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M.I.H.G Chapter 5: Four Years Ago!


“If you hadn’t mentioned it, I would have forgotten.” Katie’s mother picked up the cup and said while drinking water. “About four years ago, my daughter called me one night crying and told me that her husband was going to divorce her, but the next day when I asked her again, she said that they had reconciled. After that, there was only a little conflict.”

Frank and Conan looked at each other and finally confirmed that Katie’s husband was a major suspect.

Heart failure started four years ago, which was also at the same time they quarreled!

After Conan and Frank came out from the Katie mother’s house, the two talked to each other and decided to call the police first.

Although the two of them wanted to find more evidence to report to the police, the remaining evidence needs to be dug from her husband’s medical purchase records. Their marital status within four years was not the perfect relationship. They were two normal people. It was obviously impossible for them to get the information within four days, or else the police would have found them already.

So Frank led Conan directly to the police station, saying that they wanted to report some information to the police. A fat face looked like he was in his forties. Middle-Aged police received them, claimed to be police officer Lee.

The police officer listened to Frank’s remarks and heard half of it. He looked a little bored.

“Now you young people, do you want to make a big headline in the newspapers.” Police officer Lee knocked on the table and said, “I really don’t know what happened when there was black coagulated blood in the pericardial cavity, but according to you, this woman was brought to your school only after she died of ineffective rescue. So many doctors can’t tell whether the person was poisoned or had a heart attack? ”

“They may have been negligent,” Frank said with no guts.

Indeed, the biggest problem in this matter is how Katie’s husband deceived the eyes of so many doctors to fake Katie’s death into a normal heart attack.

Buying is definitely impossible. If he can have that skill, he would not have chosen such a way to murder.

“First, you go back home.” The police officer didn’t transcript Frank’s testimony, and told to Frank and Conan, “We will investigate when we finish our works.”

The meaning of Lee was very obvious. The so-called “investigation after work” means that you will not bother us again next time.

But, that didn’t satisfy Frank.

Four years ago, they almost divorced themselves. Katie started to feel uncomfortable and they didn’t have a family history. The possibility of a problem in the middle was too great.

Frank said to Officer Lee, “Wait a minute, I’ll make a phone call.”

Frank took out his mobile phone and searched for a phone number from the relatives’ column, dialed it, and explained the situation to the other end of the phone, after a few seconds, Frank handed the mobile phone to Lee the police officer.

“Well, this is the first time I’ve seen someone been kick out because of this kind of thing.” Officer Lee answered the phone and heard the voice on the other side of the phone. His face softened immediately.

“You turned out to be a relative to Xin’s family. No wonder you have this consciousness. Okay, I know. I’ll find someone to investigate it immediately.”

Officer Lee spoke a few words with a smile, then handed the phone back to Frank, took the typewriter. “You repeat what you just said, I’m going to tap a statement.”

After completing the transcript, Lee took Frank’s phone number, saying that he would be notified as soon as possible.

Frank and Conan, who had to go home, kept on investigating while waiting for the police to give notice.

Frank called Mr. Xin to ask for some personal information about Katie’s husband Luchen. Then they went to his sister in the university to ask for some personal stories about Luchen. Conan searched the relevant information online.

Speaking of this, Luchen was also a teacher in that university. He and Katie were studying together. But his family was so poor that he could hardly afford his tuition in the last few years of college. In the end, they graduated smoothly and with the help of Katie’s family, so they got married after graduation.

However, although Haiping Medical University is a key university, it is difficult for medical students who graduated from undergraduate courses to enter the top three hospitals, and the salary of ordinary hospitals is too low. Therefore, Katie left the school as a teacher, while Luchen entered a private clinic and although you can’t say that his future was good, it is still below the mediocre line.

After the marriage, the two didn’t show any other problems in front of the outsiders except for the quarrel that escalated to the divorce talk four years ago. They looked like a very loving couple.

Frank also looked in his mobile phone for Luchen’s number and called him.

Frank: Hello teacher, I am Frank from third-year.

Luchen: Oh, yeah, is there something?

Frank: I heard that your pathology lesson for senior students was very good, and they often got full marks. If there were any notes made by senior students, could you lend me a copy?

Luchen: I have graduated for so long now, My notes not have don’t mean much to you.

Frank: They would be somewhat useful. If it’s inconvenient for me to look for you in the university, I can pick them up from your home.

Luchen: No problem. I’m going to go abroad the day after tomorrow. I don’t know when I’ll be back, so if you want, come over tomorrow before 10 am, and I know that you will throw them later on.

Frank: No sir I won’t throw them, tell me the address and I will come before 10 am tomorrow.

Conan, who paid attention to Frank and Luchen’s exchanges, glanced at his eyes and said, “His wife died last week and he will go abroad the day after tomorrow. He has to be a suspected!”

“The suspicion is getting bigger and bigger, just wait for the police investigation.”

“It won’t take long to go abroad the day after tomorrow.” Conan typed on the computer and said, “I found something interesting.”

Frank looked at the screen and found that the screen was the official website of a clinic, but it seemed that nothing was wrong.

“There’s no contact left on this site at all.” Conan pointed at the screen and said, “I checked the official website of other clinics and hospitals in China, I found that there was no telephone or other contact information, but this website did not exist at all.”

“And.” Conan moved the mouse over some introductory text and asked Frank to look at the date. “The latest update was four years ago.”

It was four years ago.

Four years ago, something must have happened, so that Luchen wanted to divorce Katie, and it is very likely that after being rejected by Katie, Luchen directly chose to poison her, and spent four years doing it.

“Tomorrow morning, after we meet up with Luchen, we will go to this clinic and have a look.” Frank and Conan made up their minds.