My Inseparable House Guests My Inseparable House Guests
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M. I. H. G Chapter 112 : Evil

The sky is good for reincarnation what can happen to your friend can also happen to you.
Frank saw the video call request, in order to avoid the same tragedy as Zhu Longlong, quickly waved his roommate to hide the silicone doll.
But where is this big place, where can I hide it?
In just a few seconds, the four people suddenly broke out with unprecedented wisdom.
They lifted four small tables that were placed on the computer directly.
The four people were basically back to back, and then they took the silicone doll as a bench. Under the body.
In this case, although there is no way to completely hide the silicone doll.
As long as Frank does not shut up, the cell phone is held horizontally, but if he holds it vertically, she can see the silicone doll.
After packing all of this, Frank rushed to the video before Lin Xiaoxin canceled the video request.
Lin Xiaoxin appeared in the camera with a bag while she was eating chips.
Frank blocked all the scene with his own half body, and then waved to Lin Xiaoxin:
“Why, it suddenly occurred to me that we need to inspect guards.”
“Why do you have it?”
Lin Xiaoxin frowned and said:
“I have something to tell you.”
“Then I will be wrong.”
Frank touched the back of his head with a giggle.
“I am too lazy to check your post and have confidence in your looks.”
“It hit people.”
In order to appear natural, Frank leaned his mobile phone against the computer screen, so that the lens would be above an oblique angle.
Frank’s face could be seen, but the following picture could not be seen.
“Where are you?”
Lin Xiaoxin saw Frank and behind him his roommates who were playing serious games.
“Internet cafe, this is not the end of the defense, so come over and relax.”
Frank nodded.
“I don’t want to eat instant noodles in the evening, see if there is a 24-hour convenience store nearby to buy some porridge.”
Lin Xiaoxin said to Frank:
“And don’t drink coffee or red, drink some light tea or milk, it is best to eat some vitamins at this time.”
“Well, I know.”
Frank hurried and nodded.
“Yes, pay attention to keep warm. At night, the cold is heavy, don’t be frozen.”
“Reassured, not once or twice, how can you have no experience?”
“Your experience is that you can stay up for twelve hours today, and you want to stay twenty-four hours next time.”
Lin Xiaoxin looked at the other three roommates who were huddled with Frank, and then whispered:
“If the roommates smoke, remember to open the window.”
Although Lin Xiaoxin’s voice is small, the other three roommates just pretend to play the game.
Frank has no headphones, so they heard Lin Xiaoxin’s words.
Sao Wen had already torn a pack of cigarettes.
After hearing Lin Xiaoxin’s words, Sao Wen hesitated and took out half of the smoke and coughed twice, indicating that Frank had to end the dog food distribution activity.
“Hurry up. Play the game.”
After all, the four people are so uncomfortable.
Sitting above the silicone doll, the irregular silicone pad is under the fart.
It is inevitably a bit confusing.
So, Frank quickly asked:
“Yes, Xiaoxin, you said something to me before, yes?”
“Almost forgot.”
Lin Xiaoxin stuffed potato chips into her mouth, and then chewed it into slag at the fastest speed.
While eating, she said with a slightly vague voice:
“I have social practice this week, and I can’t come over. and you?”
“Would you like me to look for you?”
Asked Frank.
“You don’t have to come over.”
Lin Xiaoxin said:
“I am not at school on weekends. I have to go out with my teacher, but I have no classes this week from Monday to Wednesday.”
Lin Xiaoxin said she had fingers than a pair of rabbit ears on the head.
“I’ll come to you then.”
Frank nodded, and then said to Lin Xiaoxin:
“I will pick you up by then.”
Although this week there will be a guest, Frank doesn’t know who he is.
However, Frank always thought that if he could trust the guest if he was kinder and more harmless, he could entrust him to Xiao Hei or Lao Bo, provided they do not go away more than 300 feet apart.
If it is a little dangerous, then look at how to deal with it.
After finishing the business, the two said a few words.
When Frank planned to hang up the video call, Lin Xiaoxin suddenly pointed to a thing on Frank’s desk and asked:
“That, it seems to be something that is not suitable for children?”
What is not suitable for children.
Frank heard Lin Xiaoxin’s words and suddenly thought of it.
The lady of the Internet Cafe gave the four people a condom, and it was placed on the table!
Frank looked at the direction of Lin Xiaoxin’s finger and found out that there are four condoms.
Selling hemp skin!
You can get a silicone doll, and you will also get a condom!
Frank was down at the time.
The other three roommates heard the words of Lin Xiaoxin, and they all straightened their bodies.
Of course, they will not feel nervous about Frank.
They are waiting for Frank to roll over and look at jokes!
But who is Frank?
The old driver who braked his foot.
Immediately after the brain turned, immediately took the small bag of the condom and said to Lin Xiaoxin:
“This is a balloon, and you didn’t blow it when you were a child, it can be blown up.”
“You are a big man.”
Lin Xiaoxin licked his double ponytail and looked at Frank.
“Am I silly, if I am silly, I believe you or when you are silly?”
“Hey, what about a joke.”
Frank said, immediately changed his clothes and mysterious expression, said to Lin Xiaoxin in the video:
“I tell you; this thing can’t only be the kind of role you imagined. It can also ward off evil spirits.”
Lin Xiaoxin looked at Frank with an angry eye and felt his boyfriend was stupid because he could not find a good excuse, and the words of evil spirits came out.
Frank did not panic at this time, took out his wallet and put the condom into his wallet.
He said to Lin Xiaoxin:
“The game has been lost recently, so I bought a condom and put it in my wallet.”
I just took it out when I said it to my roommate.
Frank said that while on the computer, he knocked on the sentence of the condom in the wallet clicked on the search, and then showed the search page to Lin Xiaoxin.
“Do you see it yourself? I have not lied to you; this is really a function of evil spirits.”
Frank said while he was on the computer, he had hit the condom phrase on the keyboard and had clicked on the search, then showed the search page to Lin Xiaoxin.
“How do you guys believe in superstition than our women’s cosmetics?”
“I have slumber, I want to sleep, remember sleeping earlier tomorrow after dark falls. You will come to me; you have to sleep in a short time.”
“Baby good night.”
Frank sent a kiss to Lin Xiaoxin, she made a kiss out of thin air and then hung up the video.