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M. I. H. G Chapter 121: What are you kids doing?

Although Frank has not invited to Bruce now but looking at Chen Jian’s state, Frank is also embarrassed to directly refuse.
So, he told Chen Jian that he will try to help him find someone and then hung up the phone.
As a result, Frank reminded Fang Cheng to ask him questions about the driver’s questioning about the accident and the location of his mother’s mourning room.
He recorded them one by one.
Frank knows his own truth for himself.
He’s getting ready to go out on his own to see if he can find clues.
And with the Little Lolli Diana, Frank can clearly tell whether a person is telling the truth or a lie, and it is more convenient to investigate.
But now he has to buy clothes for this little girl.
Frank went out of the bedroom and put Lin Xiaoxin’s coat, as a coat to Diana.
Then Frank crouched down in front of Diana and informed her of the need to pay attention to modern society, and she understood it well.
Diana soon understood it.
Pulling the little hand of the Little Lolli Diana to go out, Frank was ready to go downstairs, and he met the old man who threw out the garbage.
“Hey, there is a little girl.” The old man is still very seriously most of the time.
He didn’t adjust Frank but asked:
“Children of relatives?”
Frank nodded and admits, who knows Diana’s truth, he said directly:
“I am a friend of Frank’s brother and come to his house to be a guest.”
“My brother has a lollipop and raised a goldfish?”
The old man immediately followed the first two sentences of Diana and added the last sentence. He looked at Frank with suspicion.
He thought:
‘Is it not enough for this guy to have a legitimate Lolli at home, and where did he kidnap one?’
This little Lolli is not a legal Lolli like Lin Xiaoxin, but a real Lolli, absolutely in line with the highest standard of the death penalty.
Frank rushed to save the scene at this time.
“It was a friend who was sent to my house for a few days. Her aunt knows.”
Frank’s words are vague, and it seems that the old man’s understanding is that Frank’s very good aunt sent her daughter to sponsor at Frank’s home.
Although he does not know which aunt dared to send her daughter to Frank control.
In the perspective of Diana, Frank’s friend should be the one who sent her from Paradise Island, and her mother and aunt who left her must know.
As for her old man knowing, Diana didn’t know, because her mother told her that she was made of mud.
So even if Diana has Athena’s vision, there is no way to determine the authenticity of such vague words.
When he heard Frank say this, the old man was relieved.
He looked at Diana a few more times.
“This Little girl is so handsome; I think her aunt is very good.”
Frank worried that the old man had nothing to do with a few questions, so he quickly shifted the topic and asked him directly:
“How have you done video recently?”
“I have done two phases.”
said the old man.
“It’s okay now, with an average of more than 100,000 hits.”
“How many clicks?”
Frank asked in surprise.
“Hundreds of thousands of hits.”
The old man said:
“Of course.”
“Did you do two videos, the average number of hits is more than 100,000?”
Frank looked at the old man, thinking that until now it was discovered that this old man is still a genius for video.
According to this progress, it is not a problem to go up to the main peak of the main.
Frank and the old man chatted and took the elevator down.
Downstairs, the old man looked at Diana and asked,
“What is the name of this Little girl.”
“She is calling Ann.”
Frank said casually.
This time, Diana, who only tells the truth, did not come out of trouble.
Because she was at home, Frank discussed with Diana because her name does not match the name of the place.
So after going out, he just calls her Ann.
After Diana came here, the appearance has become the appearance of the Chinese, so it is very strange to hear an English name.
It’s not to go to Dad’s place.
With Diana on the Wuling Hongguang Batmobile, he found a children’s clothing store by car, bought a lovely princess dress for Diana, and then Frank took Diana directly to the new countryside on the outskirts of Haiping.
Because Fang Cheng said, the mother of the perpetrator should be buried tomorrow.
If everyone guesses the perpetrator is hiding the body in the coffin, it will be buried tomorrow.
It is estimated that the whole case will become a suspense case.
After more than an hour, Frank arrived at the destination.
This is a new rural area planned and built by the government three years ago.
The second floor of the row is neatly arranged.
In the middle of the new countryside is a small activity square.
Next to the activity square is a public chess room.
At this time, the chess room has been changed into a mourning hall.
The walls on both sides are full of wreaths.
The front of the chess room is built with a simple white tent.
This is where relatives and friends stay at night.
In front of the white tent, there are seven or eight large wooden tables.
When Frank came, it was the evening.
I don’t know where the old-fashioned recorder is playing loud music.
When Frank drove past, it did not cause too much attention from other people in the square.
After all, the Wuling Hongguang in the village was so common.
People from nearby villages likely came to the funeral.
After all, the funeral in the countryside generally does not prohibit other people from coming and eating.
Whether you are a relative or a friend, you can eat it if you come over and sit down.
Frank took Diana down and saw a police car in the corner of the event square.
Going over and looking through the window, two policemen sitting in the police car are licking the bread, and Frank knocked on the window.
The policeman in the driver’s seat shook the window and looked at Frank.
“Young man, is there something?”
Frank pointed out that a policeman who was sitting down in the back and eating bread said:
“I am looking for Li Ge.”
The police in the back row heard the voice of Frank, looked up and saw Frank.
“Hey, Frank.”
“Li Ge.”
Frank smiled, then opened the door, first took Diana into it, and then sat in himself.
“Who is the Little girl, she looks so good?”
Li Ge looked at Diana and took out a chocolate pie and looked at Diana.
“Is the girl eating deliciously?”
Diana remembered that Frank’s teaching before going out, the stranger did not eat anything, especially the male, so she shook her head decisively.
Frank sat in the back seat, Diana did not want to be sandwiched in the middle, simply sitting on Frank’s leg.
Frank’s body leaned back slightly.
First, let Diana sit comfortably, but avoid the two being too close.
After all, she is Lolli of someone else’s family.
“This Little girl just had a snack at home, and she didn’t eat it.”
Frank said to Li Ge.
This Li Ge is one of the police officers responsible for investigating the accident and the escape and also has a good relationship with Fang Cheng.
He and Frank also know.
“What are you doing here?”
Li Ge asked while eating bread.