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M. I. H. G Chapter 123: Buying Skin

Although the mouth of the ventilation duct is not very small, it can barely accommodate a thin person to slide inside.

That’s right, it’s slipping.

Because the pipe is not enough for a person to walk through, someone wants to enter the inside through the ventilation duct, the arm is close to the body and then pushed into the pipe to slide in.

Because the pipe allows a person to walk through, someone can enter the inside to the ventilation duct, arms in front of the body and then push another body into the pipe to slide.

This is why the police think the body will be hidden in the coffin, because the body may be packed in a bag and then dragged into the hall from the ventilation duct.

But the problem now is the ventilation duct is very long.

How he hangs the body from the outside.

Liu Shan saw Frank’s gaze on the side of the ventilation duct. He was nervous. He looked at Frank and asked:

“What are you looking at?”


Frank took his eyes back.

He had just found a little dust on the wall below the air duct.

This dust can only come from the ventilation duct when something passes from the ventilation duct to went out.

So now he must find out how Liu Shan had introduced the body into the ventilation duct.

Frank was preparing to turn around and see where the other side of the ventilation duct was.

An eleven-year-old boy ran into the hall.

The little boy seemed to be looking for Liu Shan, but when he came in After seeing Diana near to Frank, he couldn’t but opens his eyes immediately.

“Xiao Lei, what are you doing in?”

Liu Shan looked at Xiao Lei and asked.

“When will you return my car to me, uncle?”

The boy named Xiao Lei heard Liu Shan’s words, and then he remembered the business. He turned his head and said to Liu Shan:

“I told other children that I had a remote-control toy car. They didn’t believe it.”

When Liu Shan heard Xiao Lei’s words, he was obviously nervous. He immediately said to Xiao Lei:

“Your uncle said he would return it to you. After a few days, your uncle will not only give you one but also buy you a new one.”

“Is it true?”

Xiao Lei looked at Liu Shan and asked happily.

“It’s really true?”

Liu Shan looked at Frank with a squint and carefully waved at Xiao Lei.

“You go out, it’s cold, it will freeze you.”

Xiao Lei got the affirmation of Liu Shan and looked at Diana again.

This was a happy run, and then Liu Shan looked at Xiao Lei who left and smiled at Frank.

Frank politely gave Liu Shan a smile, and then took Diana out of the door.

The little boy hasn’t gone far, but there are a lot of people around.

The children are usually the objects that the relatives are paying attention to.

If Frank comes forward and calls the child to the side, this can catch the attention of the little boy’s parents.

Then Frank squatted down and said a few words to Diana.

Diana nodded, temporarily separated from Frank, and went to find the little boy named Xiao Lei.

Frank was sitting behind a flower bed in the event square, waiting for Diana.

The beauty that Aphrodite gave to Diana to make the gods admire was obviously also effective for the little boy.

After Diana had called Xiao Lei and expressed her willingness to go there with him, Xiao Lei quickly agreed.

So, this silly boy was brought to the back of the flower bed by Diana.

Xiao Lei saw there was another person here and he was very surprised.

He took a step back and was about to go, but when Diana called Frank a brother, the little boy would not leave immediately.

Instead, it is full of pleasing to look at Frank.

Sure enough, the network is so developed now.

Even if the eleven-year-old boy knows how to get a sister, the first thing to do is to make his brother’s reason.

Frank looked at Xiao Lei and took out his mobile phone and asked Xiao Lei:

“Let’s play games?”

“Let’s play.”

Xiao Lei saw the national-level mobile game icon in Frank’s mobile phone and nodded immediately.

After all, the old players in the game are fifty or sixty years old.

Children who are down to eight or nine years old will play.

Frank opened the game and then opened his own skin list.

Xiao Lei looked at the rows of skins in Frank’s mobile phone screen, and the saliva was almost there.

Frank asked Xiao Lei to show his account and asked casually:

“What is your account name.”

Xiao Lei told Frank his own id, Frank found this account, and then opened Xiao Lei’s personal information.

The heroes with the highest proficiency in Xiao Lei’s personal data did not show the skin, all of them were original paintings, and only one of them could still be freely exchanged with the shards donated by the system.

Frank pointed to a hero of Xiao Lei:

“The new skin of this hero is very good. Why didn’t you buy it?”

Xiao Lei heard Frank’s words and said with embarrassment:

“Without money, my mother will not give me money to charge the game. She said she can buy toys, but it is not enough to spend money on games.”

“This way.”

Frank looked at Xiao Lei’s longing in his eyes and smiled and said to Xiao Lei:

“We are not friends? And I have no way to give you skin.”

“No, no.”

Although Xiao Lei wanted it, he still waved his hand.

“Really not?”

Frank said to Xiao Lei:

“Although I can’t give you skin, I can give you a penguin directly, then you buy the skin with a penguin.”

“Is it okay?”

Xiao Lei blinked out of his eyes and immediately blurted out.

Hooked up.

Frank looked at Xiao Lei’s thoughts.

The former people abducted the children by using a lump of sugar to get them.

Now they have to use the penguin coin.

The goose factory really relies on one’s own efforts to improve the cost of getting a child.

The modernization has contributed.


Frank said to Xiao Lei:

“However, you have to answer a few questions for your brother, and your brother will give you a penguin coin.”

“No problem.”

Xiao Lei responded urgently.

“Did you say you did not take your remote-controlled car?”

Xiao Lei heard Frank’s question and was a little embarrassed to say:

“I said I would not let me say this to others.”

“Are we other people?”

Frank looked at Xiao Lei and pointed to his mobile phone.

“You are my sister’s friend, and I am going to fill you with penguin coins. So, we are two friends, not others.”

Although Xiao Lei didn’t understand how he suddenly became a friend of Diana.

But looking at Diana’s head and looking at him, Xiao Lei knew he had a goddess since then.

So, he does not need to have defaulted to his friendship with Diana.

Frank is also the brother of Diana, but also the person who wants to buy him skin.

It seems that it is really not someone else.

Xiao Lei thought.

So, he immediately said to Frank:

“I took the remote-control car that my mom bought for me and gave it to Liu Shan for temporary use, but he has not returned it so far.”

“When is it?”

Frank immediately asked.


Xiao Lei blurted out.