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M. I. H. G Chapter 104: Love Heart Black Chicken Soup

Frank closed the door with a dull face, then followed Xiao Hei to the bedroom, and found the two men were nervously sitting in front of the TV playing games.

These two people are using the mainframe to play Miss 2B or the Zelda Wilderness, these masterpieces are counted.

Who knows what these two people are using the old PS2 antique to play a puzzle-like 3D shooting game?

Frank stood behind the two men and looked at the nervous two men, and looked at the TV screen, and found the characters on the screen looked a bit familiar?

So, Frank asked:

“What game are you playing with?”

“metal warhead.”

The old man answered Frank while playing the game.


Frank looked at the picture on the TV.

It was 3D. Although the protagonist really looks like the protagonist in the metal warhead series, the metal warhead is the first 2D horizontal scroll game with an arcade.

When was the 3D version developed?

“Daddy, you don’t lie to me.”

Frank then asked:

“The metal warhead also has 3D? It won’t be pirated.”

“Genuine, this is a 3D shooting game made by the alloy warhead developer SNK for PS2. Of course, is not it fun?”

“No, it’s not funny, you two are still so nervous.”

Frank looked at the two men as if they waited nervously in front of the delivery room for their wives to produce.

Because Lao Bo was talking to Frank, he didn’t focus for a moment and hung ed.

However, Xiao Hei, who lost his teammate, was quickly surrounded by guns and bullets and then sacrificed in the battlefield.

Of course, it refers to his game character.

“No matter what game, you must be serious about playing.”

Daddy said, put down the handle and looked at Frank:

“The suggestion you gave before is very good. I have already made a video of the game. A lot of people are watching it.”

“How many are there?”

Frank asked.

“Thousands of people.”

The old man looked up and thought about it.

Only a few thousand people.

Frank wanted to laugh, but when he thought of Lao Bo as an old man with a veteran character.
This is the first time who Lao Bo made a video.
Frank found the result was not bad.

So, he didn’t say it when he spoke, but he looked at the PS2 on the ground.

“From where did you bring such an old game machine?”

“I bought it, don’t I need some material to make videos, so I buy the game which I want to play…”

“Some of them can’t run on the computer, so I bought the equipment together by the way.”

The old man Lao Bo pointed to the old-fashioned personal computer manufactured by the IBM Company in the corner of the living room and said:

“During this period, Xiao Hei was so ashamed to help me get these things that are not available on the market now.”

Frank looked at Xiao Hei, who secretly showed him a bitter face.

He thought that the person of the old cadre’s veteran character would be too serious once he started doing things seriously.

Lao Bo, but Frank to the had purchased, An ancient handheld, a childhood memory small bully learning machine and so on.

The two people talked for a while, and Xiao Hei proposed to go out to eat, but the old man strongly disagreed.

In order to make videos and buy game consoles, it has to say it is too expensive to eat outside.

So, it must save money to cook and do his own food.

The meal made by the old man is not difficult to eat, but it is not delicious.

Xiao Hei looked at Lao Bo and almost wanted to say he had lost weight and had no meals recently.

At this time, Frank suddenly remembered that he had learned a Western food practice from Hannibal.

So, he said to the old man and Xiao Hei:

“You look at me today brothers, I will show you a cooking skill, so let you can taste a portion of authentic western food.”

“Really fake.”

Lao Bo and Xiao Hei looked at Frank together, a little doubtful about the cooking of this single man.

“Do I look like a man who wants hangs you?”

Frank said:

“Only get the material ready,”

“Am I here to give you a human flesh? A slap? But a Western dinner.”

Lao Bo and Xiao Hei ignored the word.

“The beautiful human flesh.”

That Frank had said.

They thought Frank had a slippery mistake, and they did not know what Frank was thinking at the time.

The human flesh material in Hannibal dish has been replaced by natural ingredients.

There are still a lot of ingredients to use for western food, and it is generally not good to buy.

However, there is a little black, so everything is not a problem.

Less than twenty minutes later, Xiao Hei called someone to deliver all the food that Frank said and then watched Frank perform.

The first dish made by Frank is the sauce with the liver and the flower salad.

This is the first dish that appeared in Hannibal’s TV series.

The taste is so good.

The selling is very good.
Of course, people’s liver, a high-end food ingredient, is definitely impossible to get, and they dare not eat it.

So, it has been replaced by the goose liver, but the effect is almost the same.

“Not bad.”

Xiao Hei applauded:

“This dish is pretty good.”

Xiao Hei was also surprised.

“You really can cook western food.”

While the two were eating, Frank began to make a second dish, stir-fried lung slices.

The original dish was made of a mixture of slices of the husband and wife lungs and various ingredients.

Which Frank had forgotten in a targeted way, but he had replaced it using the mixture of beef lungs?

When the dish was up, Xiao Hei and Lao Bo just finished the dish with the sauce, foie gras and flower salad.

“I wipe, Frank, you are really chef-level crafts, I usually go to Western restaurants to eat Western food. This is the standard.”

Xiao Hei was very surprised when he ate the second dish made by Frank.

“It must be.”

Frank casually said:

“Now men can’t cook, how to find a reason to invite their sister to eat delicious food at home.”


Xiao Hei said strangely:

“If you can’t cook, you can invite me. Don’t you have bananas to eat?”


After Xiao Hei had finished his speech, he coughed twice, indicating that Lao Bo should try not to be so dirty.

“What are men afraid of?”

Xiao Hei did not do this at all at any time may be enlightened by the human anus.”

The third dish is smoked calf head meat with green sauce.

The name of the dish is normal, but Frank modifies the leg meat with other original and voluminous ingredients.

Frank is, of course, using authentic calf head meat to make it taste.

And it tasted good.

“Three meat dishes.”

Lao Bo, while eating the dishes from Frank, while proposing to see:

“You come to some vegetarian ah; light meat is not good for the body.”

“You have used this as in a restaurant.”

Frank looked at Xiao Hei and Lao Bo, who had a good heart and thought that he would be Hannibal at this time.

By the time they finish eating, they can come to a big food secretly and will not be scared.

Frank made a simple salad and then made two bowls of love black chicken soup.

They are served with glutinous rice, ginseng, ginger, red dates, and star anise, light meat is good for the body.

Frank brought up the soup and salad.

The salad, let alone flowers, could not be made anyway.

The loved chicken soup won the praise of Xiao Hei and Lao Bo.