaves the last question, or it’s more like a request.” Frank said to Conan. “If it’s not necessary, I hope that you could stay in the apartment for these five days. Can you do it?”

“No problem.” Conan stretched out and pointed to Frank’s laptop. “But you have to lend me your laptop. I want to know more about China.”

“Deal.” Frank said decisively.

As long as both of them can be held in a small rental house, Frank does not believe they can stay home, but their food doesn’t come from the sky. He remembered that he could call the home delivery.

“Oh, yes.” After that, Frank remembered to give his laptop to Conan and said, “Take it, and whenever you need me, just call!”

“OK, Frank!” Conan said that, opened the computer and followed the news on the browser network.

Frank looked at the quiet Conan and stood up with confidence.

Only five days, as long as there is no accident, Conan will quietly stay in this bedroom for these days, as also Frank. And what they eat relies on delivery, but he wouldn’t believe that this period could pass without problems!

Just then, Frank’s cell phone rang, so he took it out, it was his older sister calling.

“Hey, brother, do you remember what you promised to do for me? I am going to send a joint piece for the subject to be used at the university today. You must come and help me. “