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M.I.H.G Chapter 16: What! Conan?

“Frank!” The little girl with two ponytails saw Frank, who was holding An Ruo, immediately ran up with her little bag, and then yelled at him. “How dare you bring other girls?”

“Misunderstanding, it’s a misunderstanding!” Frank looked at the little ponytails girl, and quickly pushed An Ruo and said to the Little Lolita, “I don’t know this girl.”

“She is all in your arms and you say that you don’t know her, what are you talking about?” Little Loli was so angry that she had to hold her small fist and went to hit Frank, but Frank stopped her by putting his palm on her small forehead, but Little Loli’s small arms and legs could not reach Frank at all.

But this was not the way, so Frank quickly said to An Ruo, “An Ruo explain to her quickly, you only meet me today.” 

“Actually! it’s the day before yesterday.” An Ruo looked at Frank’s eyes. “The day before yesterday we met at the airport, you also made me miss my boarding time, you forgot?”

He forgot her phone rubber cover. 

Frank looked at An Ruo and he was very angry. ‘Is that the point you’re talking about, the point should be that you explain to this Little Lolita that we have no relationship.’

“Well, Frank.” When Little Loli saw Frank’s hand on her forehead, she did not try to punch him. With both hands on her waist, she said to Frank, “You met her at the airport the day before yesterday. Now you’re holding her, are you going to get married tomorrow?”

Frank looked at this Little Loli, there’s nothing he can do about it. He pointed to An Ruo and said, “I really don’t know her.”

“You even know her name, you actually said that you don’t know her.” Little Loli raised her head and expressed her extreme displeasure.

“Explain.” Frank shouted An Ruo.    

“I will explain to her on condition if you promise me first.” An Ruo said her request to Frank.

“You first explain to her, and then I will consider answering or disapproving.” Frank is not a stupid child. He won’t agree with this kind of threatening thing. 

If she asks him to accompany her, will that compensate for his innocence?

“You promise me, then I will explain.” An Ruo gritted her teeth and refused to let go.

Frank was about to speak, and he saw the little girl with two ponytails made a ‘stop’ move.

“Stop.” Little Loli walked to Frank’s side, and then took Frank’s arm and pointed to An Ruo. “I can see that you two really don’t know each other.”

“Ah!” An Ruo was so dumbfounded that she didn’t think that this seemingly stupid Little Loli was so smart.

“Well, if you are done, you can go.” Frank began to catch position.

“I really have something to do.” An Ruo looked at Frank, took a breath, and finally told the truth. “I’m here to find Conan.”

“Looking for Conan?” Little Loli thought it was a girl named Konan, so she turned to look at Frank and asked, “Your new roommate is Konan, are you living with another girl?”

“Great, you’re right. My new roommate is Conan, but he’s gone.” Of course, Frank just said that in his mind.

“Don’t think too much.” Frank rubbed Loli’s head affectionately and then said to An Ruo, “I am living alone, I don’t know anyone named Conan.”

“It’s Conan, the famous detective Conan.” An Ruo said, and she took out her mobile phone. There was a picture on the screen of her mobile phone. It was the photo of Frank and Conan in the airport guardroom.

An Ruo pointed to the little boy in the picture. “This is Conan.”

Frank did not speak, Little Loli curiously reached out and took the phone, then looked at the photo above and said to Frank, “When did you go to the airport?”

“The day before yesterday, something unexpected happened.”

Little Loli looked at Frank, then looked at An Ruo, and said to them, “Come and talk.”

When Frank heard Little Loli say this, he had no choice but to welcome An Ruo into the apartment and let her sit on the sofa in the living room first.

After entering the apartment, Little Loli entered Frank’s room, looked left and right, opened the door of Conan’s bedroom, then went in and took a few glances.

When Frank saw Loli’s action, he immediately remembered that he had not cleaned the room since Conan left.

Fortunately, it was not a woman living there, so there was no long hair in the room. Frank was relieved at the thought.

Little Loli checked the supplies and went to Frank with her hands on her back. Then she said to Frank, “Comrade Frank, you are still quite good. Incredibly did not take the opportunity to come back with women.”

“That is, I realize that you are still worried about my loyalty.” Frank proudly looked up.

Just then, An Ruo spoke. “I just want to meet my idol Conan here. Can you tell me where he is now?”

“What! Conan?” Frank deliberately pretended to be stupid, and Little Loli also looked at An Ruo curiously.

“Detective Conan!” An Ruo said and she took out two pictures from her small bag. One was Conan, the famous detective from the Anime, and the other was Conan, who was in line at the airport.

An Ruo looked at Frank and said, “I didn’t feel right at the airport that day. How could a seven-year-old child be able to independently complete all the case deductions? This ability is only available to Conan.”

An Ruo raised the two photos in her hands and then made a comparison. “Look, these two photos, one is Conan’s, and the other is the boy I photographed at the airport. If you take Conan’s glasses off and, wipe the gel from his hair they will be exactly the same boy.”

“Sister, I’m afraid you’re living in a dream.” Little Loli looked at An Ruo and said, “At most, these two people just look like each other. Have you ever seen animated characters come to live?”

“I am a ten-year fan of Conan, I will never mistake him with anyone.” An Ruo gritted her teeth and said.

“You really got the wrong person.” Frank looked at An Ruo and said, “That little boy was my friend’s brother, he lived here for a few days, but now he’s back.”

Frank watched the effect of the story on An Ruo’s face and did not change his tone. “He’s also Conan’s fan, so he always pretends to be Conan. Maybe that’s why you confused him with Conan.”

“Is this really true?” An Ruo looked at Frank and expressed doubts about her judgment.

“That’s true.” Frank nodded. “Did you watch too much Anime lately, which led you to create illusions?”

“That may be a misunderstanding.” After An Ruo listened, although she was still a little unwilling, she still bowed her head, “Gomen’nasai.”

“It’s all right.” Frank waved his hand magnanimity.

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