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M.I.H.G Chapter 12: Abnormal Self-esteem!


“Because Luchen has no money,” said Conan. “The last time I went to his house with Frank, during the dialogue, he said that he is going to give away the house and he will buy a new one, no matter who he gave it to. And by virtue of his money to buy a new house alone, we can guess the price of Haiping’s current house, Luchen’s have at least 500,000 deposits and monthly income of more than 8,000 yuan. The burden of a house in Haiping is very high, and Luchen’s family are very poor, so it is impossible for relatives to give him financial help.”

“What is the relationship between money and the murder of a woman?” A civil aviation policeman felt confused.

“Getting a promotion, been rich and an extremely gorgeous wife.” Another civil aviation policeman pulled him. “You don’t understand this. There are the three great pleasures in life.”

“I don’t think Katie was not beautiful enough.” Luchen, who sat on the chair, said, “I just want to divorce her and return the help of her family that they gave me before. So that I will not owe them anything, but she just didn’t want to.”

“That was four years ago, you started to have money and felt that your wife is not worthy of you?” Civil aviation police kicked Luchen.

“It’s not that she not worth him.” Conan continued. “I guess it is just Luchen’s self-esteem that made him do this.”

“Self-esteem?” No one understood what it meant.

“Luchen came from a poor family. After he graduated, he did not find a good job. Therefore, in order to live a good life, he married Katie. And as his monthly income continues to increase, he thought he has the ability to live alone, so he intends to divorce Katie.”

“Yes!” Luchen said with awkwardness, “If I don’t divorce Katie, no matter what achievements I will make in the future, people will say that this person graduated by his wife’s money, bought a house by his wife’s money and succeeded by the help of his wife. But I know that I have worked so hard, and everything is achieved by my own efforts. Why do they say so?”

“If it weren’t for the teacher Katie, you wouldn’t have finished college!” Frank shouted to him.

“I didn’t just want to pay her back!” Luchen said to Frank, “I have told her that all the money that her family helped me with, I will double the amount to her, but she didn’t want to divorce.”

“So you choose to kill Katie before going abroad. In this way, if you have achieved something internationally, no one will ever mention Katie and her help to you, they will just say that it is all done by your own efforts.”

“Yes.” Luchen looked down and said. “If she divorced me, everything would have gone normally.”

“Then why did you just mention it to her only four years ago and have never said it before?”

“I thought about it later, even if I was divorced from Katie when someone mentioned it, they would say that I was ungrateful, so I decided that killing her was better.”

Things had finally come to the fore, but no one in the room was in a good mood. After all, this Luchen was just too ridiculous because of such a reason.

“The suspect will be taken away first.” The team spoke to the civil aviation police while making Luchen wear a black hood and began to take him out. Frank and Conan naturally had to keep up with them and make a record. 

Frank went to the side of the captain in two steps and softly said, “Brother!” The captain looked at Frank, and then Frank went on to say, “This kid is my friend’s brother. His identity is little awkward and he can’t be exposed to the media”

“I see.” The captain listened to Frank’s words, turned around and said something to the civil aviation police, and then returned.

Just as everyone walked outside the airport hall, Lee the police officer, whom Frank had seen before, came with a few police officers, Marry, and Dean Jiang.

“You, kid!” the gray-haired President Jiang called Frank, who was out of breath.

“Are you graduating soon?! The police said that there is no suspicion, but you are chasing the murderer at the airport!”

“President Jiang, I.” Frank rebutted the words and said nothing. Jiang continued to talk, “I told you, if anything happens to Luchen, you are responsible.”

Lee the police officer also came over to see the team at this time, but he saw Luchen wearing a black hood before seeing the team. Although he did not recognize Luchen, so he asked, “Captain Xin, Who is this?”

“This is Luchen, who is suspected for killing Katie.”

“Luchen?” Jiang’s dean, who was talking about Frank’s preaching, saw the police had already caught Luchen and quickly said, “Police comrades, there is a misunderstanding, this student is maybe mentally stressed recently. He is a good boy, so if he says something, do not believe it. How can Luchen kill Katie, his wife?”

“Frank.” Jiang the Dean quickly turned his head and looked at Frank. “Explain to me what is going on, don’t let the police arrest Luchen, or you will be responsible for it.”

“Hey, Master.” A police officer of the serious case group said to President Jiang helplessly, “This Luchen is really the killer of Katie. You should make it clear to your president, young man.”

When the police interrupted this, Frank had the opportunity to tell the president clearly about the matter. After listening to the incident, President Jiang said to Luchen, “YOU! How dare you!” shouted President Jiang as he was rushing towards Luchen to kick him.

“President, calm down, calm down.” Marry quickly hugged Jiang the Dean from behind.

“How do you want me to calm down?” Jiang’s long eyebrows were crooked. “Luchen, you two disciples I taught you personally, she was so kind to you, you, you killed her…!”

“President!” Marry made a scream because he was in a direct coma.

Well, it happened that the man brought by Officer Lee rushed to the hospital room of the airport with the old president behind his back. If anything happened to the respected old president, then Lee’s officer would be unhappy, so he kept waking the old dean.

Frank and Conan returned to the police station with the squad, and made a transcript, and then Frank originally wanted to leave, but he was stopped by the captain.

“Wait a minute, I invite you to eat hot pot tonight, and we’ll have a good chatter.”

“Oh, good.” Frank agreed. After all, it is a pleasant thing to improve the food, no matter with whom he eats.

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