My Inseparable House Guests My Inseparable House Guests
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M. I. H. G Chapter 106 : Online, etc.

For the legendary omnipotent subtitle group, Frank is still a bit curious, but the defense is more important.
So, Frank also did not add the penguin group and the scorpion group in the decontamination camp.
After all, the new Calcium oxide that has just been added in recent days is certainly to talk more and know a few people to give a sense of existence, so it is better to wait until the end of the busy period and add then.
When Frank got up the next day, came to the bathroom, and the mobile phone rang. It was a WeChat video request sent by Lin Xiaoxin.
He clicks to agree, and Lin Xiaoxin appeared in her pajamas in front of his eyes.
“What’s wrong, early in the morning.”
Frank put the mobile phone on the washing rack and asked Lin Xiaoxin while washing his hands.
“Don’t you know you have to reply today?”
Lin Xiaoxin in the video literally covered his face and cried.
“I know, what’s wrong, you are afraid that I will be nervous?”
Frank did a try for Lin Xiaoxin to see:
“You don’t know your boyfriend; how can this small scene make me nervous? Unless you’re sitting among the jury.”
“You are so fierce?”
Lin Xiaoxin said with a slap in the face:
“Am I nervous when I sit on the judges’ table?”
“Of course, there is a reason for this.”
Frank said:
“The general judge, if I said it was good, I can see it from the other side’s expression.”
Frank slowed down a bit, then slowly said:
“But if you are a judge, your face will be blocked by the table. So, I can’t see what you said through your expression. Of course, it will be nervous.”
“I will climb over and kill you.”
Lin Xiaoxin said with a claw.
“There is no network cable so that you can climb and bite me.”
Frank said with a smile on his hippie:
“You can’t climb if you want to climb.”
“Without the cable, I can climb over the flow.”
Lin Xiaoxin showed off her teeth in the other side, biting a bit.
“Okay, oh, no trouble.”
“Who is in trouble.”
Lin Xiaoxin turned his eyes straight and said:
“I made a big bell in the morning to give you something to do.”
“Welcome to the wife and adults to instruct the work.”
Frank said while squeezing toothpaste on the toothbrush.
“You really don’t care about your reply at all.”
Lin Xiaoxin played with the rabbit beside the bed.
She picked it up and held it in her arms.
In the other side she said to Frank:
“You shouldn’t plan to reply like this today. “
“Not like this, what else?”
Lin Xiaoxin hated the iron and did not make a shot of the iron railing on his bed:
“A good image can make the judges have a good impression on you. The effect is not worse than a good paper.”
Lin Xiaoxin went on:
“You use the usual look at the scene, maybe you will be beaten by the teachers in the heart.”
“What should I do?”
asked Frank.
Hearing Frank said, Lin Xiaoxin immediately sang along the railing and said:
“First, you wear the best tailor or the best suit with a noble temperament and faint sadness. Second, the tie can’t be embarrassed, elegant and Calm…”
Frank heard Lin Xiaoxin’s words and quickly waved to tell Lin Xiaoxin to stop.
“Hey, look at it more.”
Frank said to Lin Xiaoxin, who was quick to say high on the video side:
“Can you be serious?”
Lin Xiaoxin said with a smirk:
“I wish you could understand the spirit of the general…”
“Anyway, today you must dress up spiritually, so let people can see this young man will become a big weapon in the future.”
“I’m over twenty. I’m still a teenager. And is that necessary?”
Frank looked at his toiletries and added a group that Lin Xiaoxin bought for him, and he used it several times.
Frank had used many times skin care products and men’s cosmetics whose laziness is becoming a problem for him.
“Hey, today is one of the most important moments in your life…”
“Make sure you get dressed, get dressed with a jacket and shoes or a suit, or just take a formal casual outfit…”
“Do not take a half-sleeve with a big pant and go.”
Lin Xiaoxin said as she bent over and pulled out a packet of potato chips in the storage box at the bedside.
Tearing apart the box of potato chips, Lin Xiaoxin said while eating the potato chips:
“You will reply at ten o’clock, there are two hours and you clean up, I have to check you and qualified you before you are allowed to go reply.”
“Well, I know my grandmother.”
Frank put down his own attitude and began to carefully clean up.
Although he understands the truth, but who is actually doing it be not a lazy disease.
If Lin Xiaoxin had not urged him early in this morning.
Frank originally had planned to wash his face with clear water and go out to answer with cropped trousers and a short-sleeved shirt.
He carefully looked at it.
Frank originally planned to go out and look for clothes to wear.
At this moment, Lin Xiaoxin who was forgotten in the mobile video was immediately shouted.
“Hey, take me with you. I want to see you change clothes.”
“When I change my clothes and take off my underwear, you have to see it too?”
Frank turned his head and looked at Lin Xiaoxin.
“I can sneak a peek.”
Lin Xiaoxin hugged her rabbit to play.
Occasionally, she showed her face and said:
“When I don’t exist, just put down your cell phone and find a better angle.”
“How could I have a girlfriend with such a high value of color?”
Frank said as disgusting, but in action, he took the phone and placed it on the phone holder on the bedroom table.
Although Frank’s lazy figure is not going to be any better.
He and Fang Cheng had been ruthlessly manipulated by his father before, and the foundation is still there.
Frank opens the closet, looked at his own cabinet, wearing a comfortable but not so formal casual wear.
Frank thought for a long time, still intends to put Hannibal’s suit.
In the words of the table, the Ebo Road watch that was inexplicably found from the second bedroom was quite good.
If he has not shoes, he can go to the physical store the next point of selling, to buy a one or two shoes what be match it.
Frank said he took off his pajamas and put the Kiton suit on his body to make himself look very able.
Just dressed, Frank turned to look at the screen of the mobile phone.
He is ready to let Lin Xiaoxin comment on his current appearance and who expected her to open her eyes at looking at Frank.
“You… this suit… for who is the suit? Buy yours!”
Frank scratched his head and found he seemed to have forgotten one thing.
“Before I had a girlfriend, my clothes were bought by my mom.”
After Lin Xiaoxin his little nephew bought all his clothes.
Now suddenly there is a lot of unclear, seemingly expensive, but Lin Xiaoxin has never seen these clothes.
How to explain online, etc., he is very hurry to go.