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M. I. H. G Chapter 109: Stimulation, Waves

“Hey, I know there is a good place.”
Zhu Longlong said:
“In any case, we will have a chance to get together after the graduation of the fifth year of next year. Let’s go to a wave of places tonight.”
“How many wolves.”
Sao Wen’s face was lighted up.
“Internet cafe.”
Zhu Longlong calmly spit out these two words, said that.
He took out a cigarette from his pocket and lit it.
The vicissitudes of life are like an old boy with a story.
Frank’s two friends looked at Zhu Longlong like an idiot, and then Frank said:
“You don’t think it’s better to be in the dormitory than to go to the Internet Cafe?”
Tang Rui added:
“It’s beautiful to buy something to eat and drink, to put the table between the beds, to display on the shelf and to play while eating.”
“You are all short-haired and short-sighted.”
Zhu Longlong looked at the three men and said:
“Who am I? To whom I speak? The place where I take you can be the same as the ordinary Internet cafes. They say all the waves are waves. How can you not understand the essence of the vague word? “
“Aren’t the Internet cafes all the same?”
Sao Wen sat on the table and said:
“What if the machine is better, unless you give me a girl to sit on my big legs and playing together.”
‘Snapped!’ Zhu Longlong shot its big leg and said to Sao Wen:
“That’s right, there is a sister sitting on your big leg. You can play with her on your legs.”
Frank asked Zhu Longlong:
“The kind of Internet Cafe you are talking about is only neon. We do not go to neon to play.”
“But how do you say that you are shallow?
Zhu Longlong said while swallowing the clouds:
“The good things of capitalism, we must learn. If there are foreign countries, we must keep up with them. I don’t know the second floor. Haiping recently opened a new Internet cafe.”
“The trough, this wave.”
Sao Wen jumped from the table and looked at Zhu Longlong and asked:
“Really, we have this in Haiping?”
“There must be not only the sisters accompanying to the play, but also the sisters accompanying to the room.”
Zhu Longlong said:
“But in order to avoid the censorship, the place is in the suburbs, we have to take a taxi.”
“We must fight, even by train, and we will have to enjoy it.”
Sao Wen hugged his friends excitedly and said:
“My girl sits up my legs. I haven’t enjoyed playing games on my legs yet.”
“You have so many girlfriends, even this has not been enjoyed?”
Tang Rui asked with a nose.
“Crap, if you are about to come out, go to the Internet Cafe or go to the hotel.”
“You should have misplaced your baby in your life.”
Frank said with a joke:
“The stallion is actually more suitable for you.”
“Don’t say it, let’s go quickly. It’s just a night tonight. Do they have a night service?”
“I don’t know, there should be it.”
Zhu Longlong said:
“I also listened to my friends when they said that the quality of the girls inside is quite high.”
Hearing the high quality of the sisters, the four people did not hesitate any more.
They quickly pack up the good things and go out to the place where Zhu Longlong said.
When they went out to take a taxi.
This legendary place, where a sister can sit on a big leg and play games, is indeed in the suburbs. It costs 40 Yuan for a taxi ride.
Frank was afraid that his roommates would ask him to drive the Batmobile Wuling Hongguan to go to Internet Cafe.
Frank will not drive his own car to bring the roommates but they took a cab to get there.
When they arrived at the place, the four talents found that the Internet Cafe was located in a small second floor.
Basically, on the edge of the county town very close to the nearby new countryside.
The name of the Internet Cafe is also very embarrassing.
Hey, it is called the charm Internet.
The four people walked into the Internet Cafe and found that the Internet cafes here are very similar to the Japanese Internet cafes.
They were all separated into small compartments.
They only saw the counter at the door but could not see other people who were on the Internet.
Formal, yes, this is very conscience.
The four are even more excited.
Zhu Longlong took the lead and walked to the front of the counter. The lady sitting in the back of the counter was in the forties.
He saw a very simple lady who wore a sweater there.
Zhu Longlong said to the lady:
“We have to go online.”
The lady put down her sweater and glanced at the four people.
Then she asked:
“Is it necessary to open a room together?”
“Single room, single room.”
Sao Wen quickly said to Zhu Longlong in the back.
These words, it seems that it is not only satisfied with a girl sitting on the big legs, but also open a single room, it is self-evident to do something.
However, Zhu Long did not say that the opening room was still open, but then asked:
“Mrs. this will take a little longer, can we let us pick the girl first.”
The lady looked at Zhu Longlong a little surprised.
“Yeah, yes, isn’t it a service with a girl?”
“Oh, you said this was it.”
The lady said that a menu-like thing was placed in front of everyone, and everyone looked forward and saw only a colorful picture, as well as a service that was blown out.
What girl is absolutely well-behaved?
What can be done with you?
What do you want to do, and Internet cafes also provide sets for free?
Oh my God.
The eyes of Frank’s four friends are coming out.
This, this is too stunned.
Is this really an internet cafe instead of a bathing center?
“Too much wave, too sashimi.”
Sao Wen said with a sigh.
The four people subconsciously neglected that the beautiful women in the pictures were not real people, but were replaced by pictures of beautiful stars.
Their spirit was focused on the various services depicted on the list.
This is really exciting.
“How much is the night?”
Sao Wen quickly asked.
After all, this kind of thing should be said in advance, otherwise it will be bad if the end is slaughtered.
“Twenty Yuan an hour, one hundred a night, free to send a set.”
The lady did not hesitate to say with a serious air.
The four people looked at each other and look at the price. What’s the difference between white delivery and free delivery?
The question now is how the quality of the girls is.
Looking at the frenzied three roommates, Frank faintly felt a bit wrong, one hour for twenty, one hundred for one night, this price is not a problem.
How can it be so cheap?
So, Frank asked the lady:
“Mrs. is this price really ok? One hour and twenty Yuan, one night and one hundred?”
“No problem.”
The lady licked her hair and said:
“We haven’t opened for a long time, so we have discounts.”
This can also be discounted for promotion.
It’s a long experience.
Sao Wen quickly said to the lady:
“Mrs. all four of us have to pack the night, can we let us first look at the girls, pick one?”
The lady nodded without hesitation.
“But the girls are now in the back house. If you want to pack the night, you will pay the money. I will take you over, and you will bring a satisfactory one.”
“Right, this does not include the network fee and you have to pay first, if you can’t pick up the satisfaction, we don’t refund the money.”
The lady added another sentence.