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M. I. H. G Chapter 115 : Photo

After reporting the accident to the police, Frank looked at his three roommates.
They squatted in one place to try to calm down a bit.
Frank is calm.
He walks around the place to see if there is another thing worthy of mentioning.
Because of fear of destroying the crime scene, Frank only dared to look around the car.
When he walked to the rear part of the Regal car, he saw a small envelope a palm-sized size being placed upon the grass at the rear of the car.
Frank turned his head and looked at his three roommates who were chatting and didn’t pay attention to him.
Then he takes the small envelope and opened it.
There are three photos in the envelope, and the person in the photo is very familiar.
Chen Hao.
This is three photos of Chen Hao’s different angles, of which one on the side it can see Frank’s half-face exit.
It should be taken when he was in the village a few days ago.
Is the person who is in trouble with Chen Hao?
Frank was shocked.
The envelope was thrown at the rear of the car, and it could be the victim’s thing, because, after the collision, the contents of the pocket fell out, and then the driver because he was nervous, so he did not notice.
The victim’s things fell out.
However, this thought was only negated by Frank himself when he flashed in Frank’s mind.
The person involved in the accident is certainly not Chen Hao, because Tang Rui said that the victim was out to pee when he was hit, so unless Chen Wei is a big carved boy, so it can’t be her.
And when he thinks in another way, if this envelope with photos is the one on the anecdote.
When Chen Hao drove a car and go down to carry the body, she accidentally dropped his photo here.
However, it seems unlikely.
Even Rui Geer misjudged the sex of the perpetrator.
The human body is very heavy, and Chen Hao does not necessarily have the ability to carry the body to the rear compartment.
Moreover, in the capacity of Chen Hao, even if she has really hit this person, the first reaction is definitely to call the family and then make plans, she absolutely not stupid enough to move the victim’s body onto its own car.
If it is discovered by the traffic police, it is not easy to deal with it.
Frank once again looked at the envelope with the photo and found that the envelope was like a simple paper.
There was no mark on it.
The photo in the envelope was very clear and there was no trace of ps or beauty.
It was made directly after the filming.
It should have been taken with a video camera.
Frank inferred the angle of the photo according to the picture of the photo.
I recalled the scene of the day, which should be taken by the waiter of the village.
It seems that the person who owns this photo may not know Chen Hao at all, but he needs to find Chen Hao for some reason.
Therefore, in order to avoid the situation of looking for the wrong person, he will get a picture of Chen Hao who do not lie to him, so that he can directly recognize Chen Hao.
After all, the photos sent by the waiter of the village have more or less passed the ps, which is inconsistent with the real person.
Frank thought for a moment and finally decided to put the envelope together with the photo into his pocket.
He foresaw that it was not so simple to know the identity of the victim of this accident case.
Since he also has half of his face on the photo and Chen Hao’s photo has no effect on this case, Frank does not know for some reason he initially wanted to hide the existence of the photo.
If they really need these photos in the future, then Frank hands in the photos to Fang Cheng.
After a while, two police cars and a trailer drove over.
The policeman who led the investigation just happened to see Frank and the other friends.
In the police car, the four people clearly explained what they saw.
And then the police specially stopped a taxi and sent the four people back to return to the school.
When the taxi drove to the neighborhood where Frank lived, Frank got off the car first, and then let the three roommates go back first.
Back home, Frank took out the photo.
He takes a photo with his mobile phone and sends the picture to Chen Jian.
A few minutes later, Chen Jian called and asked Frank where the photo came from.
Frank said something about it.
Chen Jian immediately said that he would first ask the waiter of the village.
After finishing this, Frank looked at the watch and found it was already 11 o’clock at noon, so he went back to sleep in the bedroom.
At 6 o’clock in the afternoon.
Frank, who just woke up, received a call.
Zhu Longlong calls over and said that his target wanted to invite several people in the dormitory to eat and ask Frank to pass.
Frank went downstairs and just walked into the yard and met Ganzi, the landlord’s daughter who had not seen for a long time.
Ganzi ran all the way,
“Wait a minute.”
Frank thought of the last thing and looked at Ganzi with a headache.
“What happened.”
“You, you never returned my message last time.”
Ganzi bulged her mouth. Ganzi looked at Frank and said:
“Frank brother, beg you, give me the way to contact the little brother who was with you in the bedroom last time.”
“He studies in the United States, and occasionally came back, and now he has gone back.”
“You can also contact him in the United States.”
Ganzi said to Frank.
“Frank doesn’t think there’s no way to use penguins and Wechat abroad.”
“This is the case.”
Frank looked at the little girl who didn’t want to stop talking.
“That little brother has a girlfriend, so it is not convenient to add unknown and she will be jealous.”
Ganzi asked differently.
“What is straight?”
Frank’s thinking has not yet turned.
“It’s okay.”
Ganzi’s disappointed one waved and said:
“The contact method is not needed, so it’s a pity.”
Nowadays, high school students have what they have in their minds.
Frank looked at Ganzi, who turned and left, and then guessed what Ganzi’s words meant.
After opening his own Wuling Hongguang, Frank quickly rushed to the place where Zhu Longlong said to eat.
Yellow sauce shabu-shabu.
Frank glanced at the name of the store and determined that it was no wrong place.
So, he parked the car at the parking space at the door and then got off and went inside.
On a large table in the hall, Frank’s three roommates have already sat there.
There is a short-haired girl next to Zhu Longlong, she is Zhu Longlong’s girlfriend.
Frank walked over, Zhu Longlong introduced her girlfriend to Frank, and the girl reached out to Frank and said:
“Hello, my name is Liu Xi.”
“Hello, hello.”
Frank and Liu Xi took hands and sat down.
“That’s right.”
Frank sat down and suddenly thought of something. He asked the three people:
“Didn’t you say that the internship hospital would be allocated today?”
“You didn’t look in the group.”
Zhu Longlong said to Frank:
“The supervisor has something to do today. It’s delayed. It’s not allotted until tomorrow.”