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M. I. H. G Chapter 127: catches traffickers

Lin Xiaoxin has a good time to take a vacation, from Monday to Wednesday.

During these three days, so the three simply went to the more prosperous city center to play.

They found a hotel to stay in the night and to play the next day, but this period Frank did not enjoy the envy of others.

Because the big one and the small one Lolli are sticky and tight, at first glance they look like younger sisters.

As for Frank, it is more like a handbag.

Fortunately, Diana is a child, she has not experienced the baptism of the Internet so the mind is not very mature.

After all, there is no saint Frank, and Lin Xiaoxin is also a sticky little sister.

On Wednesday afternoon, Frank drove Lin Xiaoxin back to the school.

Halfway back, Diana saw through the window of the car that there was cotton candy on the street.

She immediately pointed at the marshmallow.

“Brother, what is that?”


Frank said to Diana:

“It’s a kind of food.”

“I thought it was a colorful cloud.”

Diana’s face was stuck on the window, looking at the marshmallows not far away.

Frank blinked and found a place to park around, so he stopped the car and took Diana to buy cotton candy.

Frank uses the mobile phone to scan WeChat to pay the money.

Diana curiously took a bite with cotton candy, and then said from the other side:

“The original cloud is sweet.”

“Marshmallow is not made by the cloud.”

Frank wanted to explain to Diana and suddenly the phone rang.

“It’s my mother.”

Frank signaled Diana to wait for him on the side of the road, and then Frank connected the phone.

“My son.”

There was a very young female voice on the phone.

“Have living expenses recently arrived?”

“Well, do you talk money every time you call?”

Frank claimed to be seriously hurt by her, saying in a grievance.

“You do not care about my good food who’s not fragrant, I am happy or unhappy?”

“Okay, don’t mess with it, and I don’t have a daughter.”

Frank’s Mother’s voice continued to come.

“I don’t even worry about myself, but I worry about you. By the way, take good care of Lin Xiaoxin. This time, I will bring Lin Xiaoxin home first. I haven’t seen Lin Xiaoxin for a long time. I miss her.”


Frank wants to yell at the phone now.

“In the end, I am your son or Lin Xiaoxin is your daughter.”

Frank always feels that the role of this mother and him are interchanged.

“You still have a few months back in school.”

Frank’s Mother asked.

“More than a month.”

Frank said to his Mother:

“I have an early holiday, but Lin Xiaoxin has to see if they have a primary school. The notice hasn’t come yet.”

“It’s almost a holiday for any school and there’s no problem for it to fail in elementary school.”

Frank’s Mother was a little disappointed.

“I want to see Lin Xiaoxin quickly. How come Lin Xiaoxin’s school is later than yours every time. In the evening, it is good, you have to change you too?”

It’s really not my own decision.

But Frank only dares to Spit grooves in his heart. If he says it out, according to Frank’s understanding of his mother, his mother will pretend to be the heroine of the bitterness drama.

She says she can’t eat spicy food for ten months, and can’t string her string.

Her son who she gave birth think so, yes, it is, she is really suffering.

Frank has had this consciousness since childhood.

The Frank family can only have a small public, that is, Frank’s mother.

As for Frank, the aggregate cannot be a small public measure, from childhood to the man.

“It is right.”

Frank’s Mother said to Frank on the phone:

“Your mother made a bonus last month, there are more than 100,000 Yuan.”


Frank thinks about the bonus issued last month; he does not know how much send by Frank’s mother that month.

“I will go to the store to buy you pants and clothes, and you have not gained weight in school this year?”

Frank’s Mother asked.


“That’s good.”

Frank’s Mother continued:

“The size is right. Anyway, you are coming soon. I will not post it. I will give it to you when you come.”


Frank nodded and promised.

“And, tens of thousands of pieces that I gave you last time when you have left, but I gave you a 30,000 yuan in the bank card. You must remember to take Lin Xiaoxin to have fun.”

“I know it.”

Frank said as he looked up and looked forward.

He found that in front of the marshmallow stall, Diana had talked with a little girl who was brought to buy cotton candy by her grandmother.

Well, Diana’s gifted girlfriend is a bit full.

Diana was so good when she was a kid that she waited to grow up.

Wait, Diana who grew up seems to be awkward with Superman and Batman.

When Frank’s Mother finished talking, he hanged up the phone.

Frank opened the phone and found that mobile banking showed that there were already 30,000 Yuan.

Frank immediately transferred the money to an account named Xiaomi in his address book, then opened WeChat, found the micro-signal of Xiaomi and sent a message to the past.

“This money is still helping me to transfer to the US account.”

After a dozen seconds, Xiaomi returned an ok gesture to Frank.

Frank put the phone back into his pocket and then walked over to pick up Diana.

“Is this your sister?”

Chen Hao and Diana chatted with fire.

The hot little Lolli’s grandmother saw Frank coming over and greeted Frank.


Frank smashed Diana’s head.

Diana said to the opposite Lolli,

“This is a new friend I know; her name is Chen Hao.”

“Chen Hao, how are you?”

Frank greeted the little Lolli with his body.

This little Lolli seems to be a bit shy.

When she saw Frank and he greeted him, one hand immediately grabbed his grandmother’s clothes, and then the other side said:

“Big brother is good.”

“Your granddaughter is so cute.”

Frank raised his head and said to the little rustic grandmother who wore it.

“This is not my granddaughter.”

Grandma smiled kindly.

“This is the child of my family.”

It turns out that this grandmother is a nanny and the like.

Frank smiled a little, but politely said:

“The family who has this child is blessed. Isn’t it?”

The old grandmother smiled and opened the flower, and said to Frank:

“This family is good, although it is a big official, it is not arrogant.”

When the old grandmother just finished speaking, she realized she said something she shouldn’t say.

She immediately smirked and took Chen Hao’s hand and said:

“Let’s go first, but we have to hurry home.”

“Well, my grandmother, will see you again, Chen Hao, will see you again.”

Frank and Diana waved together.

Chen Hao looked at Diana and waved her hand, then turned and followed her grandmother.

Frank took Diana and turned to go back to the parking space to find the car.

But before he took a few steps, he heard the quarrel of crying and shouting behind him.

Frank turned his head and found Chen Hao and the old grandmother who had just left, had been surrounded by a group of people at this time.

A strong middle-aged woman with a hard hand grabbed Chen Hao from the hands of her grandmother in her arms.

And with the other hand beat Chen Hao’s head.

And faces mercilessly with the other hand the old grandmother, and yelled at the full mouth:

“Child kidnapped! Catch the trafficker!”