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M. I. H. G Chapter 120: Cross-Sex Taboos

“I abuse it?”
Frank looked at Dixie, but he was not surprised that Diana would speak the language of the animals.
After all, this Little Lolli was blessed by the gods, and the gods that bless him included the goddess of hunting, Artemis, who gave Diana the ability to communicate with animals and gave her super perception.
Enhances her vision, hearing, smell, taste, and touch.
“Yeah, I just said that you are holding his neck and saying something messy, like yelling at him.”
Frank was not very good at explaining, so he said to the Little Lolli Diana:
“No, I actually told it not to urinate anywhere.”
“You are dishonest.”
The Little Lolli Diana said to Frank.
“You are not talking about this at all.”
Ok? Frank wanted to ask, although Dixie could communicate with her, although it was impossible to understand what Frank was saying.
He suddenly remembered the Little Lolli in front of him, but she was born with a gift bag.
The goddess of wisdom, Athena, has given Diana’s superior wisdom and Athena’s vision, which gives her enhanced insight, can quickly perceive the emotional changes of others and gives her the ability to resist attacks on the mind, making most illusions and spirits.
Controlling is not effective for her, and ordinary mind reading is not effective for her.
To be honest, as for this kind of player, in the game of Earth OL, the stream of thinkers has to kneel when they see it.
This is no longer the concept of RMB players, but the system of relatives and daughters, directly from the background to change the data.
Fortunately, Frank and Diana are not playing with an earth OL.
But the problem now is that he still doesn’t lie to this little Lolli, so Frank honestly said that he was worried about coming to some more difficult guests, disturbing his girlfriend’s happy holidays.
Diana heard Frank’s words, and her eyes were extremely curious.
“Why is my brother going to have a girlfriend?”
Diana asked curiously.
“Well, why can’t I have it.”
Frank did not understand what Diana meant.
“My brother’s girlfriend is a girl.”
Diana then asked.
Frank nodded, Lin Xiaoxin is indeed a girl, and still pure.
“Is my brother not a man?”
Diana’s two index fingers were entangled.
The other side said,
“Is it not normal for girls to fall in love with girls and boys to fall in love with boys?”
It makes sense to say that it is a ghost!
Frank almost wanted to overturn the table.
Looking at Diana, who is pure in her eyes, Frank knows that Little Lolli should not lie to herself.
She really thinks this way.
So where is the problem?
At this time, the timeline of Diana’s side is the period of the colonial expansion of the major powers before World War I.
There will be no large group of corrupt women in modern times.
How can she have this idea?
Frank looked at Diana and suddenly thought that this little Lolli came from Paradise Island!
What is Paradise Island?
It is all Amazon women.
Although this group of Amazon women can’t give birth, they can live forever.
Diana is the only child on Paradise Island.
However, people will have desires and hopes.
The Amazons have the need for love even if they do not have the task of ethnic reproduction.
Hippolyta has a Zeus, but what about other ordinary Amazons.
The right hand is worn, and the friends are coming together.
Wrong, it should be Duke Huan of Zheng.
The author of Wonder Woman clearly stated that Wonder Woman is a bisexual, and her view of love, part of the lily comes from Paradise Island.
After all, the Amazonians women in Paradise Island are looking for men, and no man can use them.
Most of the people here have been lily for thousands of years.
Therefore, Paradise Island is actually a place where lily flowers bloom.
It seems that he has to teach Little Lolli the correct world view.
Frank looked at Little Lolli, seriously speaking to Little Lolli that the human beings of this world can have children.
So, although Little Lolli is infinitely good, they need heterosexuality to multiply although they can’t.
Although Frank’s speech was very brief, he still understood Little Lolli’s glimpse.
“It’s amazing.”
Little Lolli patted the palm of her hand and said to Frank.
“This kind of ban, which is different from different genders, is so great that love is born to make human beings multiply.”
I said that you understood what is wrong.
At this time, Frank’s phone rang again.
When he took out his mobile phone, it was Chen Jian.
Frank picked up the phone and went to the kitchen and took out a bag of potato chips, took it to Diana to eat, then put the phone in the room to answer the phone.
” Frank.”
Chen Jian’s voice passed over.
“I’m afraid I have to trouble you.”
“What’s wrong.”
Frank asked.
“I found out who took the photo here, but the day after the photo was taken, the waiter suddenly disappeared from the village.”
“Do you want me to help you find this disappeared waiter?”
Frank asked.
“Not this.”
Chen Jian said anxiously:
“It was Li Zihao who recently told me that someone who had a little grievance with our family who should have been sentenced to death had escaped from prison.”
When Frank heard Chen Jian, say this, Frank suddenly remembered the fugitive that Fang Cheng said that he had escaped from the city of Lingyun.
He hurriedly asked:
“Is that person being held in a prison in Lingyun City?”
Chen Jian went on to say:
“I now suspect that Chen Hao’s photo is given to the fugitive. Although our Chen family has a large population, there are two girls, and one is Chen Hao and the other is my sister…”
“If he Really to retaliate against Chen Hao, then you must find this person quickly.”
“But this person is probably just a corpse now.”
“When you want to see someone dead, you have to see the corpse.”
Chen Jian was obviously anxious to say to the other side,
“My father went abroad for inspection. Other relatives have been busy because of the Jiangsu-Zhejiang Group’s recent entry into Haiping, and there are many eyes. Staring at me…”
“There are very few people I can use here. I have an uncle named Hao who says that you are a very good friend. Can you please come over and help me find this person?”
Surname Hao.
It was the squad leader who supported Laosha that day.
Frank knew that the monitor and Chen Jian had talked about Bruce, so Chen Jian thought that Bruce has a secret department with a lot of energy.
So, the fact was urgent and Chen Jian rushed to Frank to ask Bruce to come out and to find this person.
After all, it’s obvious that the Haiping police have no way and can not do anything now.
Let me go and find Bruce.
Frank is a little bit smirking.
Bruce is very strong, after all, he can make the whole city’s criminals fear in the simple Gotham city, not ordinary people, can do it.
But Frank had to be able to invite him from Gotham City, and there is no bat searchlight on the top of the building home.