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M. I. H. G Chapter 103: The Majesty of the King of the Forest

“Can you tell me, why, you orange cats are so fat?”

Frank left his bag on the sofa and asked Dixie.

“Because of the yellow. The color is fat, in fact; I am very thin.”

said the big meow, licking his paws.

“Fat Bastard.”

Frank went over and picked up the orange cat, rubbed the cat’s fat belly and said:

“Come here, tell me this is fat. Can fat have so much meat?”


Dixie looked at the meat that was raised by Frank, and he snorted.

“You found that it seems to be fat, no matter how big or small. I saw in the news that the tigers in the zoo are orange too.”


Dixie jumped to the coffee table and looked at Frank:

“This is because; we orange cats, are highly evolved and highly mixed, so we eat and sleep, and naturally we are very fat. Just like you humans. The best living conditions, the biggest are there.”

“I don’t need to buy some fitness equipment for you, so that you can exercise every day?”

Frank looked at Dixie.

“No need. Don’t spend so much.”

Dixie shook his head and said:

“Let’s talk about the rewards.”

Dixie said with a small paw, a string of necklaces appeared on his hand, and there was a small tiger tooth in the collar.

“This is the gift that the little white tiger left for you, the tiger tooth necklace. Of course, he only left tiger teeth, and the collar is from my own money.”

Frank picked up the tiger tooth necklace on the big cockroach’s paw and found that the tiger tooth in the collar was very small.

which should be the deciduous teeth of the little white tiger that naturally fell off.

After all, tigers are like humans.

After adulthood, the teeth are constant pressure.

After breaking, they can no longer grow again.

“Is there any special ability in this necklace, such as strength +3, physical strength +2, etc.?”

Frank asked curiously.

“You think you are playing online games.”

Dixie spoke:

“This is an ordinary tiger tooth necklace. You can use it for collection.”

“Or wear it, and the necklace made of real tiger teeth is too cheap Frank.”

Frank put the necklace on his neck.

“Of course, this is mainly due to the beautiful chain.”

meows Dixie.

“The next step is to choose one of the three daily choices.”

Dixie said:

“The first is the affinity of the cat family, which belongs to a passive talent. After the selection, it will increase the friendliness of the cats, such as your attempt…”

“When you kiss someone else’s cat, the other person won’t scratch you. You are in the wild…”

“If you encounter a carnivorous cat like a tiger and a leopard that is so hungry, they will not eat you as a takeaway.”

“This seems to be no use for eggs.”

Frank shook his head and said:

“I don’t buy a ticket to visit the zoo.”

“The second is the majesty of the king of the forest, and it is also a passive talent…”

“Your urine feces and other excretions will have the same effect as the tiger excrement, and have a deterrent effect on other animals, so that they can not easily approach the feces. Within the area.”

Dixie said:

“Don’t be like a bubble in the community garden, the dogs in the whole community are absolutely afraid to approach the garden.”


How to say this ability, it seems to be a bit useful, but it seems to be useless.

The saying that tiger dung has fresh black gold is really useful in many places.

For example, in London, there is a zoo auctions the tiger’s droppings every year.

These feces will be bought by some people who own the garden, and then placed in it.
So, the animals such as pet dogs around do not dare to enter the garden to use the garden as a latrine.

Many farmers also use tiger dung as a beast.

Moreover, many illegal smugglers will also put some tiger dung in the cargo, which is said to cause the police dog to temporarily lose their ability to work.

However, it is very useful to listen.

If it is fresh black gold, Frank can never sell his feces as tiger dung, although the effect is the same.

The possibility of being killed before selling it is greater.

“The last one.”

Frank asked, scratching his head.

“The last strip called the tiger’s strips, after gaining this ability, you can have the ability to be found in the wild like other tigers that are not easily found by other animals…”

“Of course, this ability will not make your skin become a stripe.”

It seems that there is no egg to use.

The first and third are all used in the wild, but it is not easy to find such places in China.

Unless Frank decides to go to Africa in the future.

Then there is only the second one. Can he deter small animals in the future?

If he was chased by a mad dog in the future, he can immediately take off his pants and wind up the urine, scare the mad dog?

The picture is too beautiful to dare to imagine.

Frank hesitated for a long time, and waited for the big cat to start liking its claws.

Frank said:

“The second one, if I want to meet a mad dog, I can use it later.”

“Not necessarily a mad dog. If you want to raise enough to be a younger brother in the future, you can wipe your urine into the furniture, so the dog does not demolish them.”

“I chose to use a urine to soak a bubble, scare the dog absolutely useful.”

Frank looked at the big cat and said:

“It is a good intention to give you advice.”

Dixie said, jumped up, and a paw hit Frank’s forehead, giving Frank the ability.

Then, it seems that there is no feeling.

However, since Dixie said that he has the ability to do so, he can’t wait to experiment it now.

It is estimated that if it is not a last resort, Frank will never want to experiment with whether he really has this ability.

After Dixie had given Frank power, he left.

Frank went back to the bedroom to clean up the bathroom, and then he cleaned the second bedroom where Hannibal had lived.

“What is this?”

Frank took a book off the table and found that there was still a watch underneath the book.

“Where did the watch come from? It seems that Hannibal did not wear a watch when he came.”

Frank took a look at the watch carefully, and then checked it with a mobile phone according to the trademark on the watch.

It was found to be a piece of Ipozuur.

The watch series is worth more than 10,000 Yuan.

Frank really couldn’t think of where this watch came from.

Frank had to open the drawer and put the watch into the drawer.

He plans to try it later, but he doesn’t know if it is authentic or not.

After cleaning, he finished the cold noodles and fried dumplings.

Frank remembered what Xiao Hei had said before that he wanted him to go to Lao Bo’s house, so he went downstairs to find Lao Bo.

He goes downstairs and knocks on the door.

Ten minutes later, no one opened the door.

Frank wondered if Xiao Hei and Lao Bo had gone out on the street.

He took out the phone and was about to call Xiao Hei.

The door opened.

“Quick and fast, come in quickly.”

Xiao Hei waved his hand and signaled Frank to come in quickly.

Then Frank rushed into the bedroom without being greeted by others.