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M.I.H.G Chapter 7: Finding Evidence



“What about the house?” Frank struggled and asked the last question. “Why did Luchen give away the house after his wife died?”

“Do you know who he gave the house to?” Officer Lee asked Frank.

Frank shook his head and said that he didn’t know.

“The house, when Katie and Luchen got married. Katie’s family bought the house and gave it for their son-in-law and his wife. After Katie’s death, Luchen found that he had no relationship with Katie’s family in the future, so he was too embarrassed to continue to occupy the house. Returned the house to Katie’s mother.”

The police officer Lee did not speak, and the next elder man Mr. Jiang had already taken the lead and pointed his finger at Frank to explain.

Frank’s suspicions against Luchen were all overturned. Now, apart from the coincidence of four years ago and the strange performance of Luchen when Frank and Conan went to his home this morning, Frank no longer have any evidence to stand for.

Frank and Conan, who were in a depressed mood, returned home. Although they were not unwilling, they couldn’t help it. The police had already made it clear and they could not do more than they did.

Frank, who came home, fell asleep directly, but there were all kinds of demons dancing in his head, which made him unable to sleep at all.

On May 3, Wednesday, the third day of Conan’s arrival.

Frank didn’t sleep well at night, so he didn’t get up very early the next morning until he felt that someone was shaking him.

Frank blinked and found that Conan was standing by the bed and looking at him, looked him with a haggard face, like a night without sleep.

“I can confirm that the murderer is Luchen.” Conan said. “The modus operandi, the motive for committing the crime, the murder weapon, I have them all.”

“Can you convince the police?” Frank immediately woke up and looked at Conan

“Yes.” Conan nodded. “But we still need to find a key piece of evidence. Now take me to examine Katie’s body immediately.”

“Good.” Frank nodded, then did not even wash his face, immediately called Marry and asked her to wait for him in the corpse room and open the door for him.

Then Frank took Conan, and the two almost flew to the mortuary. At this time, Marry was standing at the door waiting for them.

“What’s happened? I heard the people in the university said that you suddenly went crazy and suspected that Luchen was deliberately murdering Katie.”

“He killed her.” Frank had no time to say more but urged Marry to open the door.

After Marry opened the door of the mortuary with the key, Frank and Conan immediately entered.

“Wait a minute, why is there a kid here?” Marry saw Conan slid into the room and immediately shouted, “Frank, you’re crazy, bring children to this place!”

But, at this time, Frank and Conan rushed into the room and found the heart of Katie teacher.

Frank took the heart of the teacher to Conan, who held it in his hand and began to look for something serious.

At this time, Marry also rushed in. “Frank you are going to die.” Marry pointed to Frank, came to Conan and shouted. “Brother, this little kid is going out with me. He shouldn’t be in this place.”

However, Conan was seriously observing the heart of Katie was soaked in Formalin and ignored Marry.

Marry was in a hurry. She was stretching out her hand to Conan. At that moment, Conan suddenly shouted, “Found it!”

Found it? Frank rushed, Conan pointed to a position in the heart, “Frank, look here.”

Frank looked carefully and found that there was a hole not much bigger than the toothpick mouth.

Confirmed that Katie was indeed killed!

Frank and Conan looked at each other and then Frank handed the heart directly to Marry.

Marry also saw the hole and asked in an uncertain way, “Not just a hole, what’s wrong?”

“Teacher Katie died of a heart attack, and it is absolutely impossible to have a hole in her heart.”

“Frank, Luchen seems to be flying abroad today, we must stop him before he leaves the country.” Said Conan.

After Frank heard Conan’s words, he said directly to Marry, “Marry, you are going to the police now, and Conan and I are going to intercept Luchen.”

“What should I report to the police? What Conan?!?!” Marry’s face is still muddled, and nothing was clear, but by this time Frank and Conan have run out of the experimental building.

Frank ran while calling Luchen.

“Hello, Mr. Luchen, this is Frank. I found some thousands yuan in cash in your notes yesterday. It adds up to 5,000 yuan.”

“Cash? I have never placed those things in my notebook.” Luchen said in a doubtful voice.

“It may be the private money that Mrs. Katie put in during her lifetime. Where are you now, Mr. Luchen? I’ll come to you right away and give you the money.”

“No, I will board the plane after an hour and a half. If you really have the money, you should be happy with the scholarship that the gods gave you.”

Luchen said and hung up the phone. It seemed that he did not believe that Frank had found 5,000 Yuan in his notebook.

But, this was enough. There was only one airport in Haiping. Luchen has to leave by plane. Generally, he will enter the waiting hall half an hour in advance. Frank only needs to arrive at the airport within an hour!

Frank took Conan to the side of the road, stopped a taxi, then gave the driver five hundred yuan cash, made the driver ignore the red lights, and choose the nearest route, all the way straight to the airport.

Fortunately, the XS area where the airport is located was next to the XW area where Frank was located. After the driver has collected so much money, he immediately drove his cab all the way and rushed them to the airport.

At the airport, Frank called Luchen again. “Master, I happen to have something to do at the airport. You haven’t boarded yet. Tell me where you are. I’ll come and give you back the five thousand yuan immediately.”

Luchen said that he would close up the phone. doesn’t seem to believe that Frank has found 5,000 yuan in his notebook.

“Really, use it, just take it for yourself.”

“The money may be that Katie teacher secretly saved to buy you a gift. I am really embarrassed to take it. Sir, tell me your position, and I will come over immediately.”

“Okay.” Luchen found at Frank was so pestering, so he said, “I’m eating in the Langao Beef Noodle Shop next to the airport. Come and find me.”

Luchen was rich enough to eat in a restaurant in the airport.

Frank opened the data network of the mobile phone, while taking to Luchen and found the Langao Beef Noodle Shop.

This noodle restaurant is so easy to find, you can see his huge signboard, a beef noodle package for eighty-eight Yuan, a bowl of beef noodles, two small dishes, one egg, one cup of soybean milk, the price is so inflated and there is no conscience.