My Inseparable House Guests My Inseparable House Guests
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M. I. H. G Chapter 102: Yong Miao

“Good morning.”

Frank glanced at Chen Hao and said:

“It’s so early.”

“I slept very little.”

Chen Hao has already dressed neatly at this time and is wrapped in tulle:

“I was troubled by you yesterday.”

“It’s okay.”

Frank said this to Chen Hao and washed his face in the bathroom, and then walked out.

“Are you hungry? I have left some food for you.”

Chen Hao pointed to the coffee table in the living room, with a dozen buns on it.

Frank took a bottle of mineral water from the bedroom, unscrewed it, and eats the buns while drinking water.

“Right, I am going back this afternoon.”

Frank said goodbye to Chen Hao, pointing to Little white tiger.

“Because I have to return this guy back, I don’t cant to say goodbye to Si Cheng. You will say it for me.”

“Do not be anxious.”

Chen Hao had a bit of sadness in his tone, but his face did not show up at all.

Frank has become accustomed to the occasional fine state of Chen Hao.

After eating the buns a few times, he began to clean up the house.

“If you have time, remember to come back here.”

“Do you go to live here for a long time?”

Frank heard Chen Hao’s words and turned to his doubts.

“No, I will leave in a few days, but this does not prevent me from inviting you, in case you just come back?”

Chen Hao said with the other side.

Frank smiled and didn’t talk, because the time was really late.

This time is already two o’clock in the afternoon.

There are still three hours left for the little white tiger to go back, and Frank is worried that the guest can’t go back.

He must be at the door of his house in three hours, and it is because he has no time to go back to the details of the accident of the last night, it will be embarrassing.

Chen Hao politely accompanied Frank to the first floor, and Mei Jie is waiting for Frank here.

“Mr. Frank, I will accompany you down.”


Frank nodded, then said to Chen Hao:

“I have got someone to send, I’ll go back.”

“Well, I will see you next time.”

Chen Hao waved his hand at Frank, but Frank knew that Chen Hao had no feelings about him.

They talked for five or six days together.

In fact, Frank’s contact with Chen Hao’s hands is not there.

The next time they meet again, he can only rely on fate.

Frank and Mei Jie walked in the direction of the cable car room with a scooter.

Mei Jie drove while the other side said:

“The one who came in your room last night is a big student of Haiping.”

Lin Xiaoxin’s classmate?

What does a student sneak into?

Is it difficult to develop something with the sideline?

Frank’s still did not cant to understand.

Mei Jie continued:

“He said that he was a student of the journalism department. Because he wants to submit a manuscript to the teacher, he plans to shoot something different.”

Mei Jie said that Frank would understand.

The girl seen by Frank that day was actually a student from a major press department in Haiping.

Before the two persons forced the cable car room to visit the village.

They wanted to see if they could make the news that the scenic spot was occupied by people.

After being blocked by Frank in front of the cable car, the boy did not want to go back empty.

From the road and in the middle of the night he found an unguarded wall he circled around to take pictures.

Moreover, after entering the mountain village, the boy found the room of Frank along the light source that was escaped because Frank did not close the door.

He wanted to sneak a shot and was found by Frank’s little white tiger.

Although the tiger’s sense of smell is really not good, it is still very easy to find anomalies at such a close distance.

After Frank arrived at the foot of the mountain, he thanked Mei Jie for to have accompanied him, then went to the parking lot and took the car and began to go back.

But who knows that today is Friday afternoon, it is the peak period of road congestion, and one block has been blocked for an hour.

Seeing that at five o’clock in the afternoon, he still hasn’t gotten home.

Frank worried that Little white tiger would not go back.

When he turned his head, he saw that there was nothing left behind the Wuling Hongguang Batmobile.

Little white tiger should have gone back.

It seems that the conditions for the guests to go back are not necessary to return to where they came back.

Since Little white tiger has already gone back, Frank is not in a hurry.

He drove slowly to the door of his own community.

At this time, there were already vendors at the night market near the community.

They take the opportunity to sell to those who are too lazy to do it themselves and not wanting to spend more money on eating out.

Those who return just after class or outside of work.

Frank drove the car over, lowered the window, buy roast cold noodles and fried dumplings for ten yuan, and then drove the car into the community.

He stopped the car, took the fried dumplings and baked cold noodles and went downstairs.

Frank saw his neighbour Xiao Hei holding a computer-like thing and was preparing to go upstairs.

“What is this?”

Frank asked what he had in the hands.

“Personal computer aged over 20 years old.”

Xiao Hei turned slightly and gave Frank a look at the whole picture of this computer.

The display, commonly known as the ‘big neighbour’, is like a white storage box and a black chest.

There is an old keyboard in between.

Frank concentrated the fried dumplings and roasted cold noodles on the left hand.

And then Frank extended his right hand to take the crumbling keyboard in the hand and accompany the little man upstairs.

“Where did you come from this antique?”

Frank asked Xiao Hei.

“It’s a depository business, and old item is now more expensive than a new computer, and it is not easy to find one that can still run.”

“What do you want to do with this collection stuff?”

“How can I collect this kind of old antiques?

Xiao Hei and Frank stood up and waited for the elevator to come down and said:

“I asked the old man to help him. He said he needed to use the previous computer.”


Frank did not expect that when he spoke with the old man for the last time about creating video games that would be true.

He did not expect he really started doing it.

And still do game video that requires this ancient computer to run.

This old man is too serious to do things.

To do video of the old game, just find some game video material with a commentary.

Frank did not expect he actually found such an old computer, he thinks to be able to play.

Frank began to regret a little bit to let the old man make a video of the game.

As for the serious attitude of this old cadre, he is expected to be busy in the future.

The elevator came down, and Frank and Xiao Hei got on the elevator.

Xiao Hei originally wanted Frank to accompany him to find the old man to see what he wanted to play with such an old antique.

But Frank wants going to go home to see what the big Dixie will give him this time, so he Just tell Xiao Hei he comes again later.

Frank put the keyboard carefully into the Xiao Hei’s arms.

Frank went upstairs opened the door of his home, and then saw Dixie was lying on the sofa and stretched the fat cat fluttered like a wave.

How do you say a poem “Yong Miao”?

“Meow, meow, meow.” stretch, white fairy, orange body fat.