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M. I. H. G Chapter 122: Liu Shan

“It’s not boring, just take a look at what’s going on.”
“You really are, bringing a girl to such a place.”
Li Ge looked at Diana, and there was some dissatisfaction in the speech.
After all, whether it is a case or a mourning hall, it is really not suitable for children to hear.
“Why can’t I come?
Diana heard Li Ge’s words and raised her hand.
“Because you are still young.”
Li Ge smiled and looked at Diana.
“When you grow up, you can come to this place.”
“I am not small.”
Diana said to Li Ge.
“I will be trained to become a fighter after a while.”
Li Ge immediately heard Diana’s words and instantly stopped.
Such a big kid train a warrior.
At this time, Frank quickly inserted and went in the speech and opened the topic.
He pointed to the direction of the hall and said to Li Ge.
“Since you can’t find the body here? Why do you stay here?”
“We have searched for all other places. Now only the coffin in the mourning hall has not been searched. We suspect that if the other party really did not use any magic to make the body disappear, then the body must be hidden in the coffin.”
“Then why not search?”
Frank asked.
“Who dares to search?”
Li Ge said with a smile.
“We investigated, there is only a ventilation pipe behind the hall, and the front of the hall before the suspect came back, has set up a spiritual tent, and some people guard it day and night…”
“So even if the suspect wants to hide the body in the coffin, he has to convince the relatives and friends who are guarding the guardian in front of the hall. This is not a big possibility. After all, it is in the countryside, and there is a particular emphasis on it. It is impossible for him to be so chaotic.”
After listening to Li Ge’s words, Frank suddenly knew where the most trouble was now.
The police had no evidence of the suspect’s body in the hall, so they dared not open the coffin for inspection.
Otherwise, in case the family gets into trouble, something happens.
As soon as the news media reported, they thoroughly checked it out, but they wanted to get rid of a large number of police officers involved.
No leader dares to approve it.
“Looks like these are not ethnic people. The deceased is not going to be cremated now? When we go to the crematorium tomorrow, it’s not clear that the corpse will be lifted out of the coffin?”
“So, we are not waiting here.”
Li Ge said to Frank:
“We are going to follow them to the crematorium tomorrow, but when they are afraid, they will buy the crematorium, when they burn the body, they will burn the two corpses together.”
“There is no evidence to be found thoroughly.”
Li Ge’s worries are indeed not unreasonable, but in fact, although there are possibilities, they are not big.
The place where the crematorium burns the corpse is separate from the place where the burial objects are burned.
The suspect is absolutely impossible to burn the corpse of the person he hit and his mother together unless he is psychotic.
So, the biggest possibility is that in the crematorium, the body of the person who was killed is transported along with the coffin to another incinerator for incineration, and the police can definitely check it at this time.
It seems that we have come in vain, we will find the corpse this evening when the suspect smuggles the body, or tomorrow when the coffin will be burned in the crematorium.
However, come here, Frank still wants to see if he can solve the puzzle in advance and figure out how the person transported the body into the coffin.
Or, the body is really hidden by who knows what black technology.
Frank thought of this, so he patted Li Ge and asked:
“What is the name of the suspect? Li Ge.”
“His name is Liu Shan.”
Li Ge said, looking at Frank:
“What happened.”
“Nothing, I will go out and go around first.”
Frank said that and left the police car with Diana, Li Ge looked at Frank who went out and felt faintly wrong, so he opened the window and shouted at Frank.
“You don’t mess with your kid.”
“I know.”
Frank waved his hand and signaled that Li Ge should not worry.
Frank took the group with Diana across the meal and walked to the front of the spirit account.
An old man in his eighties was sitting there.
He didn’t know what to think. He saw Frank’s strange face coming over and asked Frank:
“When the baby is born, where are you from?”
Frank called very politely and said to the old man:
“I am a friend of Liu Shan, but also came to participate in the funeral.”
“Liu Shan’s friend.”
The old man looked at Frank and said:
“No wonder it looks so handsome.”
“Grandpa, can I go in and worship it?”
Frank pointed to the mourning hall and asked the old man.
“You can.”
The old man agreed very happily, and then said to Frank:
“Liu Shan is also in it, and you can accompany him. Liu Shan is a filial child. He spent the night in the spiritual hall the day before yesterday. These two days are inseparable, filial piety! “
Frank looked at the old man’s nod and then asked:
“Yes, Grandpa, what do you call?”
“You call me Uncle Seven like Liu Shan.”
The Uncle Seven said.
After knowing the name of the old man, Frank and Diana entered the hall, and there was only one person in the hall.
Because the refrigeration equipment was turned on, the whole room was cold, so most people were outside.
A dark-skinned man like a tower is in front of the coffin and doesn’t know what to think about.
This should be Liu Shan.
Liu Shan heard someone coming in and turned around and saw that a young man came in with a little girl and asked:
“Who are you?”
“I am Brother Shan.”
Frank said enthusiastically:
“I am the grandson of Uncle Seven.”
Liu Shan heard that Frank said.
So, he would not ask more.
After all, the relationship in the countryside is quite mixed.
Many people are attracted to each other.
Some relatives have never seen it in their lifetime.
This is not an exaggeration.
In many rural or county towns, two strangers sit and chat, chat and chat, and they will find there is a relative relationship between the two.
After all, in the former rural family, the girl would not marry too far, and finally the relatives and relatives, everyone became relatives.
Liu Shan continued to sit in front of the coffin and did not speak. Frank thought about what Uncle Seven had just said.
He has stayed in the hall since the night before yesterday.
The mourning hall is so cold, the average person will not choose to stay in the hall.
It is very likely that only Liu Shan will be alone that night.
In other words, the night when Liu Shan stayed in the hall, the body was probably shipped from the outside.
Frank looked at the hall, and there was no other exit besides the gate.
Outside the gate is a spiritual tent, but there is someone guarding it all night.
It is impossible for Liu Shan to avoid the spiritual tent and bring the corpse.
Because it is summer, although the night in the spiritual tent is cool, and there are many mosquitoes, people generally do not sleep well, and there may be people at any time in the middle of the night.
Liu Shan would not risk being stabbed in the backbone by the whole village to bring the corpse in.
So how did the body come in?
Frank looked up at the ventilation ducts in the hall.