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M. I. H. G Chapter 126: bent into 1 circle


Frank took a small step and walked to Lin Xiaoxin’s side, asking if nothing happened:

“Playing the dubbing software, I haven’t eaten in the morning.”

Lin Xiaoxin did not answer Frank right away and finished her speech.

Then she turned around and revealed a splendid smile to Frank and said:

“Yes, I have eaten this little sister’s breakfast, I brought breakfast to this little sister. And now she has eaten it too.”

Frank looked at the fritters that Diana was eating.

He knew that this was definitely what Lin Xiaoxin originally brought to herself.

But because Frank forgot to tell Lin Xiaoxin about the existence of Diana.

Now this breakfast has already returned to Diana.

“Nothing, it is ok.”

Frank said quickly:

“I am not hungry. Let’s go straight to lunch.”


Lin Xiaoxin nodded and did not speak again.

Frank pointed to Diana and said:

“This is a friend’s Loli, and she is a friend’s child who comes here for a few days.”

“I just told my sister.”

Diana raised her little hand and said she had said everything he said.

“Well, there is something I don’t know if I should talk to you about it.”

Lin Xiaoxin hesitated for a moment, then looked at Frank, her eyes of serious seepage.

“Go to the bedroom.”

Frank pointed to the bedroom and Lin Xiaoxin nodded.

Then the two went into the bedroom because Frank had just got up and the quilt in the bedroom had not been folded.

Lin Xiaoxin went over and folded the quilt three or two times, and then smelled it again.

“How long have you been quilted?”

“It seems that there is no sunburn after coming.”

Frank was embarrassed and scratched his head.

“Wait a few moments to get a balcony to dry, and it is best to wash the quilt.”


Frank hurriedly promised.

“Now, you sit down.”

Lin Xiaoxin said to Frank to sitting on the bed, and then she went to bed, but she sat as far away from Frank.

“We are now having a frank dialogue.”

Lin Xiaoxin patted Frank’s shoulder and said to it:

“You must tell the truth.”

“I really don’t have any other Lolita besides you.”

Frank raised his hand and said he was really innocent.

“That’s not the problem.”

Lin Xiaoxin’s expression was still serious, and then she said to Frank:

“Now tell to me if you have bent or are ready to bend.”


Frank almost didn’t have a mouthful of salt and soda spraying out to paste Lin Xiaoxin.

What the hell!

Frank looked at Lin Xiaoxin with a stunning look and asked:

“Why do you think so?

“Look, you see.”

Lin Xiaoxin started with his fingers and said to Frank:

“The last time your landlord’s daughter said he saw a handsome little brother in your room. If it was just a general collision, she would not doubt you. If there is nothing unclean between the two, let alone say she will not be a third party.”

“I can explain this.”

Frank felt he could still save himself.

“You will listen to me first.”

Lin Xiaoxin went on to say:

“If this is the case, I will not doubt it but now there are friends who have entrusted their little Loli to take care of her for a week.”

“You think.”

Lin Xiaoxin looked at Frank, the savvy pupil shimmered with the luster of the truth.

“Even if you are a good friend again, how could you put a small Loli to a young man who is just a bloody person, unless they are Ok, this young man is definitely not interested in little Loli?”


“So, there is only one truth.”

Lin Xiaoxin’s nose is rising, and Frank almost wants to give him a sound effect of Conan.

“That is, you are bent. And the family of the little Lolita called Ann is also very sure that you are a man who is not bent into a circle. So, for that reason, it entrusts you with the small Loli.”

It seems that it makes sense.

The logic is clear, the reasoning is rigorous, the facts are obvious and it cannot be refuted.

“Well, to put it this way. I am really a real guy, and I’m not bent!”

Frank looked at Lin Xiaoxin and thought that she must have used all the wisdom of her eight generations to today, in order to reason out such a result.

“Now I am finished, you should refute it.”

Lin Xiaoxin looked at Frank and said:

“Let’s go, you can talk.”

Frank was stunned. He could not really say anything.

Hannibal Lecter’s coming is a fact, Ganzi’s misunderstanding is a fact, and it is also true that little Loli lives in his own home.

Could it be that Frank now grabs the fat meow and letting it explain to Lin Xiaoxin?

“You really bend.”

Lin Xiaoxin looked at Frank.

There seemed to be no way to explain it.

The little hand reached over and pulled Frank’s clothes.

She said: “You are now bent, don’t need me as a girlfriend. Then we can still be friends.”

Lin Xiaoxin’s eyes are rising, obviously holding back the smile, but the mouth is still pretending to be wronged:

“Can you show me your boyfriend, and I can try to straighten your boyfriend. I heard gay. Very handsome, although you are average but your boyfriend may be handsome. It is better to find another one, your one is cheaper.”

Cheaper he is like a cockroach.

Frank saw Lin Xiaoxin was not serious about discussing this issue with him.

It was clearly amused to play with him, so he grabbed Lin Xiaoxin and pressed it under his body.


Lin Xiaoxin just wanted to resist.

Frank grabbed Lin Xiaoxin’s two arms in one hand and held them firmly together.

One hand unscrupulously reached into Lin Xiaoxin’s clothes.

“Come here, let you see if I am bent. We are a missionary this afternoon, a female knight in the evening, seeing that I will not toss you directly to dawn.”

Just when the two played, suddenly Lin Xiaoxin showed to Frank to look at the door.

Frank did not understand what it meant; Her fingers were still on the vast white land.

Until Lin Xiaoxin turned his head for the second time, Frank was stunned.

As soon as he turned around, he saw Diana standing outside the door.

Frank quickly let go of Lin Xiaoxin and pretend to be a serious person to sit up.

“What are you doing there?”

Frank looked at Diana and asked.

“Empty observation.”

Diana tells the truth.

“Brother and sister are just doing sports.”

When Frank said this, he knew it was broken, because Diana could know the true and false words of Frank.

But after Frank finished, Diana did not point out that Frank was telling lies.

“Is it true? Is bed sport being really one of the serious sports?”

“Then I can also exercise with my sister?”

said Diana, pointing to Lin Xiaoxin on the bed.

“My sister is very cute.”

Lin Xiaoxin also hugged Diana from the bed and screamed at this time.

“Little Loli is also very cute.”

Obviously, they are also a little Loli.

Frank couldn’t help but run out, but Lin Xiaoxin and Diana, who looked at the accident and were very coordinated, suddenly remembered one thing.

Looks like, because Diana lives in Paradise Island, is also a little Loli?

The author of Wonder Woman admitted that Diana is a bisexual.

Frank looked at the two Loli, who was rubbing together, and a feeling of not being good came to his heart.