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M.I.H.G Chapter 9: Provide the Murder Weapon


Frank opened his eyes and looked at the circle of people around him. He finally said with great courage, “In fact, I am a policeman.”

“So, you appear to be a healthy person?” A civil aviation policeman who was standing next to Frank said, “Sir, please take your ticket and show it to us now.”

“I don’t have a ticket. I came over to catch the suspect. Now let me enter the waiting hall and stop the suspect.”

At this moment, the ticket inspector stood up on the side of the table. “Is there a civilian with the children? What about the other child?”

On one hand, several civil aviation officers held Frank on the ground, prevented him from getting up. Then they began to search for any explosive devices. On the other hand, the civil aviation officer sent someone to the waiting hall to see if the other child was involved with Frank or not, but they didn’t wait a lot. In the waiting hall, they have already caught a child and bringing him over.

Frank looked up and saw that Conan was taken back, and in Conan’s side, a fifteen-year-old girl pursue him.

Did the interception fail?

Frank has been searched by the civil aviation police for a while, he was stunned. “Give me your ID.”

“Forgot it.” Frank’s words had just been exported, and it was seen that several civil aviation police officers who had been on the opposite side had already planned to take him under control as a suspect, so he immediately opened his mouth and said, “I can tell you the telephone of my leadership, you can call him to confirm.”

Frank was trying to get along with the airport’s civil aviation police as much as possible. Conan was also surrounded like Frank. “This is your brother.” A civil aviation policeman asked Conan, who quickly nodded.

“What happened inside?”

“The child knocked out a passenger with a water bottle and is now in first aid.”

Several civil aviation policemen looked at Conan, who was seven years old, and they could not imagine how such a small child could knock an adult unconscious with a water bottle.

Frank hurried over and said, “My brother studied in Hawaii, he has learned martial arts at Shaolin Temple. We really came over to arrest the suspect.”

“Be honest.” There was a civil aviation police officer dragging Frank from behind, and then another one made a call in accordance with Frank’s information. After communicating for a while, his face became a bit strange.

Hanging up the phone, the policeman who made the call said to the others, “This kid is really a policeman, not an intruder.”

“Can it be a fake call?”

“No, the caller is the captain of the crime team. I have heard this person. He said that he will bring someone to the scene immediately.”

With a captain of the serious case team as a guarantee, the airport’s civil aviation police had a little good look at each other for the time being, but the specific things were to wait until the police came.

At this time, these policemen were going to take Frank and Conan to go to the civil aviation police station to say that the temporary office is also available next to the airport, but at that time, the household registration police, regardless of criminal matters.

However, Frank’s main concern is what kind of injury Luchen was in. After all, if he gets on the plane, everything will be in vain.

Just when Frank and Conan, and the 15-year-old girl was taken by the civil aviation police to the civil aviation police room, a doctor at the airport suddenly came over and said to the crowd. “The man who was just knocked out has woken up now, he is angry and he’s about to board the plane now.”

“You must not let him go.” Frank shouted. “That man may have killed someone. He must not be allowed to go abroad.”

The captain of the Civil Aviation Police Team looked at Frank, who was obviously unreliable and looked at Conan, who looked like a child, which made the task difficult.

If the passenger forcibly stays, then it is confirmed that the two men are only neurotic, deliberately disturbing the order of the airport. If the passenger does not get on the plane, he will have problems, it’s not easy to manage, but if he is really a suspect.

The civil aviation police captain thought for a moment, commanded, “Go tell to the passenger that he is in a bad physical condition, we can not permit him to aboard the plane and stop him.”

When the captain of the civil aviation police said that, Frank was relieved. At least Luchen could not run away.

At this time, Frank also noticed the girl who was brought along with Conan. When he wanted to ask Conan who is she, he heard a civil aviation policeman asked another policeman who came with Conan and the girl. “This little girl committed what?”

“She provided the murder weapon.” The policeman buried his hand in a Ziploc bag and quickly pulled it out with a cracked nutrient bottle.

“I thought he wanted to drink.” The little girl was very wrong, she almost cried. “What is this, kindly giving someone a bottle of water, but I was treated as a criminal suspect.”

Frank looked at the bottle, which burst because of the strong kick, and there was water in the bottle. He knew how Conan stopped Luchen. Fortunately, Conan did not take the football out of his belt. It was estimated that the airport’s Civil Aviation Police should treat them as terrorists once they got down.

The three just went to the guardroom for a while, and wait until the police of the Haiping City Public Security System came over. Luchen, who had a bruised nose and a swollen face, walked in with the leadership of several civil aviation police.

“He wants to see who said he is a killer.” The civil aviation police passed the explanation.

When Luchen saw Frank and Conan, his nose almost crooked by angry. When the police first came to investigate, he felt that something was wrong. Why did they come to him somehow?

Luchen pointed to Frank and said, “You told me that he was a policeman? This person is a student at Haiping Medical University, my wife taught him for a while before she died, and he estimates that I have hatred on my wife, but my wife’s had an infarction. He is a maniac. I am not a murderer.”

“That’s it.” Several aviation officers looked at each other and basically believed what Luchen had said.

After all, Luchen’s speech status was very good at first glance, and all the actions before Frank, including fainting at the ticket gate, saying that he was a policeman, is not reasonable, and there are no police officers acting alone.

“Report your ID number.” Civil aviation police opened the computer and asked Frank. It was for the endorsement of the team leader of the squad, so the civil aviation police did not check him. Now it seems that the problem is very big.

Luchen said on the side, “You have to find out quickly that the plane has not yet taken off. If you check it out, I have to get on the plane quickly.”

The boarding time is clearly over, why the plane has not taken off yet, and Frank was disturbed.

What Frank didn’t know is that according to the regulations, when an accident occurs, the aircraft will generally delay the takeoff for a period of time, so until now, the flight of Luchen still has not taken off!