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M. I. H. G Chapter 117: Pro-Aunt

After dinner, Liu Xi wanted to ask Frank and his friends to sing at KTV.
But Frank and his friends were wondering how long this little couple had not seen each other.
Frank, felt that there is a fire of dry wood and that they burn for a long time.
So, they did not bother to disturb them, and they all apologized for going home.
The next morning, the class supervisor asked everyone to go to class to talk about the practicum and inform everyone about things to do.
But when Frank passed, the supervisor was not present.
Only the team leader and the school committee are present, and they gave all the information about the internship so that the students could first talk about their intention, then establish statistics to see if there was an interaction.
Frank looked casually at the list of internship hospitals and discovered that while there are many hospitals in the emperor’s capital, they are very general hospitals.
These are very general hospitals.
After all, Haiping Medical University is not a reputable university, so it can be linked to the level of the internship hospitals that can be contacted which is also zero.
Since he will not go anywhere.
So, Frank called the team leader and learned the guide was in the guide room and went to the office to find it.
By the time Frank arrived, a crowd of students from all classes had been crowded in the supervisor’s room.
In this case, even if some school members really want to collect something, the students do not dare to take them.
Everyone in the school committee then tries to bitterly persuade students in conflict with others to see if they can change places or go back.
Discuss with people who are in conflict with each other to see who a party is willing to give up.
Frank walked over and his committee’s guide was sitting there helping other guides to persuade the students in other classes.
After all, he delayed the time by one day, so in the afternoon or tomorrow, the students in the class would flock.
Frank look for him.
Frank looked at what his guide had just wanted to say, and the guide said with enthusiasm,
“Frank, you come over to find me for self-linking.”
Frank nodded and answered.
“You are here.”
The committee’s guide said to Frank to stand in front of his desk and said to Frank.
“I thought were ready to come over yesterday. I didn’t expect to come today.”
Frank was thinking about how the leader knew he had come over and wanted to say something about himself.
The guide then said:
“Your father called me yesterday, told me about this matter, I heard your self-linked hospital is the 301 hospital of Emperor Du?”
“It should be, this is not very clear to me.”
Frank responded vaguely, he felt that because of this self-linked hospital, he was afraid that there was trouble.
“This is the case.”
The instructor looked warmly at the three good students in the class, not to a student who almost escapes most of the class in a week.
He said to Frank:
“Our students have never been to 301 for an internship, and students who have been able to find such an opportunity are usually very rare.”
This is also an affirmation of our school’s level of education.
Frank did not know what the director wanted to do, so he had to nod frequently.
“Then you’ll be a little tired when you get there and save the whole process of this internship in Hospital 301…”
“For example, the topics we need to pay attention to, what you saw in Hospital 301, or participated in. The highs and lows you saw…”
“Difficult surgical operations…”
“The general process is written, wait for the end of the internship, go back to school, we can write an internship note and send it to the students who will follow an internship in the future…”
“So that they can understand their future internship life and know what to watch out for.”
The guide said a lot of words, and then asked Frank, who did not discuss in the room at all.
“This is OK.”
“Yes, you can.”
Frank can also say he has not graduated yet, although his sister Fan Xuejie helped him balance all absentee records, and the guide’s heart certainly knew it.
If he does not want to say it. he is okay to slow down for half a year the school card’s own graduation certificate or find some small troubles that seem like a trifle.
Don’t look at the guide now just talking to Fang Ze.
If Frank does not agree.
It is estimated that the dean or a professor with a good relationship with Frank will come to find Frank.
And then have a friendly atmosphere but it is necessary to reach a goal.
‘This old man.’
Frank’s heart is a little blameworthy.
Although he said he wanted to self-organize.
The school will certainly ask to the hospital of the association and confirm it.
But he can simply find a general hospital to help him cover it.
Now the guide wants him to write general process.
Now he wants him to write intern notes.
Damn it, what Frank hates most is to write this kind of thing similar to the composition, three points of personal experience and seven points of self-fabrication.
The guide saw Frank agree, and his face showed a satisfactory look, and then he said to Frank:
“The day after tomorrow, in the small auditorium of the school, there will be a party for senior students…”
“Because of you a good senior student at our school, you will take the award and take photos with other outstanding seniors. You must remember to come and join us.”
The day after tomorrow, it seems that Lin Xiaoxin has no time to come to play, so Frank replied:
“Director, I have friends coming to the day after tomorrow I have already made an appointment, I am afraid I have no time.”
The leader smiled and looked at Frank.
“It doesn’t matter. This party is not an internal party. Just bring her with you. There is a dance after the party. You can dance.”
“The dean Jiang is a thousand ding-dong orders, so I must take you over. Let me just take you to the past, you and Jiang Dean’s relationship is also good, you do not want to let Jiang Dean disappointed right?”
The instructor then added.
What Frank can say can only be promised.
These instructors are students who have not graduated for a long time.
What Frank thinks in his mind is clear to them.
Coming out of the supervisor’s room, Frank took out the phone and hung up a phone to his father.
He just wanted to complain to his father for comrades were not strict in their work and caused trouble for himself.
However, the phone had indicated that the battery was low, and the phone had been shut down.
When he opened it, he was old-fashioned it was his father who sent it.
‘Today, I had a public meeting in the morning with my family, I went for a swim in the afternoon, I had a big meal in the evening and I went to the movies to watch a movie…’
‘The activities of the day are fully full and scheduled. To avoid any inconvenience, the phone is configured in the airplane mode. Please do not disturb in any way. Unless the Earth explodes.’
Below this paragraph is a picture of Fang Ze’s father and mother. The following comments still have a sentence that Frank can see from the beginning of WeChat:
Your daughter looks really good.
It’s really a parent, and such a relative of Frank, would not be afraid that they would be deceived by this kind of fraudster who said that your son had been kidnapped.
Liars must also contact the first.
Frank returned home and called Lin Xiaoxin to talk about the arrangement of the day after tomorrow.
Lin Xiaoxin did not have any objection. She readily agreed and said she just bought a new dress, which just came in handy.
On Sunday, the new guest is coming in the afternoon. Frank is screaming at this fat orange tangerine.
He wants to ask him what kind of guests he has arranged for himself.
Is it kind of good care?
You can just drop whatever you don’t have to worry about.
In case there is another type similar to Hannibal, it is felt that they really necessarily have to split in two to take care of it.