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M. I. H. G Chapter 128: Deaf 3

This old grandmother is a kidnapper?

If Frank had not communicated with this old grandmother and Chen Hao, then he might have believed.

But from the performance just now, the little Lolita named Chen Hao obviously trusts the grandmother, how could it be a kidnapper.

So, Frank hurriedly took Diana and walked over.

When Frank used to be to Chen Hao’s side, she had been surrounded by a circle of people.

The grandmother was beaten by the strong middle-aged woman, but she was just saying:

“I am not a kidnapper. I am not a trafficker.”

But the grandmother’s voice is weak, and the surrounding is too noisy, and there are few who can hear it clearly.

Even if they hear it clearly, few people will believe her.
Not to mention that there are a few strong men around in the hurricane, accusing the old woman to be as a kidnapper, she is simply no one.

In this case, whoever comes over will think that this grandmother is a kidnapper.

The only person who can prove that the grandmother is innocent is Chen Hao.

However, Chen Hao was not courageous.

She was scared when she encountered this situation.

She only cried.

Secondly, the strong middle-aged woman with her arms held Chen Hao in her arms.

This scene seems to the outsiders that this middle-aged woman is afraid of losing the child.

But in Frank’s eyes, this middle-aged woman uses the arrogance on her arm, and Chen Hao’s crying is so painful that there is no way to the words of the women were refuted.

It seems that Frank was afraid that this middle-aged woman is a real kidnapper.

When Frank rushed over, the old grandmother had been bleeding on the face where she that had been beaten, and she couldn’t say any word.

So, the middle-aged woman began to leave with the little child.
And another couple of man and woman have surrounded the grandmother to not leave and encourage the masses to shout and to beat the kidnapper.

Frank quickly took Diana and walked over to stop the middle-aged woman who was about to leave.

“Who are you? Are you the accomplice of the elderly kidnapper? Let me go!”

The middle-aged woman looked at Frank, who was blocked in the road, arrogantly said.

Frank looked around him at least a hundred people around the circle, knowing that these people are now fully agitated by the middle-aged women trafficker.
Even if he wants to fight, he would drown in the vast ocean of the people.

So, Frank raised his hand and shouted with all his strength:

“Police, I am a police officer. Everyone spreads out, don’t be excited!”

“Police officer?”

The middle-aged woman heard Frank’s words and looked at Frank’s younger man.

It was not possible to be a young police officer who was just on the job.

So, she put the right arm’s hand was directly on Chen Hao’s mouth and looked at Frank.

Protecting the child, in fact actually she let Chen Hao have no way to speak.

“The police officer?”

The people around them heard Frank’s words, quiet for a while, and then immediately began to speak to Frank:

“Comrade, comrade, this is a kidnapper, catch her.”

“She is so old to be a kidnapper.”

“Don’t arrest me, don’t arrest me. See I did not kidnap her.”

“You don’t leave, wait for a while to make a transcript.”

Frank still stopped the strong woman, not letting her take Chen Hao, and then pointed to the old grandmother in the circle:

“The suspect is also a human being. Ah, everyone should stop hitting her, and you will have to pay legal responsibility for hurting her.”

At last, Frank’s words kept the main scene slightly.
But at this time, a man in a suit suddenly pointed at Frank and said:

“Why don’t you even wear a police uniform, and your documents? Take them out and let us take a look.”

“I just got off work, my uniform and my documents are at the police station…”

Frank shouted:

“I am now calling my colleagues to let them come. You don’t move.”

When the people heard Frank said that he would call its colleagues now.

The others finally believe in Frank’s words.

But a few of the men and women in the crowd who had been in rhythm looked at each other for a moment, and then one of them shouted to Frank:

“What police officer, I think you are a fellow trafficker, and maybe the police who will come later will be your fellow traffickers as well.”

But a few of the men and women in the crowd who had been in rhythm looked at each other for a moment, and then one of them shouted at Frank:

“What police officer? I see you are the accomplices of the kidnapper, maybe the policemen who came over for a while are also your accomplices.” pretend the man.

“That’s it.”

Several other people shouted and wrapped around Frank because they didn’t know the truth, but the people who were eager to beat people rushed toward Frank.

“Hit him. He must be the accomplices of the kidnapper.”

These people shouted as they gestured to the strong middle-aged women to go first, and they stopped Frank.

At this time, Diana, led by Frank.
Suddenly she grabbed Frank’s arm, and with her hands and feets climbed up to Frank’s shoulders.

Then she pointed to Frank and shouted:

“My brother is a police officer. He didn’t lie… people!”

Diana’s shouting did not stop the people across the street.

Even Frank did not stop Diana.

Frank didn’t expect Diana to be the cute little Loli, who’s only said the truth, and actually she began to lie.

But regardless of whether Diana had obeyed the honesty of Hestia giving Diana’s Holy Fire, Diana’s performance did help Frank a very important one.

It is generally believed that children will not lie.

So, Diana’s guise makes everyone immediately believe in the identity of Frank’s police officer.

Apart from the people who were excited, the few men and women who deliberately chose to cause trouble became very evident in the crowd.

Frank immediately responded, first referring to the middle-aged woman:

“Whether this old woman is a kidnapper of your child or not, now we can watch so many people around us and no one will take the child away from you. You will cooperate with us for a while. A personal certificate that proves whether the old woman is a kidnapper for your child.”

Then Frank said to these men and women who deliberately picked things up:

“If I am not a police officer. After a while, the police car will come over. Naturally, someone will prove my identity. As for letting me show the people my police card, I am sorry. According to the law, I have the right to not show the people the police card.”

Then Frank took advantage of the fact that these people had not responded and shouted to the crowd:

“Everyone calms down. If this old woman is a kidnapper. After a while, my colleagues will naturally take her away and let her accept the sanctions of the law. Now you all calm down. If you do something wrong, you will also violate the law. That’s right.”

Frank’s three-pronged bluff immediately stabilized the situation slightly.

However, in fact, most of the credit should be attributed to Diana who is now sitting on the shoulders of Frank.

Because of these little Lolli words, most people have temporarily determined that Frank is really a true police officer.

In fact, Frank also squeezed a hand in a hand. Even if he is a real policeman, he is not wearing police uniforms at that moment, and there had no police card.

He has absolutely no power to enforce the law.

What’s more, Frank just said that he has the right not to show the people’s police card.

In fact, he is swearing at the few people.

The gambling is that these men and women who are picking things up, do not understand the relevant regulations of police enforcement!