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M. I. H. G Chapter 116: 0 Knife, and Thunder

“why suddenly it’s allotted not before tomorrow.”
Frank asked.
“Perhaps, it implies we should stuff him with money today and, it is time to give him a gift. Otherwise, the hospital will not allow us to go to the internship.”
Sao Wen on the other side made fun of it.
“Is your school so dark?”
Liu Xi looked at Sao Wen and asked.
“Aren’t they all the same everywhere, either rich or related, or it’s impossible to assign you a good place?”
“There is another one, or you can learn it yourself.”
Frank took a photo of his blog and then said:
“Don’t make a fuss about it. Maybe the supervisor is really busy. If you study well; You will surely be able to enter the third-class hospital…”
“But as long as you escape those classes, it is estimated that the supervisor will not assign you a better internship hospital.”
“Everywhere is not the same.”
Zhu Longlong said alongside.
“It’s all in the past when it’s free labor, or it’s the kind of money that needs to be paid.”
“Everything is the same.”
Before Frank had spoken, Liu Xi shoved Zhu Longlong, and then angrily said to him:
“I asked you to add five thousand Yuan to your supervisor and let him get your internship hospital to your piece. You can see me conveniently at that time. Did you give it the money?”
“Don’t be angry, don’t be angry.”
Zhu Longlong quickly touched Liu Xi’s head and said:
“I gave it to him. I gave it.”
“The sleeper, Zhu Longlong you actually have this kind of operation, why did not tell us in advance?”
Tang Rui looked at Zhu Longlong and shouted.
Frank heard Tang Rui’s words and quickly kicked Tang Rui’s foot below, and then jokingly said on the surface:
“What is the name of Zhu Longlong? It’s Pipilong. Zhu Longlong is our roommate. Don’t be big or small.”
Tang Rui remembered it wasn’t the usual bullying in the dormitory.
Now that Zhu Longlong’s girlfriend is here, how can he give Zhu Longlong some face?
So, Tang Rui quickly said:
“The language does not go with a slip of the tongue. I’ve eaten a lot of shrimp lately.”
Liu Xi said, looking at Tang Rui and Frank:
“You, don’t pretend in front of me. I don’t know what your boys are. You just don’t exist, you should blow, the foundation of the base.”
Sao Wen coughed twice, and his tone was sincere.
“Between us, it is really innocent.”
“It’s not that four years of roommates, based on a lifetime group.”
Liu Xi suspiciously looked at the four people.
“Then, my wife, if you don’t believe in my innocence.”
Zhu Longlong said to Liu Xi:
“I will prove it to you tonight.”
Zhu Longlong’s words immediately made Liu Xi blush.
After all, the tiger is also a girl.
She wants to pinch Zhu Longlong, but Frank looks at them, so she is not very embarrassed.
Tang Rui looked at Zhu Longlong and asked:
“You really stuffed money to the supervisor.”
“I have two thousand, but I have not more.”
Zhu Longlong said in a low voice:
“I took two thousand that day, and I found a file bag and put it in, and then went to his office the day before.”
“What did he say?”
Frank and the two friends curiously looked at Zhu Longlong.
“After I had given it to him, he touched the paper bag and asked what I wanted to do. I said that I wanted to go back to Xi’an to find a better hospital internship.”
“And then.”
“Then, he told me that Xi’an’s internship sites are not many, the third-class hospital is one. On the day when hospitals are allocated, we will count who wants to go to Xi’an. Then we’ll discuss it.”
“What does this mean?”
Asked Tang Rui:
“Does that mean he did not get enough money?”
“Not very likely.”
Frank said:
“It is estimated that it is not easy to say in the office, but the money is almost there. Wait until tomorrow to see.”
“You must give five thousand, and you have given two thousand.”
Liu Xi pinched Zhu Longlong and said:
“If you can’t come back to Xi’an, you see how I can clean you up.”
“Which can give him more money? These two thousand Yuan are all earned by my work. How much do I give to him? It is better to buy some cosmetics for you.”
Zhu Longlong reached out and took Liu Xi’s face and said:
“You see my wife has been haggard recently…”
“Where is it?”
Liu Xi was as sweet as eating honey, but she was pretending to be embarrassed.
“Zhu Longlong still has some means.”
Frank and the other people looked at the two persons who scattered dog food and immediately came up with this sentence in their hearts.
As it did not say before, Zhu Longlong’s girlfriend was a legend, because Zhu Longlong once talked about him and his girlfriend.
When they were in high school, the two-person only had a good impression on each other, but because Liu Xi was a little boyish, both of them treat each other as brothers.
As a result, in the second year of senior high school, Zhu Longlong changed his class too.
A headteacher was a middle-aged bald man with some color.
Teachers like to take advantage of female students consciously or unconsciously.
Once, this bald head still did not know which part of the brain was broken, and he was waiting for the students to go to class to study.
Watching Liu Xi, who had just been playing in the playground, wearing sports shorts passed in front of him.
He took her by a hand and then patted her shoulder.
Then he says with a dignity that Liu Xi should enter the class quickly and be more active in class.
Liu Xi hasn’t reacted yet.
Zhu Longlong was blown up at the time, and he smashed a bench and slammed his head on the face of the bald headteacher and gave him a flower.
As a result, it is natural that Zhu Longlong was called to the teaching office to respond to mistakes.
Although the bald teacher was wrong, some of the traditional concepts that have not been taken as a mess are not correct.
It was wrong for students to beat the teacher, no matter what the reason was.
At this time, there were students in the class who usually looked at Zhu Longlong’s eyes, and they ridiculed Zhu Longlong to say he was not worthy of respect.
As soon as Liu Xi heard it, she took a bench and took the male classmate a meal.
Then, the two of them were in the church of the victory.
Then, it’s all together.
Well, in fact, Zhu Longlong’s girlfriend is a teacher.
Just like a golden egg, licking, the golden egg cracked, a girlfriend jumped out and said to you, are you a boyfriend of the old lady?
At this time, the shabu-shabu was also brought up, and everyone chatted while eating.
In fact, Liu Xi’s coming over this time was not because some people thought it was Zhu Longlong’s account, but to determine if Zhu Longlong had set up a guide, and he could go to the top in one of the three hospitals in Xi’an for an internship.
After all, staying in Xi’an is simple, but it is difficult to stay in one of the top three hospitals in Xi’an.
Although the top three hospitals have many patients per day compared to other hospitals, it is foreseeable that they will be very busy during the internship.
But after all, the level of the top three hospitals is there, people, equipment, and other ordinary hospitals are not a level.
Even if you are used as a dog by a teacher, you can learn a little.
The university has been smashed for four years, the fifth stage bites at the throat.
Of course, like Frank, he has to find a doctor to find a hospital.
It is best to find a willing teacher to hand over things but tell the truth.
The medical student is not a profession that children of the average family can learn.
After all, from the moment of registration until becoming an official doctor who can earn a considerable salary, there is too much time and money to invest.
However, the irony is that in medical school, children of middle-class families are generally the most educated.
And there is money in the rich family in the background.
Unless the belief personal is high enough, otherwise, who will suffer to come to medical school.
There is a saying that persuading people to learn the law is a slap in the face, and persuading people to learn medicine and fight thunder.