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M. I. H. G Chapter 105 : Concentration Camp

Satiate and drink, Xiao Hei mouth licked a toothpick and leaned on the sofa and looked at Frank:
“If I knew that you have such a hand, I would come to your house every day to scrape food. I will pay for it later. You are only responsible for cooking.”
“It’s beautiful to think of you.”
Frank put the leftover plates in the sink and let Lao Bo wash it later.
He said to Xiao Hei:
“I ordered take-out for my own meal and gave it back to you. You overthinking.”
“It’s so hard to be industrious.”
Xiao Hei said:
“If you are a damsel, I will take you home.”
“In fact, men are not incompetent. Now the atmosphere is not very open.”
Said Lao Bo on the side.
Frank looked at the two people in front of him and unrelentingly opened a mocking mode:
“You two, single dogs, you don’t report to the regiment for heating, but you still ridicule me. I went home and called my little girlfriend.”
Frank said that he would go home.
He had to finally prepare a paper to cope with tomorrow’s thesis.
Xiao Hei and Lao Bo also knew that Frank would have to reply tomorrow.
So, they waved their hands and let Frank leave.
Looking at Frank’s departure, Xiao He turned to the Lao Bo and said:
“It’s not unreasonable for this Boy to lie to the little legal Loli. The level of this western food is really high.”
“Hey, should I also go to a relative?”
Said Lao Bo thoughtfully.
“Although my cooking level is not very good, I can barely eat it. I do not want Loli, there is a half-cooked young woman on the line.”
Xiao Hei looked at Lao Bo with his big eyes:
“You are Cao Cao.”
When Xiao Hei and Lao Bo talked about whether to continue to adhere to the glory of the single dog.
Frank has already gone home to the house.
Going into the room, turning on the computer, reading the paper, getting ready to sleep, the email shows that Frank received a new email.
He opened the email, and it is the answer to him from a subtitle group of Frank, which left the penguin number of the auditor of the subtitle group on it for Frank to add.
Seeing the time, it was already 11 o’clock in the evening, how to send an e-mail to me in the middle of the night.
However, Frank still added the penguin number of the other party.
The search shows that the avatar id of the hamster is called calcium oxide.
Click on the friend to apply for an explanation.
Seconds pass, it seems that the other party is just sent to their own mail, not sleeping yet.
After the passage, Frank politely sent a good night, and the other side returned a question mark.
Frank was thinking about whether he had added the wrong person.
The other party immediately withdrew the question mark and sent a sorry.
Calcium oxide:
Sorry, I’m in the United States. I forgot the time difference.
Dad, I am applying to join the subtitle group.
Calcium Oxide:
Well, I know. Our submersible group of the Concentration Camp recently thought that the two people were married and didn’t have time to do the subtitles.
So, this time, Naxin is mainly recruiting English members.
I read your self-introduction, and you speak several languages. Where did you learn these languages?
Calcium Oxide:
Self-study, is there any certificate or something that you will let me see it?
This is only a four-level certificate.
Calcium Oxide: [questionable Face]
Brother, are you teasing me?
Are you sure you have a good command of English in your own introduction or do you think you can pass the fourth level or do you plan to learn English here?
Do you do your own level 6 exams?
To be clear, what we want is a Chinese that is familiar with the English language logic and can correctly translate an English conversation into the same meaning.
It is not the kind of person who only translates better than the machine and only translates it literally.
Dad, you must believe me although I don’t have a certificate, I am really proficient in English.
I am the kind of wizard who can solve problems for a long time.
Give me a chance, and you will know that experience is the best teacher.
[Actions speak louder than words.]
Calcium Oxide:
[An evil crow, an evil egg.]
Calcium Oxide:
So, translate this paragraph first.
After the calcium oxide was finished, he sent a piece of English to Frank.
This byword is actually quite famous in China.
People generally read this sentence as: Justice may be late, but it will never be absent.
However, since calcium oxide has sent such a famous passage, it will certainly not be so simple.
If Frank really returns the domestic translation of this sentence, he must be passed away.
Because the rumored sentence was originally wrong.
A typical translation of the back of the pot.
This is a proverb.
The actual meaning is based on the understanding of the Anglo-American legal system.
The correct translation should be: late and equivalent justice to veto justice.
Of course, if we go deep into it, we may not be able to say it intentionally.
After all, according to the translation method, we strive for.
This sentence is absolutely not so well-known in China.
However, Frank still sent the correct translation method to calcium oxide.
In a short while, the calcium oxide will return again.
“The basic skills are good. Then, do you know from which points to read in the correct translation cavity?”
Old fellow or little fellow keep betting, full of god random metaphor, right.
Calcium oxide:
For example?
Oh, old man, how are you doing this now? Is it the smog of the emperor that is devastated, may God bless you?
I bet you if you stayed here, it would never be like a square old aunt.
Look at your face, it is like a bull terrier in the black house next door.
Calcium Oxide:
Oh, yes, a little professional translation.
Thank you for your compliment.
Calcium Oxide:
So, is it convenient for you now, and I need to talk to you with a voice and see how you master the everyday language?
To prove that Frank did not really cheat on him, and when he talks, Frank is not embarrassed.
He is guaranteed to be more Native American than Native American.
After all, Batman Bruce is an American himself.
Frank and calcium oxide took the voice, and the opposite sound sounded a bit like Xiao Zhengtai’s voice.
It felt very strange, but Frank did not care so much.
With his excellent spoken language, the other side almost thought that he was talking with a native American.
However, Frank can completely switch between Chinese and English at any time.
So, this calcium oxide is finally believed that Frank is indeed a Chinese, he does not look like a stranger who is trying to lie to him.
Calcium Oxide:
After the review, I will wait for a while to send you the introduction of our subtitles group and some internal regulations and procedures.
Then you add to our penguin group and scorpion group.
No problem. But can you add it tomorrow?
I still have something to do tomorrow and have to go to bed early today.
Calcium Oxide:
All right, you can join us tomorrow.
Recently several popular American TV shows have not been updated.
This week everyone is idle.