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M. I. H. G Chapter 110: does not have a false propaganda

Frank pulled a picture of Sao Wen and Zhu Longlong, who had already been on the brain and whispered:
“Since their money to pay and see, I’m afraid it’s a lie.”
“It is also possible that the girls are too ugly.”
said Tang Rui on the side.
“It’s ugly?”
“The lie?”
Zhu Longlong and Sao Wen turned their heads to look at Tang Rui and Frank and said together:
“If you don’t pay the money first, maybe people think we are liars.”
“As for being ugly.”
Sao Wen suddenly smirked:
“Is it ugly to be ugly? The lights are not the same.”
Zhu Longlong added:
“An ugly girl, dress up, make up, wear a T-shirt, and still can sip.”
After saying that Zhu Longlong and Sao Wen both shook hands in front of Frank as comrades, they were as determined as the members of the underground party.
“Today, we have set a wave. If yours are both ugly, give it to us. We will not refuse.”
What can Frank say?
Good teeth, it is true to eat the incense.
So, Frank and Tang Rui every one silently took out a hundred dollars and placed them in the hands of Zhu Longlong.
“Zhu Longlong, go, the sex blessing tonight will be handed over to you.”
Zhu Longlong himself also pulled out a hundred dollars in his hand, Sao Wen turned to ask the lady:
“Package one. Is How much night of the network fee?”
“Single room; one night, thirty Yuan, for four people one night, ninety Yuan.”
The lady said.
“Four single rooms.”
Sao Wen said without hesitation:
“I pay for you.”
It was said that Sao Wen took out two hundred and fifty Yuan from the wallet, and then took over three hundred Yuan in the hands of Zhu Longlong and handed it over to the lady.
“The remaining thirty Yuan give us some water and food.”
“No problem.”
The lady took the money and put it in the drawer, then inserted the key and relocked the drawer.
“Go, I will show you the girls, they are in a warehouse in the backyard.”
The lady said that and she went followed by the four people in the yard.
At this time, the four people finally felt that something was wrong.
And many more!
What is a warehouse?
Is your girls are contents in a warehouse?
Even if it is a human trafficking, there is no such algorithm.
The four people followed the lady to the backyard.
It was just a very small yard.
There were only one room and a small warehouse in the yard.
The room is subject to a maximum of four or five people, which does not meet the lady’s words.
In the case of a warehouse, the warehouse is quite large, but the warehouse door is locked.
Tang Rui didn’t understand what was going on at this time, pulled a corner of Ze’s clothes, and then quietly asked Frank:
“The girls here are not all about to turn around, or how they will be in the warehouse. Locked?”
“Are not they abducted?”
Frank’s face was distressed by the sorrow of his own money and money, and he patted the shoulders of Tang Rui:
“If I didn’t guess wrong, I would think have bought it.”
Tang Rui was immediately shocked.
“Isn’t that a human trafficking? We want to call the police.”
“No, because buying and selling inflatable girls doesn’t break the law.”
Just as Tang Rui’s face was still ugly, the lady still opened the door of the warehouse.
A warehouses full with girls.
There are seven or eight lying on a shelf.
There is ice and ice models, there are children’s money, there are fairy girls, and some ocean horse models.
Very rich.
One by one lying on the shelves of the warehouse, some naked, some dressed in clothes, all look like a selection.
“These are all valuable.”
The lady said as she swayed the key chain:
“It’s all semi-silicone, and it’s not the same as the completely inflated junk outside. You see how true these girls’ faces are.”
The lady swung the key ring that resounded like a rain to make the ears of the four people listen.
Falling on their face is tears.
Social sinister, trust between people?
“Do not be shy, go ahead and take a girl.”
The lady pointed to the warehouse and said:
“Hurry up, otherwise it would be bad if there were bugs coming into the warehouse.”
Sao Wen said with anger:
“It’s not good?”
The lady made it sound to Sao Wen who is a little confused.
“This is the case.”
Sao Wen took out the leaflet of the Internet Cafe and pointed to the cos picture of the girl who was found online.
“Oh, I know, this is there she is.”
The lady said with a smile and took out a big box from the shelf of the warehouse.
“Mrs will not lie to you.”
The lady said as she took out a few costumes for singing in the countryside from the box and showed it for the four people:
“If you like it, you can give this to the girl. They are put, if you wear the girl by yourself. You really do not have false propaganda, and you just miss the most important part!”
Sao Wen and Zhu Longlong looked at each other, and then Zhu Longlong hesitated and asked:
“Mrs. we are online, we don’t want any girl, can you refund?”
When Aunt Zhu Longlong heard this, her face changed and she shouted:
“Scorpion; home ownership!”
“What the hell!”
A black, naked upper body, a body of a large man like a stone, picked open the door curtain of the house in the courtyard and leaked half of his body out.
The four men looked at the muscles on the arm of Big Man, and then looked at the fat on the arm of Tang Rui, and found that the muscles of the big man were bigger than the fat of Tang Rui.
“Mr. it’s okay, we will ask if the four single rooms that were set before can be replaced by a quadruple room.”
Sao Wen quickly responded and asked the lady:
“Mrs, we changed our minds. The money does not retreat, is to ask can you change the single room to a quadruple room?”
“The difference is not refundable.”
The lady said coldly.
“Can, no problem.”
“That’s good, all dolls are sensible.”
The lady heard that Sao Wen did not refund the money, and her face immediately laughed and blossomed.
“Come on and pick the girls.”
The lady pointed to the warehouse.
“Who is digging the pit is responsible for burying.”
Frank pushed Sao Wen and Zhu Longlong:
“You two go in and take us two dolls with you by the way.”
Sao Wen and Zhu Longlong burst into tears and casually took four silicone dolls out of the warehouse and nodded to the lady.
“Would you like Kaspre’s clothes?”
The lady asked at the costume in the box?
“No need.”
Sao Wen and Zhu Longlong shook their heads decisively.
The lady led the four men back to the second floor, then opened a partitioned door on the second floor, indicating the four can went here.
This partition is almost only about fifteen flats.
There were two computers on both sides, four small mattresses in the middle, and a thin blanket on the ground.
The environment was not good, but it was not too dirty.
“I am going to give you drinks and food.”
The lady said, she turned and left.