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M. I. H. G Chapter 125: is mistaken for me

At night, the rest of the persons in the funeral had left, and only a few friends and relatives kept the last night in the mourning hall.

Frank, Diana, Li Ge, and another the policeman stood on the mouth of the ventilation duct behind the hall, watching a toy car with a rope hanging out of the ventilation duct.

Frank and Li Ge walked up to grab the rope behind the car and began to work hard.

After about twenty minutes of hard work, a human-shaped bag was dragged out of the air duct.


The bag fell heavily on the ground, and Li Ge rushed forward to open the mouth, while Frank grabbed Diana’s eyes and prevented her from seeing the body.

The two police officers took a few photos of the body, then re-attached the mouth of the body bag, then turned to Frank and said:

“This body is indeed the fugitive from the prison, but it must be carried at the police station to can finally confirm it.”

From the outside, they are almost certain, of course after carrying him back to the police station to do autopsy and DNA test to finally confirm, but basically, the results will not be worse.

This is not a martial arts novel, but there is also the ability to say so.

Frank picked up the phone and called Chen Jian.

He said the situation.

Chen Jian finally breathed a sigh of relief.

The fugitive could not be discovered before this day.

He had a hard time there.

And Chen Hao had to stay in the village recently because of this.

Just then, Liu Shan also came over from the hall and looked at Frank.

“Is it confirmed?”

“Basically confirmed.”

Frank looked at Liu Shan and nodded.

“And then,”

Liu Shan looked at Frank, and the words only started to sink, meaning that Frank did not comply with the previous promise.

“Your mother will be buried tomorrow.”

Li Ge and another policeman joined forces to carry the body into the car, and then said to Liu Shan:

“There have been people who have said good-bye, but we have to discuss the specific operation process. Maybe it will give you a sense of courage. After you finish your business tomorrow, we will call you and let you come over and follow the procedure.”

When Liu Shan heard Li Ge say that, he knew it was good to be nineteen years old.

After all, if he really wants to do it, it is estimated that a large number of police officers have been ambushing at noon and waiting for Liu Shan to come out of the hall to arrest him.

And now, from beginning to end, only this one has come over long, guarding in the police car with two policemen.

This means the police do not want to make things bigger.

Once there are more people, it will be difficult to explain to them to others in the village.

The case of the imprisonment of the death penalty in Lingyun City, the traffic accident in the new rural area of Haiping City, and the threat of Chen Hao, these three things, no matter which one is taken out, everyone faces are good-looking.

It’s best to be like this, quietly solve it.

And these three things have not been disclosed, and outsiders do not know, this is a natural cover for everyone to quietly solve things.

Fang Cheng said it to Frank more than two hours ago.

The story has been compiled, and it is time to confirm the body.

After fleeing from prison, the demoralized fugitive, while stealing a car.

halfway through the road, he hit villagers who passed, killing a woman.

So, the enthusiastic villagers pushed him and knocked him down, causing his death.

Then the police arrived and asked the enthusiastic villagers to attend the woman’s funeral before returning to the police station to tell the story.

In the end, of course, the TV drama standard is a happy ending.

The bad guys are dead.

Good people go back to each family and look for their mothers.

The law is nothing more than reasonable, and this kind of treatment is good for everyone.

Li Ge got on the car and looked at Liu Shan, who stood by and said:

“Now go back to Lingtang and continue to keep the mother’s mourning room. Maybe you’re okay. But you have to answer the phone calls these two days. Don’t run away and get into trouble.”

“Well, I know.”

Liu Shan nodded.

He still understands this point.

Liu Shan turned and was about to leave. Liu Ge had stopped him:

“By the way, don’t run away next time when there’s a traffic accident. Man, we are lucky once in his life.”

Liu Shan heard Liu Ge’s words, and said after a long time thinking:

“My mother’s death was early.”

After that Liu Shan turned back, Liu Ge went home and Frank went to his own Wuling Hongguang Batmobile to bring Diana back home.

The next day, Monday.

Frank opened his eyes and looked up at the quilt that covered the lower body and slightly raised.

He always felt he could sleep for a while.

Forget it, get up, maybe her own little Lin Xiaoxin will come soon.

Frank reached for the phone, he only finds that he forgot to charge last night, the phone has been turned off.

It seems to be too busy yesterday. He didn’t tell Lin Xiaoxin that came a small Lolli guest at his home.

Frank was stunned on the spot.

How do you feel he has to repair the field?

Diana and Lin Xiaoxin are sitting on the sofa. Diana is eating something in her mouth, and Lin Xiaoxin is speaking to the phone.

It seems that there is nothing wrong with it.

Frank had to go over and heard what Lin Xiaoxin was talking about.

“Hey, other children have been taken home. Why doesn’t he pick me up? Is he lost?”

“Is it already he has taken another child to go home? Then, you have to be with him. He must remember to pick me up. The children are most afraid of it.”

Well, it seems to play the dubbing software again, by the way, complain about myself?

Frank thought, is this still ok, it seems that there is not much serious look.

Frank calmed down and walked closer.

Then he heard Lin Xiaoxin go on saying:

“Well, what are you going to pick me up, no need to use it? Forgot to tell you, the water you drink every day is actually an antidote.”

“What antidote? This is the case. On the first day when you and I met, I wanted to poison you. Every day you have to drink the antidote from the water I gave you, it will be fine, but you go today. you picked up the children, so you didn’t drink.”

“You don’t have to think about going to the hospital. You are going to die soon. Remember to write a will before you die. I don’t want your other things. Just remember to leave your ashes to me.”


Frank couldn’t listen anymore. He quickly went over and said to Lin Xiaoxin:

“How did you come so early today?”

“It’s not too late.”

Diana said, pointing at the watch on the wall.

“It’s already eleven.”


Frank saw the time above the big clock on the wall.

It was 11:20.

Not only fake wine hurts people, but even the special bed is harmful!