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M.I.H.G Chapter 11: Decryption in Progress!

“I’ll tell you how you killed Katie,” Conan said to Luchen. “According to the available evidence, it is possible to infer such a process. Last Monday, on the morning of Katie’s death, you got up early, and probably put a small number of sleeping pills into her water, causing her to sleep. And later on, you went to your roommate’s birthday party, and when you found that no one was paying attention to you, at noon, you returned home, and Katie hasn’t woken up yet.” 

“You took a silver needle and shove it into Katie’s chest. When you estimated that she will be helpless, you pull out the silver needle. After that, you made sure that there is no trace on her body surface, so you returned again to the party, and you throw the needle away when you left. Waited until the evening, and then you went home.”

Conan said and pointed his finger to Luchen, “When you get off work, Katie wasn’t even dead, so you went with her to the hospital for rescue, because Katie has always had a sick heart, and the pinhole of a silver needle was covered. A silver needle pin can not be seen by the naked eye, so Katie was naturally diagnosed as a heart attack. It is reasonable to say that your plan should be perfect, but you thought that no one could solve this, so you dared to agree with Katie’s last wish and hand her corpse to the university to make specimens of her body, but you never thought that Frank would saw the black blood in Katie’s pericardium. Then, a small pinhole was soaked in formalin. After being enlarged that made us get the most critical evidence.”

“It’s really easy for a child to make a story .” Luchen listened to Conan’s words, he remained as calm as he used to practice killing mice in the laboratory.

“As you said, is Katie’s heart attack also caused by me?”

“Yes!” Frank interjected at this time. “Since four years ago, you have been mixing anti-heart rhythm medicine into the water and the food that teacher Katie usually eats. This has caused her heart to suddenly become a disorder. Then, at the university, you spread a rumor that the teacher Katie have a sick heart, making everyone have a bad impression about her heart and preparing for your murder in four years.”

“Yes.” Conan went on to say, “As a medical student who studies hard during college, your dosage is absolutely accurate. The antiarrhythmic medicine you give to Katie, only made her heart unwell, but that won’t lead to her death, so after four years of paving the way, your murder will not arouse suspicion.”

“This is ridiculous.” Luchen said, “I bought four years of anti-cardiac drugs, but also included the previous sleeping pills. These drugs are prescription drugs. The purchases will be recorded. Did the police not check my purchase records before? I did not buy these medicine.” 

“No, you bought them.” Conan continued. “There are antiarrhythmic medicines and sleeping pills on the rack of the Pfizer Clinic where you work. As the only doctor in the clinic, it’s so easy to take some medicine without leaving any records. but in fact, there is no need to check the records four years ago. We only need to check the last time Katie went to the hospital because of her discomfort heart. According to the time to check the clinic accounts, you can find that there are some antiarrhythmic drugs without a buyer, because their buyer is you!”

Luchen’s calm face began to panic. Indeed, the surveillance video of the building, the pinhole on the heart of Katie and the unfound buyer of the drug from Pfizer clinic, these three kinds of evidence were taken out separately. It is not certain that he is the murderer, but the problem now is that these three pieces of evidence appear at the same time, he has no chance to turn over!

Screwed up!

Luchen originally thought that what he did was seamless, and he dared to boldly hand over the body of Katie to the university to make a general specimen, what did he think?

Just because of a simple heart and blood, causing Frank’s attention.

And if Conan does not come, Frank alone could not think of all that and found the murderer, because he does not encounter death around him every day, not like Conan, who solves cases all the time.

Luchen sat on the ground and raised his hands, said to the policemen present. “I confess that I was guilty of killing Katie. I surrender by myself to use leniency in meting out my punishment.”

Several officers around saw Luchen like this, immediately took the handcuffs, and picked him up.

“Use leniency in meting out punishment, it depends on the court, not on us.” The team looked at this medical university student, turned around and looked at Conan with interest.

“Kid, can you talk us about this guy’s motives for committing crimes? If he has a bad relationship with his wife and wanted to divorce, why did he spend four years designing for a murder case? After all, it’s not the same now. Divorce is a normal thing, and both of them are still young.”

The voice of a serious case team came out, and all the others in the guardroom also looked at Conan, trying to hear how this magical kid explained this matter.

Luchen looked up and hoped that Conan would not continue to say it. “I beg you not to mention it. Give me something I can confess. I still want to be taken lightly.”

Conan ignored him but continued. “Before I and Frank thought that Luchen had an affair. A man who would tear off his marriage photos immediately after his wife died. Give away, we also used this as important evidence when we first reported the case.”

He paused for a moment, everyone was fascinated and wanted to let him continue, but Conan suddenly said, “I’m a little thirsty, Do uncles have water?”

“Yes, there is.” Civil aviation police quickly came over to give Conan a bottle of mineral water, and intimately unscrewed the bottle before handing it to Conan.

Conan took a few mouthfuls of water and continued, “But we soon found out that this theory was untenable, because if they are an affair, then why did the couple not make any more contradictions in four years? Moreover, Katie’s marriage crisis with Luchen four years ago was based on her mother’s conversation, she only mentioned that Luchen wanted to divorce, but did not mention that Katie wants to. So, There is no mistress.”

Conan looked at Luchen, who had been handcuffed, and continued, “Besides, if Luchen really had a love for someone, then when he goes abroad today. He will definitely bring his love with him, not going by himself.”

“So why on earth did he kill Katie?” A civil aviation policeman could not wait to ask.

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