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M.I.H.G Chapter 13: Captain Xin!

The Captain of Serious Case Unit of Haiping Public Security, was Xin, the other son of Frank’s father, the two brothers were in front of the door, so Frank and his brother have a very good relationship. When they were children, Xin and Frank used to steal chickens, dogs, and others, they do everything together.

A long time ago, Xin joined the police academy. Because of his excellent grades and his family background was also good. Therefore, after he graduated, he entered the police station and became a front-line criminal policeman. He worked hard for several years and made several small contributions. In addition, he was promoted to the second line. Plus just right when the last chief retired, Xin was pushed to the position of head of the serious cases group at the age of twenty-eight.

Frank had waited until Xin got off work, and everyone went to the hot pot restaurant across the street to eat a hot pot.

Conan was eating a hot pot for the first time in China. His face was red and steaming, but he still keeps saying it’s delicious.

Xin said. “What is the name of this child? He’s very clever. He’s going to be one of the outstanding talents.”

“His mane is Kelan, the younger brother of my friend, I’ll take care of him for a few days.” Frank originally wanted to say Conan, but when he thought it would be inappropriate to say his real name directly, he stiffly called Conan ‘Kelan’, and Canon just thought that Frank was just an accent problem, did not care, but concentrated on eating hot pot.

“Frank, brother, I want to talk with you about something.” Xin said.

“What’s the matter? What kind of courtesy is there between our brothers? Talk directly,” directly Frank said that he poured a glass of fruit beer, and Xin stopped the cup.

As for fruit beer, because Frank has not yet reached the point of alcohol allergies, but the amount of alcohol was very small, as long as he drinks a sip of wine, his face will become like the monkey buttocks. The half a bottle beer was basically getting him drunk.

When Frank was a child, once he went back from a family gathering. Frank went out to play and came back. When he was thirsty, he saw a glass bottle with a drink similar to Sprite. He didn’t know what was going on. He dried it up and ended up laying down in a second. So, they pulled him to the hospital to wash his stomach, since then, Frank was pulled away from the wine.

“Well. This time your actions can be regarded as brave deeds. Get a certificate after work, there’s nothing wrong with getting a bonus. But, brother, I want to ask you something.”

“Say it.”

“That’s right, Didn’t you say at the airport that you were a member of the serious case team before? So, I think it’s just to make a fake play and give you a pseudonym of the serious case team, and then say everything about you. And then say that all you did was under my command, from the time when you found black blood in your pericardium to the time when you went to the airport hall to catch Luchen. In fact, we have been communicating, I directed you to do it.”

“I understand.” Frank sipped a piece of spicy beef and stuffed it into his mouth. “There is no problem at all. Brother, when you’re done, just give me a draft. When you make a note tomorrow, I will follow your manuscript.”

“Cheers.” Xin and Frank have touched each other cups. “Not that, brother, I don’t want you to make a show, but you pushed me to this position. It’s really pushing me too fast. I haven’t got enough qualifications to hold down the next group, so I wronged you.” 

“You don’t have to say that I understand.” Frank said happily while holding the beef. “I am not the kind of person who is in the limelight. You can rest assured. I will talk back to Marry and President Jiang and let them stop talking nonsense.”

“Get it right? Come on, take another one.” Xin had another cup with Frank.

The dialogue between Frank and Xin was heard by Conan, but Conan kept silent and kept eating his own hot pot.

After more than an hour, the three men finally finished eating the hot pot. Xin suggested driving Frank back, but Frank refused, he wanted to take a walk in the lovely night outside, he just went out for a walk, digested and digested

Xin has a wife, naturally, there is no way to accompany Frank for a walk. If he doesn’t go back early, he will have to wash all the clothes as a punishment.

Before leaving, Xin pulled Frank’s hand, and Frank had not responded yet. A pile of things was stuffed into Frank’s pocket.

“Your sister-in-law is in strict control, and my brother doesn’t have much pocket money. I will support you so much. I’ll pay you the bonus back of this case, and my brother, I will give you something to fight for.”

Frank knew that Xin had given him money, and he did not care much, revealing a look he knew, and then led Conan to leave.

China’s law and order do not need to worry about what will happen when walking the night, so Frank and Conan were quite bold.

“Frank.” Conan walked along and asked suddenly. “Did you promise to give all the credit of this case to your brother for money?” 

“You said the money.” Frank took out the money that Xin gave him from his pocket and counted it, a total of five hundred. “For four years in college, my brother may have given me five or six thousand yuan, my sister-in-law is strict, so he can only give me only when he has extra money.”

“So it’s for gratitude?” Conan asked.

“That’s right.” Frank faintly answered. Say thank you, in fact, according to the feelings of the two brothers, it is normal for Frank to do this. After all, he can pretend to be qualified in the future may encounter, but his brother this time is a difficult period. 

Besides, if it is truly announced to the public, various journalists come after it. Although Conan’s appearance has changed by Frank’s superb makeup technology, he will still be recognized once he is exposed.

Low profile.

Frank returned to his home with Conan. Both of them were very sleepy and soon fell asleep.

On Thursday, May 4, the fourth day of the arrival of Conan.

In fact, on the fourth day, Frank was still somewhat worried. Although the teacher’s death could not be counted on the appearance of the God of Death ‘Conan’, this murder had already happened before he came, but it was still a murder case. Frank was a bit worried about what would happen in the remaining two days.

But fortunately, Frank’s worry was superfluous. He went to the police station to make a transcript at noon. The whole process was, of course, completed according to the template given to Frank by Xin. The police who made the record also obviously knew about it, so they went through all the procedures as if they were acting.

Later, he took a hot pot with Conan. In the evening, Conan fell in love with an English drama here. Over time, he wanted to watch it before leaving.

This English show is the main stir of fame. Sherlock, the minor detective.

After done watching, Conan said, “This is a good show, but there are more fighting scenes, and fewer puzzles to solve.”

When Frank heard this, he couldn’t help but vomit. “You still have a face to say, Sherlock. Look at the series that you did last. Sunflower motives are nonsense, and the dark nightmare is a complete player. You still have a face to say that others don’t solve puzzles, at least when people don’t need to shoot.”

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