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M.I.H. G Chapter 111 : Sadness and Succession

Watching the lady go out, Frank did not say anything, picked up a silicone doll and put it in Sao Wen’s arms.
“Not fearless, come on, please start your performance.”
“Where did I know the so-called girl would be a silicone doll?”
Sao Wen said, pinching the chest of the silicone doll in his arms, and then said:
“The feeling of the hand feels good ah, a hundred Yuan a night also, still.”
Sao Wen looks at Rui Geer and Frank and says that:
“I want you to perform the piston movement in person, I can’t say any more.”
As soon as the eyeballs turned, Sao Wen saw Zhu Longlong, who tried to reduce his sense of existence he pointed to Zhu Longlong:
“This is not my pot today. It is the fault of Zhu Longlong. He started it.”
After Sao Wen finished, he, Frank and Rui Geer the three people turned their eyes to Zhu Longlong.
“I heard that you didn’t need paddles for boating.”
“I heard that you didn’t need the wind to sail.”
“You said that your life depended on the waves.”
The three people looked at Zhu Longlong seriously.
“Now the waves are over, what should we do?”
“I, that oh.”
Zhu Longlong knows that the pot must be thrown today, but who should he throw it at?
Zhu Longlong made a snap and said to the three people:
“I am also a victim. A friend introduced it to me. By the way, I will be looking for this friend.”
Zhu Longlong said he started to make a phone call when he pulled out his mobile phone.
At this time, the lady also took a small bag of snacks, four bottles of water and four sets of sleeves.
They were placed on the table for the four people.
“It’s fun to eat.”
The lady’s smile is like a spring breeze, but if it is not considering this lady has a tower-like man, the four people have long gone up and asked the black-hearted boss to pay back their hard-earned money.
At this time, Zhu Longlong’s phone was opened, and Zhu Longlong quickly opened the hands-free, so that everyone could hear the sound clearly.
Zhu Longlong expressed strong dissatisfaction and protest after a long period of disapproval of the friend’s righteous words on the phone.
After a long day of phone calls, the voice was slow.
“Brother, it was you who spoke in front of me; it’s no hard to share and to be happy to share, I think I was not very lucky to be able to share with you recently. So, this is not a brother act. You cheated a few days ago, so I quickly caught you in a trap to make you feel the same for all the friendship between us brother.”
“In the end, this pot is still yours.”
Zhu Longlong hung up the phone and looked at the three roommates. He waved his hand and said:
“I can’t say anything. I am going to the open account to forgive me tonight. Let us eat chicken. I am a transporter, and I am your soldier. I am your bound milk.”
“Is this finished?”
Rui Geer looked at Zhu Longlong and seemed not very satisfied with this compensation.
He was looking forward to the girl doll sat on the leg while playing games. How high is the style?
But now the girl has become a silicone doll, put this doll on the thigh and play games, it is abnormal.
“What do you want me to do? The chrysanthemum is so young, please let it go.”
Zhu Longlong pretended to play poorly, and the accompaniment of a burst of music also sounded at the right time.
“When did you become a man with BGM (background music)?”
Frank looked at Zhu Longlong strangely asked.
“Yeah, where is the BGM?”
Zhu Longlong himself felt very strange, but his eyes went to his hand, only to find out that his cell phone rang.
Zhu Longlong quickly looked down at the phone and found it was a WeChat video call request.
So, he passes his index finger on it and a snoring action on the other three.
“Point your finger to the phone and turn it on.”
“My wife, good.”
Zhu Longlong saluted the screen, with his honest and loyal look, quite a kind of look that makes this guy very reliable.
“Okay, don’t pretend.”
The video was short, looking at some boys the good-looking girl waved her hand.
It is indicated that Zhu Longlong is not installed.
“Where are you?”
the girl asked.
“Reporting at my wife as an adult man, I am exercising my nerve reaction ability in the Internet Cafe, staying up late and willingness to prepare for future sexual life.”
“Really? In the Internet Cafe? Can I watch it?”
Zhu Longlong’s girlfriend saw the wall of the partition and felt it was not like an Internet cafe.
“This is a private room.”
Zhu Longlong quickly swept the four computers in the room with his mobile phone, proving it was indeed an Internet cafe.
“This Internet cafe looks very advanced.”
Zhu Longlong’s modest answer.
“I don’t mean anything else.”
The girl in the video claps and said:
“It’s a raid to check if you have any waves tonight.”
“In my heart, I always remember my wife’s instructions. Where there are many women, men play wrestling. Please check with confidence.”
Zhu Longlong looked good.
If he had not been a roommate for four years, and they were clear to them, Frank’s three friends were really easy to be fooled by him.
However, it is obvious Zhu Longlong’s girlfriend knows Zhu Longlong than Frank.
“You have done it, don’t pretend.”
The girl looked at Zhu Longlong with a look of disgust:
“I don’t know you, the more you do the bad things, the more serious I am.”
“I don’t dare to be a servant.”
Zhu Longlong bowed his head.
“Then you play first, when can you get up tomorrow?”
“Three or four in the afternoon, what happens?”
Zhu Longlong twitched in his heart and felt something bad was going to happen.
“Yes, I know. I will have a train ticket at noon tomorrow, about 5 o’clock to Haiping, you will pick me up at the train station.”
“No problem.”
Zhu Longlong first agreed to it, and then felt that something was wrong.
Why is she coming suddenly by train?
“Wife, you have no class tomorrow?”
Zhu Longlong asked.
“Yes, I do.”
The short-haired sister-in-law, while bowing her head and fiddling with her fingernails, said:
“But my husband now needs to rely on inflatable dolls to comfort themselves. If I can’t go any further, will I not be in a lower position at home is lower than the aircraft cup in the future?”
Zhu Longlong remembered there were four silicone dolls on the ground.
When he used his mobile phone to scan the four computers, he also swept the silicone dolls on the floor.
Although Zhu Longlong’s girlfriend did not distinguish between the inflatable doll and the silicone doll, the purpose of both can be understood at a glance.
“Wife. Listen to me explain!”
Zhu Longlong was about to cry and sullenly explain.
“To explain, wait until I come to the table tomorrow, let me talk.”
The short-haired girl shook her hair and said:
“Remember tomorrow, don’t oversleep.”
After Zhu Longlong’s girlfriend finished talking she hung up the video call, leaving Zhu Longlong felt that he was going to be in trouble.
The other three people looked at Zhu Longlong with a broken face and coughed together tacitly.
After all, they heard the legend of Zhu Longlong’s girlfriend, and she was a strange woman.
Frank was embarrassed to pat Zhu Longlong’s shoulder:
“Brother, the festival is sorrowful.”
Frank’s voice just fell, and his cell phone on the desk rang.
Frank took it up and saw it as a penguin video request.
The other penguin number notes, my little sister!