My Inseparable House Guests My Inseparable House Guests
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M. I. H. G Chapter 101: is still not a dog.

Frank clicked on the delete to delete the photos, then turned around and told Mei Jie what happened in the cable car station two days ago.

“Later, I will tell the security guards what to do.”

Mei Jie nodded.

Frank looked at the pale voyeur and kicked him and asked:

“Do yu have accomplices?”

“No, I’m alone.”

The voyeur quickly confessed.

Frank thinks the girl who accompanied the voyeur last time will not run up in the middle of the night.

So he patted the little white tiger, indicating it can come down.

The little white tiger snorted and comes down from the voyeur’s body.

The two security guards framed the voyeur.

The knife was wrapped in a plastic bag and handed over to Mei Jie.

“Mr. Frank will sleep first.”

Mei Jie said to Frank:

“”I will definitely investigate with this person tomorrow morning and tell you the details.”

“I am going to sleep.”

Frank yawned, then said to Mei Jie:

“I will sleep right away. However, this man may have seen some things in my inconvenient room to tell others, I hope Mei Jie can Keep it secret, don’t let other people know about it.”

Although Frank did not say it clearly.

Mei Jie immediately thought that there might be other people in Frank’s room.

After all, it was such a big night, and the lights of Frank’s living room were still on.

Moreover, Frank confiscated the voyeur’s mobile phone and did not give it to the guard.

The smart Mei Jie immediately understood that Frank’s other people were all except his guards, including the small boss of the village Si Cheng.

Mei Jie nodded and turned away.

Frank did not enter his own suite.

He saw Si Cheng wearing a sleepy appearance in the hallway and looked at the voyeur who was framed by the guards.

“What happened?”.

Frank waved his hand and said:

“Nothing, a thief came in the middle of the night, I have to go back to sleep. And you will go back to sleep Si Cheng.”

In the middle of the night, he met a thief.

Si Cheng didn’t worry about Frank.

After all, Frank had a tiger guarding him.

He worried about whether the thief had been killed.

However, most people encounter such a thing, and they still have a mind to sleep.

how Frank saw it and rushed?

Did not he open three or five bottles and forced to drink two more glasses for a while,

However, it is strange to say that since the matter has been solved.

Si Cheng questioned Mei Jie for a purpose of time, then went back to sleep.

Frank also walked into the living room with confidence.

After all, Chen Hao is still in the living room of Frank.

In the middle of the night, lonely man and woman, black silk stockings, vests, shoulders, hanging and living.

Hey, he should be sitting in danger.

However, in any case, even in the case of Frank, even if he digs out his heart, he is only chatting with Chen Hao, and others must believe.

In order to Chen Hao’s reputation, Frank can’t let Si Cheng come over.

This is why he directly used intimidation and quickly solved the voyeuristic man.

Otherwise, Si Cheng will rush to see the man who is still here, and everyone speaks a few words in the village yard.

How can Frank explain, he can not do it, why Chen Hao is in his room?

Speaking of Chen Hao, Frank looked at a headache, and then found that the woman had already fallen asleep.

She placed himself in a pimp-sprung posture, lying on a small sofa and fell asleep.

Frank originally thought that this woman was hiding in the living room.

When everyone went away, she would go back to her suite to sleep.

But now what is this ghost, Frank does not know the suite of this girl and he can’t bring her back.

Frank, who can’t ask for help, can only lift this sleeping woman by the waist, and then let his eyes move away from the two places of pineapple and long legs.

Because Chen Hao’s coat and shoes have already been taken off, he was silently thinking of Chen Hao’s good ways and put her on his bed.

Then he turned back and took her coat and shoes into the bedroom and placed them on the bedside.

“Is there something like it?”

Frank felt there was a pill bottle in her pocket when he was holding Chen’s jacket.

When he put the jacket on the bedside, he found a bottle-shaped thing slipping out.

Frank took the pill bottle and found that the words ‘fluoxetine hydrochloride dispersible tablets’ were written on it.

He didn’t expect it to be true.

Frank looked at the name on the pill bottle, shook his head, and refilled the pill bottle back into Chen Hao’s coat.

Then he screwed the bottle of mineral water in the room and put it on the bed.

Then he took a pillow and went out of the bedroom.

Frank closes the door of the bedroom, and carefully checked the side door and determined that the lock was locked.

The reason why the voyeur man could sneak a shot to Frank was not that he had the ability to open the door, but when Frank came in, and because he saw Chen Hao in the living room he was shocked and did not close the door.

Speaking of the voyeur, Frank took out the voyeur’s mobile phone and checked the function of not opening the photo stream of the Apple mobile phone.

So, he opened a microwave oven for heating food in the corner of the suite.

He put the phone in a plastic lunch box and put it in the microwave to heat it up.

A few minutes later, a bang came out of the microwave oven, and Frank opened it oven and saw the voyeur man’s mobile phone had exploded in the lunch box.

The plastic lunch box was also fried into a strange shape.

Frank took the plastic lunch box together with the mobile phone, placed it on the window sill and went to the entertainment room.

At this time, the little white tiger had been squatting in the entertainment room and squinting to sleep.

Frank immediately threw the pillow on the ground and then lay down with the little white tiger.

The human-oriented little white tiger turned to the Frank’s side so that Frank fully felt the warmth of its fur.

Frank began to play with the little white tiger.

Before going to sleep, he thought about the voyeur, fortunately the voyeur think that it was only a dog, not a tiger. Otherwise, it was really terrible.

The next morning, when Frank woke up, the sky was already bright.

He doesn’t know what time it was, but he could see the sun shining through the window.

The little white tiger woke up early, but in order not to disturb Frank, he did not move his body.

Frank took his mobile phone at the head and took a look at it.

It was already half past one at noon, and the lunch time was over.

Frank hurried up and squinted and wanted to wash his face first, then went to the restaurant to ask if there was any meal.

“You are awake.”

The voice of a familiar woman rang in the living room.

Frank knows that this was the voice of Chen Hao who had been forced tonight to rest in his suite.