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M.I.H.G Chapter 6: Things Went Wrong


May 2, the second day of Conan’s arrival, Tuesday.

Frank and Conan got up at 8 am, then got ready, and rode their bicycles to Luchen’s building. They took the elevator up to his floor and knock on the door.

A tall man opened the door and Frank estimated that the man was over 1.83 meters tall.

“Frank?” The man looking at Frank asked.

“Yes, I’m.” Frank extended his hand to the man.

“Hi, Mr. Luchen. I have seen your photos. You are really handsome.”

“Come in.” Luchen listened to Frank’s flattery and didn’t say much, because he had already heard more of this. Although his family was poor, God gave him a very good appearance.

Frank and Conan walked into Luchen’s room. Luchen saw Conan, but he didn’t ask, even if he asked. He estimated that Conan was the younger brother of Frank.

Frank looked around the living room and found that many things had been packed.

“Hey, master, don’t you plan to come back after you go abroad? Why do you look like you’re moving?”

“I am coming back, but not here.” Luchen said to Frank, “I have given this apartment away. When I come back, I will buy a new house.”

Luchen’s tone was relaxed, not at all like the appearance of someone who just lost his wife.

Give it to someone?

Is it for a mistress?

A complete story begins to form in Frank’s mind.

Luchen, who was in a poor family, successfully completed college with the support of Mr. Katie and then married Katie for his gratitude, but this gratitude did not last long. So, Luchen soon found a mistress and wanted a divorce. However, the teacher Katie resolutely disagreed, which eventually led Luchen to use anti-arrhythmia drugs, spent four years poisoning his wife, and after she died, he wants to give the house to his mistress to please her.

Frank and Conan looked at each other and both felt that they were close to the truth.

“My notes are over there.” Luchen pointed to a box and said to Frank. “For so many years, I have not given up throwing it away. You got them easily.”

Frank walked over and opened the box to see inside. There were more than a dozen notebooks in it. He opened a notebook casually, which was full of words.

It seems that Luchen was indeed a good student. Frank’s four-year-old notebook did not even have one-tenth of Luchen’s. To tell the truth, if Luchen’s family had no money, he would have been studying until he graduated from the doctoral degree.

“Right.” Frank asked the Luchen as he picked up the box. “Master, why are you going abroad?”

“I was invited to India to attend a medical seminar!” said quite proudly.

“That’s great!”

“If you study hard in the future, you can have this achievement.” Luchen’s praise was very satisfactory.

Taking the notes, Frank and Conan didn’t have any reason to stay there. Frank picked up the box full of notebooks and went out after thanking Luchen.

In the elevator, Conan looked at Frank and said, “I just had some interesting discoveries in Luchen’s home.”

“What did you find?” asked Frank.

“When you were chatting with Luchen, I looked at every corner of Luchen’s home and found no photo of him and his wife.”

“Is it already packed up?”

“No,” Conan continued. “I found a piece of glass with paper in the trash of the bathroom. I took them.”

Conan said and Took out a finger-sized, paper fragments of the same thing. Frank took over and touched it, found that the touch of this thing and the material of the photograph is the same.

“His wife just died, not only can’t he wait to move but also he immediately broke the photo frame, shredded the photo of his wife, and flushed them into the toilet. What do you think of him as a suspect?” Said Conan.

Frank originally wanted to throw away the box of notes, but after thinking about it, it was a shame to take such a serious note and throw it away. So, they took the notes and took their bikes to the clinic where Luchen was working.

This is a small private clinic called Pfizer Clinic. There was only a small reception room, a few medicine racks, and some beds. If it weren’t for the bustling streets, Frank almost thought that he had entered an illegal clinic.

In such a small clinic, there is very few staff, and there are no patients at all. When Frank went in, only two nurses sat there chatting.

“Are you here to buy medicine or to see a doctor?” A nurse told Frank while chewing gum.

Frank decisively pulled Conan in again. “My brother has a stomachache, we need a doctor to look at him.” Conan listened to Frank’s words and immediately covered his stomach and pretended to be uncomfortable.

“If you want to see a doctor, go to the clinic across the street.” The nurse was afraid that Frank didn’t know the place, so she specifically told Frank about the route. “Turn left and walk 300 meters, you can see, hurry up, don’t delay the child’s illness.”

“Do you have a doctor here?” Frank asked the two nurses. “I’ve heard that Dr. Luchen is a good doctor here.”

“Luchen took time off.” The nurse said, “It is estimated that he will stay a month before he returns.”

In this case, Frank and Conan had no choice. The two could only go home.

In the evening, Officer Lee called and said that the investigation had been completed and that Frank should have a glimpse in the police station.

Frank and Conan rushed to the police station, but they did not expect that, in addition to Lee, there was also the dean of Frank’s department, Master Jiang.

This old man has been working for almost a lifetime at Haiping Medical University. Has a high prestige at school, and Frank has only seen him once.

“This little boy who skipped classes. I say is idle and has nothing to report.” The old man glanced at Frank and expressed great dissatisfaction.

“I am not idle, I have evidence to report the case.” Frank quickly sat down and said his latest investigation.

“Master, bah, President Jiang, you think that Mr. Katie has just died, her husband Luchen goes abroad and gives away the house, if there is no mistress, I would not be surnamed, Frank!”

“Then prepare to lose your name!” Master Jiang almost touched Frank’s face with his Spit. “Listen to the results of police officer Lee’s investigation and then talk. Your kid’s stuff even shocked the university. Nowadays people do not keep morality in their mouths. If Luchen is being investigated by the police, I’ll tell you that even if it’s nothing happened, the whole thing will go wrong. When rumors spread, that’s your sinner!”

“Don’t be so serious.” Frank said with a smile.

“First, let me tell you about the results of the investigation.” Lee sat down and said to Frank. “We have asked their neighbors about the marital status of the husband and wife, and found that they were not good, but also not bad, and there is no home situation of violence happened.”

“And then you said about chronic poisons, which you President Jiang explained to you.”

“Explain, what else do I explain?” Jiang’s spit has touched Frank’s face again.

“Did you ever attend pharmacology class? Does the hospital fail to find out if she ate antiarrhythmic drugs? Do you think the doctors in the hospital are all blind like you?”

“Also, we checked the records and found that Luchen did not buy anti-arrhythmic drugs at all.” Officer Lee on the side ruthlessly planted his knife.