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M.I.H.G Chapter 17: Legal Lolita!

 After apologizing, An Ruo turned her eyes and then said to Frank.

“Can you give me the contact information of that little kid, as well as his brother’s?”

“He has gone abroad, and I don’t expect to see him for a while.”

“It doesn’t matter if you can’t see him. I’d like to ask you how to contact him.” An Ruo stared at Frank.

“How can I give you the contact information of a seven-year-old child?” Frank looked at An Ruo in shock and said. “You know that the pedophile will have a minimum sentence of three years and the maximum sentence is execution, it is not only for harassment of little girls but also for young boys.”

“I, I.” An Ruo was suddenly angry by Frank’s words.

“Well, if you have nothing else, you can go.” Frank stood up and opened the door to An Ruo, signaling that she could leave.

An Ruo still didn’t want to leave, but now she had no choice, she had to walk to the door.

An Ruo, who had just stepped out of Frank’s door, looked back unwillingly. Through the slowly closing door, An Ruo clearly saw that the little girl who was suspected to be Frank’s sister jumped into his arms.


Then Frank actually took the little Loli and began pulling buns, Love bite!!

(Pulling buns = professional Kiss)

What the fuck!

An Ruo just wanted to see it carefully, but the door was closed.

Facing the closed door, An Ruo almost vomited blood. ‘You’re the one who said that pedophile has the death penalty, I just wanted to meet the young cute boy, and you’ve started doing the little Loli.’

‘Well, you just had to wait for me until I go, don’t let me see you next time. Otherwise, I’ll call the police and see who will have the utmost penalty.’

An Ruo went away, and because there was no one outside the apartment,

Frank acted recklessly to the lower lip of the double ponytail little Loli.

His right hand quietly pulled the little Loli’s clothes, trying to touch them, but as soon as the clothes were lifted, and the little girl bit Frank.

“Disgusting! Don’t mess around.” Little Loli jumped down and said to Frank, “Why do you men always like to touch our breasts while kissing?”

“You are wrong.” Frank saw Little Loli jumped out of his arms, so he took her hand and walked to the living room.

“We men don’t like to touch your breasts when we kiss. It’s just a kiss to relieve the discomfort of touching your chest.”

“Big jerk!” Little Loli expressed her disdain with her little nose. 

“You really think of yourself as Lolita.” Frank reached out and dragged Little Loli into his arms. Then he put her head under his chin, rubbed her hair and said. “Don’t forget you are already twenty years old.”

Yes, this little Loli is not really a Lolita, but she is Frank’s childhood friend, Lin Xiaoxin, now his girlfriend, she is in her twenties, and she still has a face of a little junior girl.

“Mao, even if I am 30 years old, I am also a baby.” Lin Xiaoxin turned to look at Frank and said, “Speak up, am I your baby?”

“Yes, yes, yes.” What else can Frank say? Legal Lolita?

“That’s pretty much the same.” Lin Xiaoxin grabbed Frank’s hands, holding Frank’s arm, and she began to sway.

“Ow yeah! I didn’t understand what An Ruo said before, what case, what airport?”

Frank saw that Lin Xiaoxin wanted to know, so he simply talked about the teacher Katie. Of course, Conan’s identity has been concealed, after all, this kind of thing is too magical, and Frank does not want to let others know for the time being.

“My boyfriend has a big heart, you have taken care of such a small child for five days.” Lin Xiaoxin squatted and sat in the arms of Frank.

“Your boyfriend’s heart is too big to have you. Your mother’s heart is big too because she gives you to me.” Frank buried his head in to rub her face.

“I haven’t told my mom yet.” Lin Xiaoxin whispered as she stood by.

“I’m afraid that she disagree?”

“What are you worried about? Wait until the summer vacation.”

“Alright, it’s coming soon.”

Frank and Lin Xiaoxin kept warm for a while. Then, she suggested going shopping. So they went out and walked to the nearest food street. 

As for the obvious reason why we go shopping at the food street because these two people were hungry. The shopping that Lin Xiaoxin and Frank said is actually to eat delicious food.

Walking in the street, Frank took Lin Xiaoxin’s hand, and in the others’ eyes, they were just a brother and his young sister playing together. Both Frank and Lin Xiaoxin belong to the kind of introverted people so they would not do anything special except to hold hands in the street. Others think that this is just a pair of loving brothers and sisters.

Frank and Lin Xiaoxin stood in front of a stall selling skewers. The old man who sells skewers looked at Lin Xiaoxin and said with a smile, “Your sister is so cute.”

Frank was stunned for a moment and then decided to not say anything before he became a pervert and being misunderstood.

Lin Xiaoxin was not affected at all. She took the skewers from this uncle with a smile and said thank you sweetly.

Just as Frank finished paying and was about to leave, two men wearing sunglasses suddenly came up quickly, and one of them hugged Frank and said in Frank’s ear. “Brother, I haven’t seen you for a long time.”

The other man went to Lin Xiaoxin, looked at her, and said to Frank. “I didn’t expect that you have a sister. She looks very cute.” 

Of course, Frank does not know these two men, but he has not offended anyone recently, so there is only one possibility left.

These two people are friends of Luchen.

Frank reached out and touched his wrist. Fortunately, he went out wearing the Stun-Gun Wristwatch.

So Frank looked at the two strangers and shouted, “Sanzi, Xiaosi! Ah, it is you two. I’m looking for you too. There were still some problems in the follow-up of the last incident. Let’s go over there and talk about them in detail?”

“Yeah!” These two men did not think that Frank was so interested. After all, there were many people on this side of the Food Street. It won’t be good in case of any trouble.

Before the two men opened their mouths, Frank put his wallet in the hands of Lin Xiaoxin and then told her. “Lin go shopping and buy some food, and I will join you later.”

The two men wanted to take Lin Xiaoxin along as hostages to prevent Frank from resisting, but Frank did expect that they would be suspicious if they said anything again, so they shut up and just stared at Lin Xiaoxin with suspicious eyes and pulled Frank to the other side of the alley.

Frank also cooperated very well with both men, allowing them to hold him by one arm and drag him to the other side of the alley.

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