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M. I. H. G Chapter 114: Anecdote Escape

The words of Tang Rui made the three people surprised at the same time.
After all, living in a peaceful environment although often seeing pictures of murder in film and television works, or seeing relevant news in the news.
Most people still have not seen the scene of a murder in reality.
Frank hurried forward and took Tang Rui by the shoulder of the back, indicating that he should not be nervous, then asked:
“What did you see?”
“When I was on the other side squatting and it was not easy to take my mobile phone out of my pants. I got up and looked at the road in front of me …”
“I saw a car on the road stopped and a man pissing on the side of the road. Another car is driving at a particularly fast speed. She hit him very quickly, and the person was killed directly. “
“It’s a car accident.”
The three people were a lot of peace of mind.
This terrified fat man said so horrified that he thinks it was a murder.
Although the results are the same, the accident is unintentional, the homicide is intentional.
The nature of the two is different.
However, since it was a car accident, how could it scare Tang Rui out that much?
“And then?”
Frank then asked.
“Then the peeing driver was crushed under the wheels. I was scared, and I can’t go down. Then I saw a man coming down from the car, and he stood for a while…”
“Then he went back to the car and drove the car back near the died man. After a while, the man who was crushed under the wheel was brought into the car.”
Of course, the expression of Tang Rui was not so smooth.
Frank took a long time to understand the specific meaning that Tang Rui wanted to express.
How does it sound like a murder?
The words of Tang Rui made the other people nervous, but the four people were all nervous.
Thinking it might be a hit-and-run case.
After all, if this was really a murder, things would be too rough.
Although there is no camera nearby, it is always necessary to drive the car to the section with the surveillance camera.
When the police determine the time of the case, they can be compared one by one.
So, Frank asked Tang Rui to quickly record; The color of the car that hit the person, what kind or model is there and the number of letters in the license plate number.
Tang Rui recorded in the memo of the mobile phone, and then the three people go through the wilderness.
They went to the place where Tang Rui saw the accident.
Halfway through Sao Wen, who was on the far right, suddenly yelled:
The three nervous people were suddenly shocked by Sao Wen’s actions and looked around.
After confirming there was no danger, Zhu Longlong looked dissatisfied and said to Sao Wen, who was standing in the same place:
“You yelled like the dog. Shit, why did you suddenly bark?”
“I think I stepped on the remains of a dog.”
Sao Wen lifted his foot and let the three people look at it.
Sure enough, the soles had some smelly smells, and they were still very fresh.
Tang Rui looked down at the ground and said embarrassedly:
“This seems to be the one I just pulled.”
“Come and wipe the trough for me, please.”
When Sao Wen heard that, he wants to run over and fight for his life.
While Tang Rui ran forward. If he suddenly gave Sao Wen a kick, Sao Wen would be unlucky too.
Frank and Zhu Longlong looked at the mentally retarded two people running in front, worried about what the two men will do.
After all, the use of the routine in the thriller-horror film began after the pig teammates had begun to act alone.
So, Frank and Zhu Longlong quickly chased it up and chased it for a while. Sao Wen, who is usually too lazy to exercise, seems to be obese.
But the opponent Tang Rui who play the gym all the year round and play basketball gave Sao Wen a long exercise time.
Sao Wen rested on his knees.
Frank and Zhu Longlong wanted to go over and say hello, but they took a look at Sao Wen’s shoes and smelled the smell around them.
Think about it or forget it, then go ahead and shout for Tang Rui to stop.
At this time, the guys can also see the car parked on the side of the road.
This is parked halfway on the wasteland. Frank walked over and found there was no driver inside.
Frank squatted down again and looked at the ground around the car. He found there were scratches on the ground at the rear of the car.
Then the matter is very clear.
A driver driving a Regal, because of urgency in the middle of the road, stood on the side of the road to pee.
But at this time, according to Rui Geer’s statement is a white one.
He doesn’t know what is the model of the car who suddenly turned in the direction toward the peeing buddy, and then directly killed him.
Frank looked at the half of Regal’s car parked on the wasteland and found obvious bumps.
It seems that Tang Rui was wrong before.
The man who was hit has not died under the wheels, but he was afraid his car would block the car behind him.
He drives its car into the wasteland and stops sideways.
He then took advantage of the front half of the car to unfasten his belt and urinate.
At this time, a car suddenly rushed over and directly hit him on the front half of the Regal, sandwiched between the two cars.
Because Tang Rui did not see clearly, he thought it was under the wheels.
At this time, the driver of the car that hit the man reacted to the collision of himself.
When he gets off the car, he should be the find that the person who was hit has nothing to survive.
He may be driving in fatigue.
Or in a drunken state, he made a move to move the victim to the rear compartment and then drive to escape.
It should be a simple anecdote to escape.
“I will call the police. It’s a hit-and-run.”
Frank said to the other three roommates, he wanted to call the police when he took out his mobile phone.
“Wait a minute.”
Sao Wen came from behind and said to Frank:
“Do not call the police first.”
“What’s wrong?”
Frank asked Sao Wen.
“There are few people here, but there is a new countryside nearby. Let’s not call the police. Someone will come back and call the police. Don’t worry about it.”
“It’s no trouble to make a phone call.”
Frank said to Sao Wen.
“It’s no trouble to make a phone call, but we’re so sleepy at the moment. The police will have to take notes when they come. This one and that one will probably end up at noon and us can’t sleep. We are dying to sleep.”
Sao Wen looked at Frank.
“My girlfriend still has to come in the afternoon.”
Zhu Longlong patted his forehead and said.
“Let’s do this.”
Frank said to the three guys:
“I know people. I will call the police first, then call it to ask to talk about it. When the time, I let the police who came to see the scene. I just say a few words in a hurry. I will stay, you three go first.”
“Why can we go first?”
Sao Wen said:
“If you have a relationship, you can do things. When you let them, ask questions casually, and it is not a big case to escape from the accident. I will tell what I saw. The rest is nothing to do with us.”
“Well, it’s OK.”
Frank nodded, then called the police, said clearly the passing of the incident and gave Fang Cheng a call, let Fang Cheng see who of the police came out.
The trustee said doesn’t take the few people to go to the police station to make a transcript.