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M.I.H.G Chapter 4: Full of Doubts!


Haiping Medical University Affiliated Hospital is one of the best hospitals in Haiping City. Many graduates of Frank’s University will choose to work in this hospital after graduation. Frank’s sister is a hospital doctor as well as Frank’s teacher.

Frank gave a call to Mr. Zhang, the president of the e-sports club, and then briefly told Conan about what he had just encountered.

Although Conan has a high IQ, but he can’t analyze anything with such clues. His thoughts were the same as Frank’s. Then, they went to check the case file of the teacher Katie and see if she really had a heart attack.

Frank took Conan into the hospital and ran into Dr. Duan, the former planer teacher and now the director of surgery in the hospital.

“Why is this child here? Is he your relative! Is he sick?” Dr. Duan walked with the medical record and glanced at Conan. “He’s a lovely boy.”

“Well, this child said that his stomach is a little uncomfortable, so I brought him over.” In order to save the trouble of explanation, Frank could only follow the words of Dr. Duan.

“Remember to register him, don’t be like everyone else. Now, don’t you come here to seek free help from your elder sister and disrupt the order of the hospital.”

“Well, teacher, I know.” Frank quickly nodded.

“Alright!” Duan was about to go upstairs when he saw Zhang, who had also been a student of his, running towards Frank. He frowned but said nothing. He just glared at Frank and went upstairs.

He misunderstood Frank and nothing could change his mind.

Frank had no time to explain to Duan, so he directly went to meet Zhang.

“President.” Frank said hello.

“Frank, didn’t you become the president of the e-sports club after me?” Zhang patted Frank’s shoulder and asked, “What’s wrong, do you need help? These few days, doctors are busy, it’s easier for you to go find someone professional than coming to me to ask about gaming.”

“It’s not this.” Frank looked around and nobody noticed. He approached Zhang’s side and whispered. “I want to check a patient’s case. Please help me.”

“Come this way.” Zhang while leading Frank and Conan in the hospital to help Frank. “I’m so busy these few months that I hastened graduation to help in the hospital. I’m so busy now that I don’t have time to pick up girls. The whole department is on my shoulders, and now I have become a professional coolie.”

“Well, I’m still not a doctor, once I graduate, I’ll be a doctor for this hospital.”

”Come on, if Mary isn’t covering you, you would have been expelled for skipping classes and you are still saying this? If the dean heard you, he would’ve eaten you alive.”

Zhang took Frank into the archives room. In front of the computer was a female doctor who was in her forties and was drinking tea.

“Sister Lijie, this is my brother, I want to come over and check a patient’s case today.”

Lijie looked up at Frank and said, “From when do we take private work outside the hospital?”

“No.” Frank used to learn from Katie, then he added, “It was a teacher from our school, named Katie.”

“Katie,” said Lijie. “I have the impression that this little girl helped me a lot when she came to practice. Didn’t she have a heart attack last week? How can I forget her case?”

When Lijie transferred Katie’s case file on the computer. Frank had no time to explain. So, he went over and looked at it, and Conan was also squatting on the other side and staring at the computer.

It’s indeed a treatment record with a bad heart. Frank looked at the case file and found that the file seemed to have no problem. But, at this time Conan whispered, “Katie was treated for the first time because of heart problems four years ago.”

Conan’s words suddenly woke up Frank. Four years ago, it was really the time when Katie just got married. The problem of her heart was either congenital or acquired, but it usually manifests itself in childhood.

However, the time when Katie first went to see a doctor because of angina was four years ago. At that time, Katie was already twenty-five years old!

There’s a problem.

“Sister Lijie, would you help me to find out if Mr. Katie has a family history of heart disease.”

“No, she doesn’t!” Lijie said after checking the files.

Four years ago! Four years ago…

Katie just got married!

Frank and Conan looked at each other and then thanked Lijie.

“Frank, what on earth are you doing?” Zhang asked Frank.

“I’ll tell you when I’m done. I have something to do right now.” Frank patted Zhang’s shoulder and walked out quickly.

As Frank and Conan walked, and Conan deduced. “If Katie’s myocardial infarction was caused by chronic poison, then the only suspect is the husband.”

“Now let’s go to her mother’s house and ask,” Frank said as he walked along. “If it’s really a chronic poison, then it should’ve started four years ago, so they must have problems with their marriage. Therefore, her husband must’ve poisoned her. As long as I can confirm that they were unhappy in their relationship, then we can report the case.”

“As long as the police can find out the records of the husband’s drug purchase, lock the murderer, the chronic poison in the heart, the ordinary people can’t get it, and the price is relatively high, since Katie’s husband also a doctor, the possibility of using anti-arrhythmic drugs is more likely.”

Conan’s medical knowledge is also very rich, as the two of them discussed, while they took a taxi and went to her parent’s home.

Fortunately, Frank, as the student representatives, last week, went to her parent’s home condolences, or else he would have to find someone to ask.

They went to her house, went upstairs, and knocked on the door.

After a while, a kind-looking grandmother came out.

“You’re here again, young man?” Katie’s mother looked at Frank, and let them in. She said, “I’ve been a doctor all my life. I’m not so fragile. You don’t have to come to see me all the time.”

When Frank and Conan entered the door, Frank remembered that they didn’t bring anything with them, they felt a little embarrassed, and then Frank quickly took Conan into the living room.

Katie’s mother came over with a plate of fruit and looked at Conan. “What a lovely child, come and eat pears.” Katie’s mother handed Conan a past pear while looking at him, and asked amiably, “Little boy How old are you? And what your grade?”

“Seven years old, I study on the second grade, thank you, aunt, for the pear.” Conan replied.

After listening to Conan’s answer, Frank quietly thought in his mind. ‘Conan has been serialized for 27 years now. Still Seven years old and still in the second.’

After thanking the mother for her hospitality, Frank quickly explained the reasons for coming over and asked his own questions.

When Katie’s mother listened to Frank’s words, she suddenly frowned.