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M. I. H. G Chapter 119: Lollita version of Wonder Woman

Are you a man?

What does she mean?

Frank was a bit stunned at this time.

Was this little Lori suggesting something to herself?

The environment and atmosphere were not right?

Frank rushed out his own thoughts in his mind and began to recall all the actions of Diana, had been doing since she entered the door to now.

She seems curious about my room like she has never seen something in modern society.

She asks him if he is a man as if she had never seen a man.

So, she should live in a place where is only women, similar to the country of the daughters.

And the name.

How was Diana’s name so familiar?

Frank looked down at the ancient clothes on the Little Lolli and suddenly remembered.

Wonder Woman!

The name of the famous Wonder Woman is not it, Diana!

After losing, Frank went to the cinema a few months ago to see the Gal Gadot’s face. Otherwise, he couldn’t remember the name of the Wonder Woman.

This Little Lolli is Wonder Woman?

Frank looked at the face value of this little Lolita, and immediately confirmed the conjecture in his heart.

Diana, the magical heroine, was born to Zeus the king of all gods and horses and her mother was Hippolyta, the leader of the Amazonian people in Paradise Island.

Therefore, Wonder Woman is a half-god with blood, and the background of the birth of Wonder Woman Diana is also very unusual.

It is a template for the protagonist of a proper net novel.

When Hippolyta and Zeus resisted the invasion of Ares and protected the last Holy Island Paradise when Ares was weak.

Zeus and Hippolyta gave birth to the illegitimate daughter Diana, and Diana was half-god half-human.

Ares is actually quite unlucky.

One god has to face two savage sorcerers, one is the magical woman Diana who was blessed by the gods, and the other is Kratos the bald strongman who simply slaughtered the gods.

Because Diana was born with the beauty of the goddess of love and beauty, Aphrodite, so the value of the face will be so high.

Of course, in addition to the value of the face, other gods have also given Diana a variety of powerful forces.

In terms of strength, Diana and Superman should be similar.

However, because of the existence of the beautiful multi-cosmos, Diana’s setting is different in different versions.

Frank now wants to determine which version of this Wonder Woman is from.

Be aware that the comic version of Wonder Woman and the movie version of Wonder Woman are very different.

When the magic version of the movie version of DC was just beginning to appear, from the performance point of view, the strength is not too much change, and the comic version of Wonder Woman is life for more than 5,000 years, the first, the existence of a superhero.

And the comic version of Wonder Woman that year out of the first war involved in World War II, not the film version of World War I.

Of course, playing a few battles has nothing to do with the plot.

The only unlucky ones are the Germans.

They fight the Wonder Woman in World War I and fight Captain America in World War II.

It is estimated that there are 100,000 words to sell.

After recalling this, Frank smiled and looked at Diana Little Lolli.

“Well, yes. You can call me, my brother.”

Diana Little Lolli did not care about what Frank asked her to call him brother, but immediately opened her eyes and looked at Frank.

“Wow, I saw the man for the first time.”

“In fact, men and women are almost human.”

Frank looked at Diana Little Lolli and asked:

“Are you from Paradise Island?”

“Well, yes, how did my brother know?”

“Because my brother knows you very well.”

Frank knows Diana has the honesty of the sacred fire given by Hestia, and she basically does not lie, so she asked her directly:

“Your mother’s sister Antiope How is she doing recently?”

“Auntie Antiope is very good.”

Diana Little Lolli squinted and looked at Frank.

“She recently said that she wanted to train my fighting ability. I can find her to study when I go back.”

It seems that this Diana Little Lolli is a movie version of Wonder Woman which did not appear.

Frank was confirmed after hearing Diana’s answer.

Because in the manga version, before the birth of Wonder Woman, the Paradise Island where the Amazonians lived was subject to the jealousy of Ares.

Ares smashed his brother Heracles.

Who instigated his brother Heracles to use the plot to poison the food and successfully imprison the entire Amazonian people.

At that time, Hippolyte, who had contact with the gods, summoned the goddess Athena, who returned the freedom to the Amazon, but only if the Amazons could not pursue Heracles.

After Hippolyte agreed, the Amazon returned to freedom and Heracles left Paradise Island.

But Hippolyte’s sister Antiope did not agree to pursue Heracles’s practice and finally left Paradise Island with her supporters.

So, if this Diana Little Lolli is from the comic version, she can’t see her aunt Antiope.

Only in the movie version, Diana Little Lolli can see Antiope the female general of Paradise Island.

Yes, in the movie version of Wonder Woman, this stage has not begun to practice martial arts, although there are blessings of the gods.

In fact, it is an ordinary Little Lolli.

Do not have to worry about the whole sea level after she ran away the city was demolished.

Frank took a bottle of juice from the refrigerator and poured it into a paper cup and handed it to Diana Little Lolli.

“Come, your brother asks you to drink the juice.”

“Thank you, brother.”

Diana Little Lolli took the juice and glanced at it, then drank it.

Why do you want to take pictures?

Good thing, I want to take a picture.

Frank suppressed his impulse, just poured a cup for himself.

And then remembered that the identity of Diana Little Lolli is too strange if she goes out, so, he must first find a dress for her.

Because Lin Xiaoxin basically came over every week, so she also put a lot of clothes here.

Of course, although the little Lin Xiaoxin is very short, it is much taller than the little Lolita who is at most seven or eight years old.

It is estimated that the clothes don’t fit well, but it doesn’t matter.

Let’s make it up first, and then I will go out and buy one. It is this.

Frank went to the bedroom to find clothes.

And the orange cat saw a new guest at home and curiously jumped onto the table.

“Do you want to drink juice?”

Diana Little Lolli said with a glass of juice.

The big cat meows, then shook his head as if he could understand what Diana said.

“This is a good drink; don’t you like it?”

Diana Little Lolli chatted a paper glass in the hand with the big cat.

Although one is screaming, one is Lolita, but it does not prevent them from chatting very happy.

Frank found Lin Xiaoxin’s dress in the closet and looked at a little coat.

He was estimated that Diana Little Lolli could put on the coat, and then he came out with the coat.

At this time, Diana is having a good time chatting with Dixie.

What Frank wants to say, Diana first raised her head and said to Frank:

“Brother, this meow swears you abuse it.”