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M.I.H.G Chapter 3: Solidified Blood!

The older sister who called Frank worked at Haiping University. Frank skipped classes in recent years and his sister covered for him. He promised to help his sister last week, so he must go, otherwise, he would anger his sister, she would not cover for him anymore, and she would bring his old files.

Frank escapes 15 lessons per week and when a student misses 10 class a week, he won’t be able to graduate.

Frank glanced at Conan in the living room. “Buddha, Hongjun, Nüwa, please bless me!” No crime occurred in Haiping city for several years, maybe when Conan came to China, he would bring chaos with him. He made a decision, walked over, and found that Conan was still browsing the web.

“Hey, Conan, I have to go out now.” Frank told Conan.

“Well, okay, then I will go out with you.” Conan closed the computer and stood up. After all, the two were grasshoppers tied to a rope. Neither of them could separate from the other.

“Wait.” Frank looked at Conan’s outfit, which was too eye-catching, so he said to Conan, “For some reason, you have to be unnoticed.”

Frank removed Conan’s black-rimmed glasses first. In any case, the vision of this kid wasn’t bad, the glasses were only camouflage, then he found a bottle of hair gel and wiped it on Conan’s head.

Now, even if Conan’s biggest fans come in, it would be impossible to recognize him. Frank led him out of the door and they went to university smoothly. No accidents occurred.

Sure enough, it seemed that Frank has failed to prevent the God of Death away from the university.

Today is Monday, besides the senior students like Frank, who had nothing to do for graduation, all the other students were in class, so the university was quiet. Frank led Conan all the way to the front of the university’s corpse room.

Of course, it was impossible to lead Conan into the corpse room. After all, he was still a child. It was estimated that if he enters in, he would be directly kicked-out by his sister.

Frank and Conan estimated the distance and found that Conan could sit in the hall of the laboratory and wait there. As long as Frank doesn’t leave the experimental building, the distance between the two would not exceed 300 feet.

Frank took the tablet when he went out, so he handed it to Conan and he let him play with it. He put on a white coat, a mask, a plastic glove and walked into the morgue.

As soon as he entered the morgue, the pungent smell of formaldehyde rushed out. The room has a concrete platform with a bath, which was square in the middle. The corpse has been soaked in a yellow-brown formalin although not totally visible, they could see the hands but not the whole body, like the dead branches around the tree.

Frank’s sister was fully equipped in the middle of the morgue. She was in front of a stretcher with a young female body lying on it.

“Mary.” Frank shook his hand and came in.

Mary nodded and signaled to Frank to come over and help her push the body to the autopsy room next door, he walked over, grabbed the stretcher with his hands, looked up at the face of the body, and he immediately got stunned, but he said nothing.

When they got to the autopsy room, the pungent smell of formaldehyde was gone, but it was replaced by the smell of disinfectant.

Frank’s sister turned back and closed the door of the morgue. Then Frank looked at her and asked, “Is this the body of Mrs. Katie?”

Mary nodded. “Otherwise, I wouldn’t have asked you to come over and help. She liked you very much before.”

They took out all kinds of disintegration tools and Frank asked: “Didn’t she died suddenly? She didn’t even say her last words. Why is her body at the university? “

“She signed a donation agreement when she graduated, but she didn’t expect it to be soon.”

Teacher Katie was the teacher of Frank’s biochemistry class. She graduated from this university, after that, she entered the university as a teacher, but only taught Frank for one year, when Frank was a freshman. One day she said that she was going back home and rest because she didn’t feel good.

Last week, the news came from the university that the teacher Katie died because of a heart attack, everyone still spontaneously mourned, and he did not expect to see the body of his teacher today.

Frank was leaning on the body of Katie teacher. Then he and Mary dealt with the corpse, untied all the internal organs to store them in the bottles of Formalin as they talked.

“I remember that she was married. Her husband agreed to donate her body according to her wishes before her death. It’s very remarkable.”

“Her husband is a doctor.” Mary explained.

“No wonder why he is open-minded.” Frank carefully took the heart of Katie teacher, and after processing, it was ready to be put into the jar of formalin to save it, and he suddenly felt something wrong.

“Mary.” Frank gently shouted, and then pointed to the heart of Katie teacher’s, “How did the blood in this area solidify and become dark?”

“Let me see!” Mary came over and looked at the heart of Katie teacher’s heart, and she found the blood that solidified and blackened.

“It should be contaminated during the process of transporting the corpse.” Mary said uncertainly.

“Is it possible that Katie teacher didn’t die because of a heart attack?” looked at Mary and made a bold assumption.

“Do you think so, does Katie’s heart had something when you are her student? It was said that her husband was still angry when he was in the hospital with her. He couldn’t rescue her at that time when she died, if there is other reasons, many doctors could not prove it.”

Frank carefully put the heart of the teacher into formalin, but still felt a little unwilling.

If it was normal, maybe Frank will also think that there was an accident or other reason in the process of transporting the body. After all, the blackened blood couldn’t explain the problem, but that day the arrival of Conan made the nerve of Frank highly vigilant.

“Mary.” Frank asked, “Which hospital did she die in?”

“In the affiliated hospital of our university.” Mary looked at Frank and said, “The former president of the e-sports club, Mr. Zhang, is now interning in that hospital.”

Frank and Mary finished handling the body of the teacher. Mary had planned to invite Frank for dinner, but Frank refused, went straight out, and found Conan sitting in the hall.

Conan looked at Frank, who was anxious and asked, “Frank, what happened?”

“Conan, accompany me to the hospital.”