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M. I. H. G Chapter 107: A game that enhances feelings

The advantage of men who know more about some friends is they can always find a pot for them at a critical moment.
Faced with Lin Xiaoxin’s question, Frank first thought of Xiao Hei, who can do everything.
So, Frank said quickly:
“You can’t remember the little man downstairs. This is the suit he bought last time. When he wore it, he found that it did not fit him properly, he gave it to me.”
“Really fake.”
Lin Xiaoxin looked suspiciously at Frank:
“How do I feel that this suit is quite right with your body? It seems to be customized.”
“You got it wrong.”
Frank continued to run the train and said:
“The video doesn’t really look good. Actually, this suit is a bit too wide, but it is almost the same, so I plan to wear this in the past.”
Lin Xiaoxin was thinking about Frank’s words while eating potato chips.
However, Frank quickly used the method of shifting the topic and said:
“You don’t care how the suit came. Just look at what I am doing now, Is it my body handsome?”
“The effect is very good; I always feel that this suit has taken a lot of credit.”
Lin Xiaoxin said she was going to pick up the phone because the device shook.
The curvature of Lin Xiaoxin’s waist tilted the lens of the cellphone onto the bed.
The slightly taller girl under the bed is gesturing her hair in the mirror.
“My friend; see if my boyfriend is so handsome.”
This sister is Lin Xiaoxin’s roommate Zhou Wei, and she has a rubber band in her hand to tie her hair.
While watching Frank in the video, then said:
“Handsome, handsome, handsome, this bowl of dog food is all fragrant.”
Lin Xiaoxin squatted on the bed and turned the phone around.
The lens allowed Frank to see Lin Xiaoxin again.
“Qualified, you can go to the thesis now, but if you find me.”
“I will find you with a scorpion egg when I arrive.”
Frank said as he walked to the second bedroom to get the watch.
He just walked away.
In Lin Xiaoxin’s dormitory, the door was opened, and a woman rushed toward Lin Xiaoxin.
“Lin Xiaoxin, why did you kick me out of the community?”
“You are no longer a member of the community. Why can’t I kick you out?”
Lin Xiaoxin looked at the woman and asked.
This woman is the former friend of Lin Xiaoxin who was drunk in KTV and finally left the other person.
Her name is Yang Shuping.
Accurately speaking, it should be the former roommate, because after that, she changed the dormitory with other girls.
“I am the deputy president. You said that I was not a member of the community. Isn’t I a member of the community?”
Yang Shuping said to Lin Xiaoxin:
“You do this as a private revenge. You are not qualified to be the president of this community.”
Lin Xiaoxin glanced at the video and Frank had not appeared yet, so she turned off the sound first, then said to Yang Shuping:
“You also know you are not the president. I will kick you. What are your problems? I still keep you in the community for the New Year?””
“I want to go to the student community to tell you.”
Yang Shuping looked at Lin Xiaoxin with anger.
“The student union is here.”
Zhou Yan raised her hand and said:
“I am the chairman of the next student council. I have made it. You can find me to respond.”
Yang Shuping, who was suffocated by Lin Xiaoxin, was also given a knife by Zhou Wei.
She looked at her and looked at she again.
She didn’t know what to say.
She had to say:
“You wait for me.”
She slammed the door at the door frame.
The loud noise woke up several roommates who were still sleeping.
The roommate looked at the door in a confused way, then said:
“Yang Shuping came over again and quarreled?”
“The other sister still has this momentum, if she will come a few more times we should be changed the door of our dormitory.”
Zhou Hao spits.
“It is estimated that it will be changed. Once a week, it is more punctual than my aunt.”
The roommate re-drilled into the warm bed and didn’t want to get up.
“Zhou Keke, if your aunt also comes once a week, we estimate we will buy you red dates every day so that it will heal your blood.”
“Small balls, you are the last to leave a point.”
Zhou Keke told Lin Xiaoxin with a half face hidden with a pillow on his face:
“If your boyfriend can give you one percent gentleness to you, I can live every day in the spring breeze.”
“Slightly a little, it does not matter.”
Lin Xiaoxin dressed up a grimace to her roommate.
Lin Xiaoxin just finished her face, Frank appeared in the video.
Lin Xiaoxin quickly reopened the sound and turned over to the wall to continue chatting.
Zhou Keke shook her head and said:
“It will be divided sooner or later.”
“Look at what you envy.”
Zhou Wei said to Zhou Keke:
“Hurry and find a beggar.”
Zhou Keke hid in the bed and looked at Zhou Wei:
“With Sister Zhou Wei as my husband, I can basically meet the psychological and physiological needs.”
“There is a harem in a whole campus, which can satisfy you psychologically, physically.”
“I am not happy; my friend does not play with me sixty-nine.”
Zhou Keke pretended to have a pitiful look to Zhou Wei.
“How come one by one is like a drama.”
Zhou Wei said that she had gotten to the bed of Zhou Keke, and opened the quilt of Zhou Keke, and thought about the chest of Zhou Keke.
“Don’t call my husband, come, let my husband have a handful of addiction.”
“Ah! No, I didn’t wear it inside!”
Zhou Keke’s cry came from Lin Xiaoxin’s cell phone directly to Frank’s ear.
However, because of the ambiguity, the specific name of Frank did not hear clearly.
So, Frank asked Lin Xiaoxin, curiously:
“What happened to your dormitory? It’s so powerful.”
“Oh, my roommate is playing a small game that can enhance my feelings.”
Lin Xiaoxin said with a mysterious look.
“What little game?”
Frank was confused.
“Oh, don’t ask.”
Lin Xiaoxin said and give a kiss to her mobile phone screen, and then said to Frank:
“Let’s check the thesis again, remember to send me a message after the reply.”
“Well, okay.”
Frank and Lin Xiaoxin waved goodbye and then hung up the video.
Lin Xiaoxin saw Frank hang up the video and jumped out of bed.
She rushed to Zhou Keke’s bed and shouted:
“My sister gave me a place; I have to touch cocoa.”
Frank had read his own paper in the bedroom and felt there was basically no problem.
He packed up and went downstairs, just to see Xiao Hei.
“This suit is good.”
Xiao Hei looked at Frank and said:
“It’s rare to see you dressed so officially.”
“After all, I have to reply.”
Frank said, while thinking about what asked Xiao Hei:
“Yes, Xiao Hei, do you know where there are shops selling shoes of a certain grade? I want to buy shoes.”
“You are stupid.”
Xiao Hei looked at Frank and pointed to his watch and said:
“Look at what time it is, which shoe store will open at this time.”
Frank, the half-house man, only remembered at this time.
The shopping mall seems to open at 10 o’clock in the morning.