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M.I.H.G Chapter 19: Pepper Spray!


“No! Do you want to die? So many people watching us.” Lin Xiaoxin gently patted his chest and blushed.

“It’s OK! Make an exception for me.” Frank stretched out his right cheek to Lin Xiaoxin and she kissed him.

At this time, one police officer from the squad was coming over and saw this scene. He said to them. “You two, brother and sister, are in a good mood.”

Frank and Lin Xiaoxin smiled at each other without explaining anything. Now, there are more people onlookers, so Frank put down Lin Xiaoxin.

“Yeah! By the way, this is your wallet.” Lin Xiaoxin handed the wallet back to Frank. After Frank took the wallet and opened it, he saw a piece of cardboard in his wallet, on which Xin’s name and telephone number were written on it.

By this piece of paper, Lin Xiaoxin had called Xin immediately after Frank was taken away

On the second day after Luchen was captured, Frank made this card and put it in his wallet. After all, Luchen’s case was so suspicious that the real face of the medical clinic had not been investigated clearly. Frank was worried.

That’s why most people don’t meddle. The bad guys have an advantage against good people that is good people can never be sure when the bad guys will start moving.

“Did these two men come to rob you?” Lin Xiaoxin asked Frank, as she looked at the two men in the sunglasses who had been caught by the police.

“Kinda, maybe it’s someone who I had offended before, so he comes to get revenge, don’t worry about me, I am fine.”

“I am not worried about you.” Lin Xiaoxin crossed arms and said, “I am worried about myself. If you say that these bad guys will not be able to deal with you, they may take me as a hostage and threaten you.”

“You’ve watched too many TV dramas.” Frank fondled his finger on her nose.

“No, I am serious.” Lin Xiaoxin said in a serious way, “I’ve thought it over, then I will tell those bad guys that I have nothing to do with you, we are not in love, it is a lie.”

“Come on, say it again.” Frank moved towards Lin Xiaoxin with a mischievous smile. Lin Xiaoxin turned around and ran away, but Frank caught her in no time.

Frank’s palms reached under Lin Xiaoxin’s armpit and he tickled on her back. Lin Xiaoxin was really itchy, she quickly crouched down and tried to escape Frank’s hands but he did not let her move.

“You two, stop messing around.” Xin came over and said to Frank. “Recently, you have been coming to the police station every day. This is not a homicide case, so don’t bother yourself. When you’re done writing the email, send it to me.”

“All right.” Frank nodded to Xin.

“Um.” Xin stared at Lin Xiaoxin’s small body, then whispered into Frank’s ear and said softly, “This girl is old enough, but her body is still small, you should pay attention to her and do nothing.”

“Well, I’m not in a hurry!” Frank looked at Xin with a positive face. Xin didn’t say anything else, he just showed a smile on his face that Frank knew it well, then patted Frank’s shoulder and left.

“What did Xin say to you?” Lin Xiaoxin, who was on the side, saw Frank and Xin whispering, she suddenly filled with curiosity and came over and asked.

“Nothing.” Frank looked at Lin Xiaoxin and said with a smirk.

“Gross! I don’t believe you.” Lin Xiaoxin looked up. “Men whispering behind women must be discussing how women take care for their bodies shape.”

“Don’t think too much.” Frank looked at Lin Xiaoxin and said, “Do you want to continue shopping now?”

“Why, are you still in the mood to go shopping? Go home!” Lin Xiaoxin’s expression seemed to be a little tired.

By this time, it was already afternoon. Frank and Lin Xiaoxin went back to Frank’s apartment hand in hand. Then Frank tidied up the room where Conan lived before and gave it to Lin Xiaoxin.

“Frank, does your bath heater works well? I want to take a shower.”

“Not bad, go ahead.” Frank said to Lin Xiaoxin,” if it breaks down, let me know, I’ll come in and give you a hand scrub, let you experience the Queen’s enjoyment.”

“Gee, you’re such a dirty man. You are filthy all the time.” Lin Xiaoxin said, got into the bathroom, locked the door, and then opened the bath heater.

The bathroom had a glass frosted window in the middle of the wooden door. Although he couldn’t see the details inside from the window, he could barely see a tiny figure shaking.

Looking at this, a big fire lit up in Frank, ah!

Fortunately, Frank still has other important things to do.

Frank opened the app Taobao (Taobao: is a Chinese online shopping website) his mobile phone and then began to find the Pepper spray.

Today, when this matter comes out, it is absolutely certain that there are still some criminal gangs behind Luchen. On his side, he is not afraid, but Frank is more worried about Lin Xiaoxin’s safety.

‘After all, I let them find us, Lin Xiaoxin may also be found by the other side.’

So Frank was going to buy a bottle of Pepper spray for Lin Xiaoxin.

Of course, Pepper spray was not allowed to buy or sell on Taobao in China.

Many items prohibited from trading on the Internet can still be bought. Generally, these items have a layer of camouflage, changing their names and introducing in another form, as long as they are carefully searched, they can still be found.

Later, Frank found a reputable shop selling Pepper spray. He dropped the order and gave the address of Lin Xiaoxin’s university.

After a while, Lin Xiaoxin came out wrapped in a white bath towel. Her hair was still wet. She was rubbing her hair with another towel. The water vapor kept rising from her body. When he looked at her, she felt soft.

“Come and hug me.” Frank reached out to Lin Xiaoxin and said.

Lin Xiaoxin looked down and found that she apparently would lose her bath towel and looked at Frank’s smirk again. “Gross, I won’t give you a hug.”

“Well, that’s sad news.” Frank looked at Lin Xiaoxin, revealing a sad expression.

Lin Xiaoxin ignored Frank, who was working hard to get her. Instead, she ran to Frank’s room wrapped in a bath towel. She searched Frank’s wardrobe for several minutes, then changed her clothes and came out.

Lin Xiaoxin put on Frank’s washed shirt. The large shirt became a dress on her body. The hem of the shirt completely covered all big areas of her thigh, which were more than five centimeters deep.

Lin Xiaoxin put on a shirt and immediately ran to Frank, She showed a charming posture and said, “They say that women wear men’s shirts are most attractive. Do you think I have any charm now?”

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