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M. I. H. G Chapter 124: Things that can be solved once


Xiao Lei’s words made Frank suddenly stunned.

Because Liu Shan has been staying in Lingtang since the day before yesterday, that is to say, if you want to hide the body in the coffin, it should be done the day before yesterday.

But why could he borrow Xiao Lei’s remote-control car yesterday?

At this time, Diana looked at Xiao Lei and said:

“You lied!”

“I didn’t.”

Xiao Lei immediately blushes.

However, Frank knew that Diana had the view of Athena.

So, she said that Xiao Lei lied, so Xiao Lei must have not told the truth.

Frank opened his own WeChat, clicked on the option to fill the penguin, and then said to Xiao Lei:

“You still have the last chance to choose to tell the truth or lie. If you choose to tell lies, then you will have no chance with the skin.”

Xiao Lei looked at Frank’s choice of the amount of money in the penguin coin.

He chose to enter a hundred.

Knowing this money is definitely more than enough to buy the skin, he couldn’t help but swallow a spit, and then struggled to say:

“It was yesterday.”

Frank heard Xiao Lei’s words and simply retired from WeChat.

“Last chance!”

Xiao Lei hurriedly changed his mouth:

“The day before yesterday, when I arrived, I took my toy remote control car away.”

Frank heard Xiao Lei’s words and reopened the WeChat page, filling Xiao Lei with Penguin.

“Go to your mom to buy skin on the phone.”

Frank patted Xiao Lei, then turned and took Diana to leave.

“Don’t tell it’s me said to you.”

Xiao Lei looked at Frank before leaving.


Frank promised Xiao Lei while thinking.

Even if he doesn’t tell it, he said it, as long as he has such a little IQ, he must know he said it.

After sending away Xiao Lei, Frank re-discovered the Uncle Seven and chatted with the Uncle Seven with enthusiasm, and then returned to the hall.

In the hall, Liu Shan still lie on the mat, and Frank walked over to Liu Shan’s side.

“Just Uncle Seven praised you very filial.”

Frank said to Liu Shan.


Liu Shan made a vague voice from his throat, not much to say that Frank wanted to talk.

“You said, if the Uncle Seven knew it, the filial grandson in his eyes would have hidden the body of others in his mother’s coffin. What would he think?”

“Who are you?”

Liu Shan looked at Frank:

“I am not a policeman, don’t worry about it.”

“I don’t want to gossip about it.”

Frank said to Liu Shan:

“It is really a problem for the person who was killed by you.”

Frank attached to Liu Shan and told him about the fugitive in Lingyun City.

“That is what you are doing.”

Liu Shan didn’t lift his eyelids and said to Frank:

“Yeah, if this corpse is hidden in this coffin, it may not matter to you.”

“But whoever makes this fugitive too unlucky is hit by you on the way, when you have to go back to participate in your mother’s funeral, so the body was held in the trunk.”

“Without evidence, whoever dares to open my mother’s trunk, I will fight with anyone.”

Liu Shan said with certainty that it is not like jokes to see the suffocation between the eyebrows.

“Remote control car.”

When Liu Shan heard Frank’s words, his face changed obviously. But before he returned, he heard Frank and said:

“I heard that one of your brothers and two older sisters were not filial, and they are not at the funeral. Before I got up, it had been because of the legacy of your mother.”

Frank turned his head and stared at Liu Shan:

“If I tell them about this. They will send you to prison because you don’t give them a share.”

A big sweat like the bean began to fall from the forehead of Liu Shan.

Indeed, if Frank finds his brothers, his brothers will really have for the inheritance of a small share.

If he finds the police and tells the story of the remote-control car.

With the opening of the trunk by the police, he will not only go to jail, but its reputation in the village will be ruined and he will not want to go back to the village in his life.

Liu Shan took so long to react, this was a tremor. He shook and turned to look at Frank:

“You didn’t go directly to the police, but you came over to me and said this to me, which do you want to do.”

“In fact, I didn’t want to do anything.”

Frank said to Liu Shan.

“The fugitive escaped from prison after being sentenced to death. Although the law stipulates he must pay for it, it is reasonable to say you didn’t actually do anything wrong. If I have to confirm it. He is lying down in the coffin, and I wouldn’t bother to deal with you.”

“You are not wrong in reason, but I can’t escape from the law.”

Liu Shan said with a smile:

“I am a big soldier who has just retired, and there is no one to protect me. When sin is been, the death sentence I can’t escape.”

“Who said no one is guaranteed?”

Frank looked at Liu Shan.


Liu Shan thought that Frank said that Frank himself wanted to protect him, but he did not see how old the age of Frank was.

“Not it is someone else.”

Frank did not report the name of the Chen Jian family, although he can confirm that Chen Jian will definitely agree with him, although he doesn’t know if Liu Shan is the good person.

Before you are reliable, do not tell who the people behind you are.

Otherwise, some people will think about sticking to the second time when they have the first time.

Liu Shan saw that Frank did not say who would help him.

He did not believe in Frank, but he only heard Frank continue:

“The main point of this case is the judgment of responsibility. There is no suffering owner, no one will pursue it…”

“Anyway, there is no bitter Lord, no one will pursue it…”

“So leave out the accident making and escape, as long as you have a secondary responsibility in traffic identification, you will only be subject to administrative punishment, there will be no criminal trouble.”

“Can you guarantee I will not have criminal penalties?”

Liu Shan asked Frank.

Frank did not say anything.

He took out his mobile phone and started calling Chen Jian.

He then said something about what happened here.

Chen Jian did not hesitate at all.

He directly said they could work for Liu Shan in the middle, and let this matter become a little deal.

After all, if this one has really by inadvertently solved something embarrassing for them.

After all, a fugitive who has already been sentenced to death will not hesitate at all to do what he can.

And, the most important thing is.

The fugitive of this death penalty prisoner, his family has abandoned him, that is to say, there is no bitter master in this matter.

As long as there is no bitter owner, no one will pursue, nor will anyone make this matter to the media, to petition everywhere.

This means this is something that can be solved in one go.