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M.I.H.G Chapter 10: The Decryption Time Comes


After listening to Luchen’s words, Conan turned his head and looked at Frank, indicated with his eyes whether he was going to use his kick again.

Frank quickly shook his head. This is not the world where Conan’s black technology flying all over the sky. The building was under control. After Conan’s foot was down, it’s estimated that the shoes that can enhance the strength of the foot will be taken away by the state research, then making him explain how it works.

However, when the civil aviation police forced Frank’s identity card number, several criminal police officers walked in with the leadership of civil aviation police.

At the forefront of these criminal police officers was a man with a lean body and a national character face, about 30 years old.

“This is the leader of the Crime Bureau.” The leading civil aviation police and other civil aviation police introduced.

Frank looked at this person and almost jumped happily, “Captain.”

The department team saw Frank, stared at him fiercely, and then slowly said, “The people in my team have caused you trouble.”

“No trouble, no trouble.”

The captain of the civil aviation police stood up and said to the department team, “So it looks like this passenger is really a murder suspect?”

“I am not.” Luchen shouted in a loud voice. “Do you want to get the evidence out? If you don’t have one, I will not bother to follow you. Let me leave!”

“You need a proof, right?” Frank said to Luchen, “That we give you evidence, from killing motives, killing techniques, and killing weapons to you.”

“Then speak up.” Luchen looked at Frank.

Of course, he couldn’t say it, Conan has explained it to him before, but he didn’t remember it clearly. But it doesn’t matter, Conan remembers it.

Therefore, the actor Frank went on again, covered his forehead and said. “I have hypoglycemia and heart disease. I just had a stimulus. Now my brain is a bit confused, but I told my brother everything before, and he can tell you.”

Frank pushed Conan out. Only in this way can Conan open his mouth. Otherwise, not like the Anime, Conan anesthetizes those present and talks with a bow. Others were not fools. They could tell the difference between fainting and closing their eyes.

However, Frank’s words caused suspicion to the others present. Hypoglycemia, heart disease, and he could enter the serious case team?

Everyone was looking at Conan, a seven-year-old child. It’s estimated that the primary school Chinese texts should not be recited. Then how to explain a murder case clearly?

To tell the truth, the squad team was quite famous, many people here know it. It was estimated that the people who come from the squad suspected that Frank’s fake police pretenses.

“First of all, let me briefly introduce the suspect and his story.” Conan looked at Luchen and made Luchen’s identity clear, his relationship with his dead wife, and the black blood found by Frank in Katie’s pericardium.

This little child was good. Everyone listened to Conan’s remarks and began to admire the seventh-year-old child. After all, other kids at this age were only known for playing with their bears all day long.

While sitting behind, the girl who was inexplicably involved, looking at Conan’s eyes were getting brighter and brighter. She couldn’t help but take out her mobile phone and then looked at its case. On the cell phone shell, there was Conan avatar on it.

“There is black blood in the pericardial cavity, it’s too much to say that I killed her!” Luchen was not convinced.

“Don’t worry.” Conan subconsciously went to support his black-rimmed glasses, but he helped out because Conan’s iconic black-rimmed glasses were forcibly removed when Frank went out. By this time, the girl had also turned out Conan’s body from her mobile phone, a picture of Kudo Shinichi, and began to make a detailed comparison with Conan.

“Next, I’m going to show the most critical evidence.”

Conan said to Frank, “Brother Frank, bring me your mobile phone.”

“Okay.” and handed the phone to Conan.

Conan revealed his own truth, making the surrounding circle of people look confused, no one knew what Conan was doing, but after a few second, Conan took over the phone and pulled out a photo.

This was a picture of Katie’s heart.

Conan said to Luchen with his mobile phone. “If the black blood in the pericardial cavity can’t explain the problem, then this picture of Katie’s heart can explain everything.”

“Isn’t that a normal heart?” Luchen laughed.

“No, it can only be said that this is a heart that is 99% identical to a normal heart, and that one percent difference is that there is a pinhole-sized hole in the heart.”

Conan handed the phone to the police to check it. Luchen was a bit flustered at this time, but he still managed to calm down and said. “What can a hole say? It may have happened carelessly after taking out the heart.”

“A hole already shows that you are the murderer.” Conan asked Luchen to said, “When Katie died, where were you?”

“I was in my college roommate’s birthday. We had a party at KTV. When I got home, I found out that my wife had a heart attack and I quickly rushed with her to the hospital, but it was already late.” Luchen answered skillfully as if he had rehearsed.

“Yes, you did go to the birthday of your roommate that day, but you must have returned home halfway.” Conan did not give Luchen a chance to protest, continued, “I asked the security of your building, he said that the surveillance video of your building is cleaned up once every ten days, so the video of you returning back to the apartment on that day must be there.”

Sure enough, Luchen heard Conan say this, but he did not dare to refute it. Instead, he explained, “That was because, at the beginning of the party, I found that I forgot to take the gift of my roommate, so I went back to pick it up.”

“No, you were not going back to get a gift, you were going to kill your wife.” Conan pointed to Luchen and said, “The pinhole is what you left after killing her!”

“Bullshit! There is no killing weapon in the world that can only leave a pinhole.” Luchen’s voice was eight degrees higher and he shouted.

“Of course, there is!” Conan said. “There are needles can leave pinholes!”

“A Long needle can be inserted into the heart.”

“Ordinary needles are certainly not acceptable, but I have checked your data and found that you have been trained in Chinese medicine acupuncture when you were in college, and some of the silver needles in Chinese medicine acupuncture can be inserted into the heart.”

“If I killed her with a silver needle of acupuncture, how can the hospital make a judgment of the death was a heart attack?” Luchen growled and argued.

In the face of increasingly angry Luchen, Conan calmed him, slowly opening his mouth, as if the judge was giving a final verdict to a criminal.


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