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M.I.H.G Chapter 20: Strawberry!

“No.” Frank did not give Lin Xiaoxin a face at all.

“Mao, look at me again.” Lin Xiaoxin almost came up to Frank ‘s nose. “Are you embarrassed to say that?”

“What am I embarrassed to say.” Frank looked at Lin Xiaoxin and said, “You are really a little seductive in the shirt. There is no confusion.”

“Why?” Lin Xiaoxin asked unconvinced.

“Because women wear men’s shirts are tempting. The puzzle is that their chest will squeeze out. Look at you.” Frank pointed the Lin Xiaoxin’s chest and said, “It’s not good for you to fall down on it.”

Lin Xiaoxin looked down at her chest. Her front was as flat as the aircraft carrier deck. There was a lure of hair.

“Hum!” Lin Xiaoxin bulged up her cheeks and she was unhappy.

At this time, Frank did not forget to mend the knife and said to Lin Xiaoxin, “Others peep under the crystal curtain, and the half arm to cover Shu frankincense. You are a small lotus to expose only dew sharp angle, with two oaks on the purse eggs, can be compared you like this”

“I, I’ll beat you!” Lin Xiaoxin’s heart was pierced by Frank’s words, and she looked at Frank and said, “I will give you the last chance to change your mind.”

“That’s not going to change.” Frank side smiled and said to Lin Xiaoxin while laughing. “Your side such as the scrub board reincarnation, your front like a Billiard Club refined.”

“Frank, I’m telling you you’re done!” Lin Xiaoxin said, and she rushed over. Two small fists were going to hit Frank’s chest. Frank reached out and hugged her waist in his arms. So she could not move anywhere.

Even though her body couldn’t move, Lin Xiaoxin still has a mouth.

So, she stretched out her mouth to bite Frank’s arm. He had no choice but to let her bite him. He still didn’t believe this little mouth could bite something this hard.

She bites hard, but at most, she could only make a shallow tooth print on his arm. Frank wasn’t hurt at all.

“Pooh, so salty.” Lin Xiaoxin spit out. Turned her head and looked at Frank. “I finally know why the boy’s hands are called salted pig’s hand. It’s really salty.”

“The salted pig’s hand has nothing to do with this.” Frank looked at Lin Xiaoxin lying in his arms, “It is because the pig’s hands are rich, fat and delicate.”

“I don’t understand.” Lin Xiaoxin lying in Frank’s arms did not struggle, Instead, but her two legs sway like a swim in the river.

Because Lin Xiaoxin’s legs were moving all the time, this led to Frank’s shirt to become totally unable to cover Lin Xiaoxin’s thigh and buttocks. The lower part of the hip part was exposed. Frank seeing that, he became extremely hot.

So, Frank directly reached out and touched Lin Xiaoxin’s right thigh and back of her leg towards the inside of the shirt.

With this touch, Frank felt that something was wrong, Lin Xiaoxin also suddenly turned his head.

“You shouldn’t be.” Frank felt the hydration and tenderness in his hand and said slowly to Lin Xiaoxin, “did you came out without wearing panties?”

“I forgot!” Lin Xiaoxin suddenly made a scream and the body suddenly bounced. Frank hurriedly held Lin Xiaoxin’s waist with his hand to prevent her from falling because she could not stand steadily.

But Lin Xiaoxin dare to care so much now? After standing up, she rushed to the bedroom immediately and came back half a minute later.

At this time, Lin Xiaoxin’s face was completely blushed, and her hands tightly grasped the hem of her shirt.

“Just now, did you touch anything that you shouldn’t touch?”

“No,” Frank said.

“Really?” Lin Xiaoxin tilted his little head and looked at Frank earnestly.

“Really not. If your buttocks don’t count, then I didn’t touch them.”

“You are going to die.” Lin Xiaoxin no longer dared to get close to Frank’s side, turned her white eyes and said to Frank: “I’ll go to sleep first, I want to have soy milk tomorrow morning.”

“I think it will be better to drink bean juice in the morning.” Frank looked at Lin Xiaoxin with awkwardness.

“No, puuuuuth!” Lin Xiaoxin said that and made a face silly with her tongue out and went back to her room to sleep.

Frank took the phone and laid on the sofa, recalling the feeling he had just felt, reading a novel written by a very diligent author, ‘Twenty-five thousand a day’, and then returned to his bedroom.

In the bedroom, Frank’s wardrobe has been neatly tidied up by Lin Xiaoxin, but Lin Xiaoxin’s body-wrapped bath towel was carelessly thrown on Frank’s bed.

Frank picked up the bath towel, and in his mind, he was thinking about the moment when Lin Xiaoxin had just come out of the bathroom and had a fragrant scent. He could not help sniffing the towel. Then he felt that his action was too lewd. He left the towel on the desk and fell asleep.

Early the next morning, Frank was woken up by the ringtone.

When he opened the cell phone. It was only seven o’clock. he didn’t want to get up. He picked up his cell phone and called for home delivery. ‘Just leave it at the door’ This note was placed at the door.

Then Frank sent a message to Lin Xiaoxin, letting her sleep in the morning and went to the door to take breakfast.

After doing these things tactfully, Frank went to sleep happily and went back to his room.

He doesn’t know how long he has slept, Frank felt a little itchy on his face when he opened his eyes, it was Lin Xiaoxin wiping Frank’s face with her hair.

Lin Xiaoxin saw that Frank had opened his eyes, so she said: “Lazy pig, get up, it’s ten o’clock.”

“It’s only ten o’clock.” Frank looked at Lin Xiaoxin, ready to close his eyes and squint for a while.

But Lin Xiaoxin didn’t let go of Frank, with her whole body, she rode on Frank, and then she put her long hair without elastic hair band on Frank’s face and swung it left and right.

Frank smelled the fragrance of Lin Xiaoxin’s hair and press with his hands on Lin Xiaoxin’s waist to let her fall on his body.

“Get up.” Lin Xiaoxin put her elbow on the bed and climbed up to Frank’s face bit by bit. Then she looked at Frank’s neck and bit it hard.

“You are a vampire.” Frank flanked his neck to facilitate Lin Xiaoxin’s comfortable bite, to make a kind of pandering protest.

Lin Xiaoxin bit Frank’s neck for about five or six minutes until there was a clear bite mark on his neck, Then she straightened up and stretched out her two fingers in a triumphant gesture toward Frank. “Daily strawberry task, complete.”

“Come on, come here and I’ll give one for you, too.” Frank pointed his finger at Lin Xiaoxin.

“No! No!” Lin Xiaoxin quickly ran out of bed to prevent being caught by Frank. “I am the class monitor, if I have a strawberry, how can I maintain my image of being great and upright in the class?”

It’s true, Lin Xiaoxin, the pseudo-Loli, she was the monitor of her class. He didn’t know how a group of university students in her class blindly chose her such a class monitor.

Lin Xiaoxin saw Frank had completely woken up, said to him, “I am going to give you hot soy milk, you quickly get out of bed.”


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