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M. I. H. G Chapter 118: Are you a man? 1411

Frank sat in the living room waiting for new guests to come to the door.
At this time, a phone call suddenly came over.
It is Fang Cheng.
Frank connected the phone and Fang Cheng’s voice passes.
“Frank, the traffic accident and escape case you met last time, there is nothing you left out and that you have not said.”
When Fang Cheng said this, Frank thought of the photo at the time.
However, it is reasonable to say that when there is a car, it should be easy to confirm the identity of the victim who was hit at the time.
Regardless of whether the car was borrowed by the victim rented or is his own, it can be easily confirmed.
The photos should have no effect.
Then Frank hesitated to ask Fang Cheng:
“What’s wrong, is there something wrong?”
“It is indeed a problem.”
Fang Cheng said to Frank:
“The car the victim drove at that time was stolen.”
“Well, we checked the information of the car and found it was a stolen car that had been put on record in Lingyun City next door a few days ago.”
“So, the victim, maybe a thief?”
Frank asked.
“Whoever it , the is the Bureau has the that might have that , but the of who was can . There’s no way to confirm identity.”
Fang Cheng said in a low voice:
“The day the car was stolen in Lingyun, there was a man sentenced to death in a nearby prison, we do not know how he hurt the prison guard and escaped and we can’t find him. Now we have doubts about this escaped man sentenced to death was stealing the car, then hit by another car, killed and thrown to death.”
“In that case, the trouble would be great. The escaped prisoner could not be caught back, the car theft cases could not be solved. There was no legal offense for the victims in the case of causing an accident and escaping. A person likely to be a corpse is involved in three cases.
After listening to Fang Cheng’s words, Frank asked:
“I did not know before, did you discover the car that hit the gas that day? Did you find the person driving the car that same day?”
“This man is more embarrassing, a veteran in his thirties, he came by car because his mother was dead, and he went to the new campaign to attend his mother’s funeral. Although the surveillance photographed him passing at the time of the accident, his car hit a wall of the family as he rushed to his mother’s sanctuary…”
“When we found this man, his car had been handled by relatives of his family with some repair tools. Although we were pulling it to the police station for tracing identification, his car did not directly collide with the stolen monarch at that time, so the traces were not obvious. Now, even more so, there are no such ups and downs. I hope to find out something.”
“What about the body of the man who was hit?”
Frank then asked:
“If you went to the new countryside, the road would be very short and even if he throws the corpse you can find him.”
“I did not find it.”
Fang Cheng said crisply and neatly:
“Yesterday and this morning, we mobilized a lot of people. I don’t know how long I have been looking for a driver. So far, even a victim’s relics have not been found. Not to mention the body.”
“Even in the perpetrator’s house, in the warehouse?”
Frank then asked.
“I also found it. Except for his mother’s mourning hall, in the other places, we have searched and found nothing.”
“Will it be in the hall?”
Fang Cheng said crisply and neatly:
“Her mother’s mourning hall is a public chess room. The back of the mourning hall is next to a residential building. It is completely closed. There are his relatives in front of the mourning hall. In the guard, there is only the mother’s coffin in addition to the wreath.”
After listening to Fang Cheng’s words, Frank was also silent.
He can think of it, Fang Cheng can also think of it.
It must have been verified.
The problem now is, the body of the person who was killed under Tang Rui’s own eyes has now disappeared.
Even with some methods of handling the body, it is impossible to be within two days.
The body is cleaned.
Even if Frank shows the pictures and they can not find the body, all that is useless.
Therefore, Frank still did not talk to Fang Cheng about the body.
After they talked a few more words, they hung up the phone.
“The death penalty prisoner jailbreak, stealing the car, Chen Hao’s photo.”
Frank was sitting on the sofa and had a headache.
If you link it all together, it’s a bit of a black humor story of ‘Crazy Stone’.
The killer who was sentenced to death was helped by the mysterious forces and successfully escaped from prison.
The condition of the mysterious force is to ask the killer to kill Chen Hao.
So after the killer had got the photo of Chen Hao, he came to Haiping City to find Chen Hao.
As a result, he was peeing on the side of the road because of urgency and was killed by a passing car.
The thief has a few stories like Ning Hao plus Quentin.
Frank is hesitating to tell Chen Jian about this matter, and at this time the doorbell rang.
Frank thought about things in his heart and stood up to open the door.
What about the guest?
Frank looked straight ahead and found no one outside the door.
At this time, a small hand knocked on her waist.
Frank bowed his head, standing in front of his leg with pink carved jade, is a little Lolli that comes to my home.
“Hello, my name is Diana. The princess. Can I be a guest at your house these days?”
That’s very special can be.
Frank looked at this photo of casually taking a photo and sent it to the Internet.
He would be treated like a little Lolli, who sold the cute expression package.
He said:
“My name is Frank, welcome you. You can certainly be a guest at my house. Every day is fine.”
“Thank you.”
Little Lolli’s voice gave the impression of a marshmallow, which melted into the ear and slowly melted out to release the sweetness.
Little Lolli got the permission of Frank and walked into the living room.
At this time, Frank noticed Little Lolli wore the clothes of leather made in the ancient West.
Although the clothes are very simple, the photos of the handsome guys wearing uniforms on countless networks tell us that there are no ugly clothes in the world, only the value of clothes can’t be afforded.
So even with her outfit, this little Lolli’s face Frank can still give her a full score.
Not enough, Lolli can add another 20% of the value.
After all, it is justice.
Although this little Lolli is still very small, the appearance is like being blessed by the gods, the beauty is very innocent.
She was very curious about the decoration of the other side’s living room.
She looked at the right and looked at the left.
Then the gap went to Frank’s intent to stare at him.
So, she also cast her eyes on Frank’s body.
At this time, Frank realized he was a bit hentai.
After all, a truly qualified Lolli control should be a simple appreciator.
He could not make a move that made people feel uncomfortable, so he immediately put away his gaze.
Frank wants to ask this little Lolli to drink something.
Little Lolli looks at Frank and suddenly comes up with a sentence:
“Excuse me, are you a man?”