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M.I.H.G Chapter 8: Interception!


Frank and Conan entered the beef noodle shop, but they did not find Luchen’s trace. The restaurant at the airport was not that big, there were only a few people. It was reasonable to find someone, but they didn’t find him.

Frank had no choice but to continue making phone calls, but he found that his phone was in the middle of the conversation.

Where is the call going? It’s obvious that Luchen blocked his number.

Fortunately, Frank’s mobile phone was dual-card and double-waiting, so Frank still has a card, and he used that card to continue calling Luchen. This time connected.

“Who is it?” Luchen’s voice came from the other side.

“Mr. Luchen, it’s me, Frank. I didn’t find you at the beef noodle shop. Where are you?”

“Well, you are really coming. I am already in the waiting room. I am sorry. Money or something else. You will have to wait for me until I come back from abroad.”

After Luchen finished, he directly hanged the phone. Frank called again. It turned out that he was in the middle of the conversation. It seemed that even this number was blocked by Luchen.

“We scared the snake.” Conan looked at Frank and said, “Inexplicably we borrowed the review materials, and then the police went to his door to investigate, he obviously thought that it’s all connected.”

“What I am afraid of now is that Lu Chen will not come back after going abroad this time.” Frank glanced at Conan and then opened the ticket purchase software on his mobile phone to see if he could buy a ticket and get into the waiting hall. Unfortunately, the price of the temporary ticket was so high that Frank could not afford it.

Conan looked at his watch at this time and then said to Frank, “The plane took off in 20 minutes. The police, because of the last incident, fear that they will not believe us anymore. If we wait until we have explained the cause and effect of the incident to the police, it will be too late. It is impossible for an ordinary criminal case to stop an international flight and fly back.”

“Shit!” Frank glanced at the strict ticket gate and spewed out this word.

After Frank finished, he and Conan discussed the countermeasures, and then the two men fiercely walked towards the ticket gate.

Frank followed Conan, and the two came to the place where the tickets were checked. The ticket inspector saw this young student and a seven-year-old child, and without vigilance. He signaled Frank to take the ticket.

Frank cleverly took out his wallet from his pocket, and then reached out to get the ticket. Suddenly, his head turned askew and the whole person fainted!

When the ticket inspector saw it, he immediately called some of the staff around him to see what has happened. In a moment, the empty space in front of the small ticket gate was crowded with people.

A staff member pinched the pulse of the lower part of the hand and found that it was very weak, but for a moment, he did not know what the situation was. He could only wait until the doctor came to see him and did not dare to move.

At this time, the staff at the ticket gate remembered that there was a child next to the young student. The child should know what caused his illness, but as soon as the staff looked up, they found that the child had just disappeared!

Where did Conan go? Of course, it was impossible for Conan to slip in and make a forceful break. Nor did he look at the number of armed guards in front of the airport ticket gate. A bad, slapping shot was used to escort the crematorium. So Frank could only let Conan slip in and stop Luchen who was about to flee by plane.

The seven-year-old Conan stood up just past the adult’s knees and couldn’t stand out at all. He slipped into the waiting hall with ease. At this time, Luchen was lined up with luggage in the boarding team who was the outermost boarding gate. Conan saw him at first sight and immediately ran over.

Luchen turned his head and glanced at him. Conan, who ran over, recognized that this was the little boy who came to his house with Frank, he apparently did not know that he was Conan. He squeezed the luggage in his hand and prepared to board.

Conan went straight to Luchen.

When he walked to a distance of 100 feet from Luchen, he stopped because, at this time, the distance between Conan and Frank was almost 300 feet away. If he got a bit further, both of them will explode. Before, both of them had no feeling about the distance. Now, when the distance was approaching the limit, a feeling naturally appeared in their hearts, indicating the extreme distance between the two. Then the question came. Conan and Frank. In the case of Conan and Luchen 100 feet apart, how to stop Luchen from getting on the plane?

At this time, behind Conan came a girl about fifteen or sixteen years old with a bottle of water in her hand. Conan reached out and patted the girl on the back.

The girl turned her head in surprise. ‘What a lovely little prince.’ The girl’s eyes lit up after seeing Conan. “Little boy, do you need something?”

“Sister, can you give me this bottle of water?” Conan pointed to the water bottle in the girl’s hand.

“This is what my sister has already drunk. Little brother you want to drink, my sister will buy for you another bottle.”

“No, I want the bottle that my sister drank.” Conan looked at Luchen, who was about to board the plane, and reached out to the girl.

“Okay.” The girl handed the water bottle to Conan and said to him, “Where is your family, little boy? Where are they?”

“He is lying outside.” Conan said something that the girl didn’t understand, then took the bottle of water of the girl’s hand and looked at Luchen, who was about 100 feet away, and was about to board the plane. The water bottle was thrown up, and then the inside of the sole of the seemingly ordinary shoes on his feet, there was a flash of light. Conan with his electric shoes kicked the water bottle.

Suddenly, an ordinary bottle of water, like a shell, rushed towards Luchen at a high speed.

Luchen looked at the water bottle flying in the distance and waved his hand in time to stop it. The whole person was hit by the mineral water bottle and flew out. Looking at that, it seemed as if he had been shot by a shell.

The girl who saw all of this was amazed and the sudden situation here was discovered by the airport staff and they came over.

Conan chose to smash Luchen with a water bottle. After all, he takes advantage of a seven-year-old child’s body and suffers losses from a child’s body. Even if he exposes Luchen’s story in public, who will believe that a child has done this, and the plane was about to take off, it couldn’t be because of an unfounded murder. Not to mention that he was so far away from Luchen.

Therefore, simply drop a bottle of water and then slowly think of a solution.

At this time, outside the airport waiting room, Frank also suddenly stood up, because at this time the airport doctor has arrived, if he won’t stand up, the medical team will take him away.