My Inseparable House Guests My Inseparable House Guests
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M. I. H. G Chapter 113: kills

Looking at the video call hanging up, Frank was relieved, and he leaned back to the back, feeling his whole person had just come down from the battlefield.
Sao Wen pounded Frank with his elbow.
“You are full of on-the-spot reaction ability, why when you eat chicken we didn’t see you so smart?”
“I’m telling the truth.”
Frank said with a thick face:
“I didn’t want to do anything tonight, just to find a girl to play with the game. I didn’t think about bad things in my heart, so I didn’t panic naturally.”
Sao Wen pointed to Zhu Longlong and Frank:
“You two have family rooms, just blow here. If you are chaste, why don’t you say it when you come?”
“This is not to accompany you both.”
Zhu Longlong moved the computer desk back, and then said:
“I just want to find a girl to play games.”
Sao Wen said.
“Fake seriously.”
Tang Rui added.
“You have to believe me.”
Zhu Longlong looked at Sao Wen and said:
“I am so miserable. which of you has a soft keyboard to lend me tomorrow, and I have to carry the keyboard to my wife tomorrow.”
“Mine is mechanical.”
Frank raised his hand:
“Choose one red axle and one tea axle for yourself.”
“Mine is Microsoft’s ergonomics, and the shape you feel is comfortable to lend to you.”
Sao Wen raised his hand.
Zhu Longlong looked at Tang Rui:
“I heard that you had a static capacitor?”
“Get out of here.”
Tang Rui immediately said:
“My keyboard is my girlfriend, If you dare to kneel, I’ll try my best to find you one.”
Frank said to Zhu Longlong:
“I will give you a suggestion can you listen to it.”
“Say it.”
“You go to the cake shop to order to make a custom-made keyboard cake, and then go to her and ask for sorry. Lets you kneel. You tell it is specially bought for her. You, can’t you help kneeling. No way on the line.”
“Yes, this is the way.”
Zhu Longlong quickly opened the computer and searched for the cake shop in the same city to see if he could buy a keyboard cake.
“Sure enough, it’s an old driver.”
Sao Wen took a photo of Frank and said:
“I have never admired anyone in my life, but now you have something I admire.”
“The girlfriend of his family is so simple, not like my girlfriend.”
Zhu Longlong said while checking the information.
“It’s not easy to coax her.”
“What’s all that nonsense about?”
Frank opened the computer and then threw the silicone doll under the stock. He threw it into the corner of the room and said, “Hurry and play the game.”
Frank turned on the computer, and then threw the silicone doll under his buttock at random into a corner of the room and said:
“Come and play the game now.”
The other people threw the silicone dolls aside and then turned on the computer to start playing the game.
Although the doll girl is sitting big, the legs can’t link.
What must happen has happened.
We can’t go back at this dark night, so we just have fun playing an all-night game and tomorrow we take a taxi to go back.
At this time in Lin Xiaoxin’s dormitory, Zhou Keke lying on the bed, watching Lin Xiaoxin hang up the video said:
“Small brain pill, you found a set on your boyfriend’s desk and you let go, maybe when they finish the gameplay. Someone opens the house. Why don’t go to the place for a raid?”
“You’ve watched too many TV plays where they made a surprise attack?”
Lin Xiaoxin got out of bed and began to wash his face.
Zhou Keke said with disappointment:
“Some of the TV series is also true, such as catching Xiaosan.”
Lin Xiaoxin untied her own double ponytail and her hair draped over her shoulders, then rubbed her hair and did not speak.
On the side of Zhou Wei, she walked over and took the face of Zhou Keke:
“It’s a little fairy. She looks like a bitch and learns from others to catch a third child.”
“He went out to play alone, and if he had not dared to have fun he would not have done two things at once, as long as I’m not blind, I’ll certainly see him.”
Lin Xiaoxin said vaguely as she brushed her teeth:
“I trust him, his own heart does not point the number b, he holds in the hands a treasure, I also grab this little treasure, he venerates me so much.”
Xiaoxin looks silliest in the dormitory.
Zhou Wei sat at the bed of Zhou Keke and said:
“In fact, your heart is clear, the dumbest is now behind me.”
“I am the stupidest?”
Zhou Keke pointed at herself.
“No, I always thought the pills were simple.”
“Simple and stupid are not connected.”
Zhou Wei looked at Zhou Keke and said:
“For example, there is no connection between your chest and IQ.”
“Don’t touch me.”
Zhou Keke saw Zhou Wei’s eyes, and subconsciously turned his chest and turned to kneel.
“Yesterday I called my husband, but today I won’t touch him.”
Zhou Wei smiled and looked at Zhou Keke, but did not start:
“Say a good touch.”
“There are no clothes to wear when you are older.”
Zhou Wei whispered:
“How can you not let me model you?”
“You two.”
Lin Xiaoxin brushed his teeth and looked at Zhou Keke and Zhou Wei:
“The next time I talk about the big things, go out and say, there is a simple little public here.”
“Got it, Princess Royal Taiping.”
Zhou Keke and Zhou Wei both said at the same time.
At 7 o’clock in the morning, the end of the night, Frank blinked turned to look at the sleepy Tang Rui and Sao Wen and Zhu Longlong still do not feel happy.
At seven o’clock in the morning, at the end of the night, Frank rubbed his eyes, turned his head and took a look at Tang Rui, who was sleeping soundly, and Sao Wen and Zhu Longlong, who still did not feel happy.
“Let’s go home,”
Frank said with a yawn:
“I don’t know if I can get a car.”
“It will be difficult to estimate at this time.”
Zhu Longlong pushed the sleeping Tang Rui to push him up.
” have a long to , ‘ take a break, there is a bus stop in of , and can directly to the by .”
“Let’s do it.”
Frank and Sao Wen nodded, then went straight out of the Internet cafe, squatting at the still sleepy Rui Geer and began to walk toward the station.
After a walk, to a corner in the roadside full of tall grass.
Rui Geer suddenly said:
“I’m going to pull a trumpet. My stomach hurts.”
Frank took out a packet of paper from his pocket to Rui Geer and asked:
“You can do it alone. Don’t pull it and fall asleep.”
“How can it be?”
Tang Rui went to the depths of the barren grassland and began to put on a large size.
Frank’s and the others turned his back to him and started chatting.
But after waiting for twenty minutes, Tang Rui had not returned yet.
The three thought that he would really fall asleep.
If his head was poked on the trumpet, he would just pull, several of them would not have to go back.
So, Frank shouted at the depths of the wild grassland:
“Tang Rui!”
“I, I am.”
A slightly flustered voice came and then after a while, Tang Rui ran over with his open pants taking up by his hands.
“You shouldn’t really be half-sleeping.”
the trio said, looking at Tang Rui.
“No, no.” Tang Rui was sober at this time, but it seemed to be scared by something, stuttering and saying:
“I am scared to get up.”
“What’s wrong?”
Frank asked:
“Is there a snake on the ground?”
Tang Rui said, gasping:
“Yes, murder!”